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Keep your smoking sessions running smoothly by deep cleaning your grinder with this easy guide. Learn how to clean your grinder using household items with this easy-to-follow guide.
Master the art of packing a cone bowl and enjoy evenly packed, satisfying seshes every time.
Planning a cannabis-friendly road trip? Check out our list of the best weed strains for a relaxed and comfortable journey. From enhancing the experience to easing pains and helping you relax, we've got you covered.
Learn how to make your own rolling papers with this easy guide. You'll save money and have all the smoking materials you need right at your fingertips.
A rolling tray is an essential tool for any smoker. Learn how to make your own with this simple guide.
  • 4 min read
Cleaning one hitters, chillums, and other glass pieces doesn't have to be a pain. Simply combine salt with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, hot water, or isopropyl alcohol, and get your pipe looking good as new. 
Cleaning your grinder doesn’t have to be a hassle. Every once in a while, give your grinder a little love, disassemble it, and give it a good clean. Make sure to freeze it first to harvest any leftover residue, and then submerge your grinder in isopropyl alcohol. Scrub it, rinse it, and your grinder should be good as new. 
  • 4 min read
From packing to cleaning up, one hitters are convenient and easy to use. This smoking method is a favorite for a reason: with minimal clean up and a compact frame, one hitters provide a discrete on-the-go smoking method for smokers of all kinds. 
Chillums are convenient and pretty darn cool. They’re also easy to use after some practice. Beginners or regular smokers should all use a chillum with a buddy at least once for the experience. 
Glass pipes and glass chillums are often one of the first pieces novice cannabis consumers buy. They’re easier than joints or dab rigs, plus the smoke hits just right when you figure out your tolerance. Think about how often you smoke and if you want to take your glass piece outside of the house as you shop. For example, if you want just a taste or a small hit to take the edge off, a glass one hitter may be a better investment than a bubbler. These factors can help you narrow down your selection. 
  • 5 min read
You don’t need a fancy DIY weed kit to enjoy cannabis, but having the essentials guarantees a more enjoyable experience. As a reminder, most of the introductory tools and accessories listed above are best enjoyed with flower. Vaporizers and dab rigs use some of the same items, but these combo weed kits include device-specific odds and ends. Remember that you can always ask your local dispensary budtender or headshop for additional advice for how to get a complete kit.