Everything You Need To Set Up a Cannabis Bar at Home

Everything You Need To Set Up a Cannabis Bar at Home

Just like the rest of the industry, cannabis bars are a growing trend. From weddings to home, cannabis bars add a modern twist to entertainment. When you add this cannabis concept to your home, you’re creating a cannabis sanctuary where you will be able to find everything you need for a fun night of hosting, a relaxing CBD night-cap, or a Blue Dream high.

What is a cannabis bar?

A cannabis bar is like a mini-bar but exchanges alcohol for cannabis. The ultimate set-up may have similar essentials, like cocktail shakers and mixers for CBD cocktails, but cannabis bars or stations also have other goodies, like vapes, grinders and munchies. A cannabis bar comes with everything you need to entertain you and your guests.

What do you need to set up a cannabis bar at home?

Not all cannabis bars are created equal. Some are herb-heavy, while others focus on providing the perfect CBD julep cocktail. It all depends on your ideal cannabis experience, but here are a few essentials to think about when revamping your home decor with a custom cannabis bar:  

Vessel Vape Pen

Vessel vape pens are essential for any cannabis bar. They are high-quality, easy-to-use and rechargeable oil pens. PlusVessel’s various series of pens are all aesthetically-pleasing with minimal marijuana odor, which makes this a great product for an indoor cannabis bar. 

Charging and storage solutions

In addition to actually charging your Vessel pen, the seamlessVessel base charger will draw guests to your cannabis bar and put “your Vessel front and center” to add to your home’s overall vibe. Additionally, theVessel Rover carrying case should be considered an essential vape accessory to keep your vape pens and batteries clean and secure. For your cannabis bar, it’s a great addition for added storage. Plus it’s a great way to travel with a little bit of home and your favorite cannabis essentials.

Cannabis Flower

What’s a cannabis bar without the guests of honor: indica, sativa and hybrids. It’s a good idea to have all three types of strains to offer not only to appease preferences, but it also creates an opportunity to expand cannabis horizons.


Labeled air-tight jars are more important than you think because they’re crucial for keeping your flower fresh and for organizing various strains to avoid scenarios where a guest may have an aversion, like someone experiencing anxiety when they smoke sativas. 

Weed Edibles

A cannabis bar that serves edibles will make any consumer salivate, and edibles on display will automatically add a welcoming feel to your home. But remember, you can eat more, you can’t eat less.

Weed Grinder

Adding a grinder to your cannabis bar may be an overlooked essential, but this tool for breaking up your flower is what makes the bowl hit smoother, your joints roll better and your guests higher and happier. 

Rolling Tray

If you plan to serve joints or blunts then enlist the help of a rolling tray.Rolling trays will keep your bar clean and organized, while also creating another opportunity to add personal details since they come in a variety of styles, shapes and materials. It’s never a bad idea to have multiple trays to not mix-up strains. 


Similarly to rolling trays, ashtrays are another way to keep your cannabis bar clean, while customizing your cannabis sanctuary. 

Glass Bongs or Pipes

Glass bongs, pipes, bubblers and bowls are an ideal option when you want to involve everyone. Plus more intricate pieces like bongs and bubblers can give your cannabis bar an artistic feel. 

Rolling Papers

If you’re serving joints and blunts, then rolling papers and blunt wraps must be stocked up.

Water-Soluble CBD Oil 

If you want to impress your friends with a dual cannabis and alcohol bar then you will want to have water-soluble CBD oil stocked fortrendy CBD cocktails. Water-soluble CBD products mix better with food and drinks than the CBD oils used in products like tinctures.  


Don’t forget mixers or your guests will miss out on the opportunity to taste a delicious CBD Julep. CBD Juleps is a great drink to pair with CBD since whiskey is so strong. 


When dry mouth hits, you and your guests will be thankful for a cannabis bar that has a water source. 


With dry mouth also comes the munchies, and any cannabis bar featuring snacks will peak everyone’s cannabis experience. Plus this is a great opportunity to emphasize a specific vibe or theme.

How to set up a cannabis bar at home

Now that you have the essentials, how do you actually set up your cannabis bar into a seamless display? Here are a few tips:

Cannabis Station

You will need a physical cannabis station such as a table or bar to represent your cannabis space. When scouting out an area be sure to choose a location with enough surface space, outlets and potential for hydration. It’s also a good idea to keep it away from direct sunlight if it will become a fixture in your house as sunlight can degrade things like oils.


Choosing an area that already has shelves or space to add shelves is crucial for storage and presentation. You will need enough shelving to hold jars of cannabis flower, variousVessel products and other pieces. If you have the extra room, this would be a good space to display any other decorations that may suit the overall vibe, like ceramics or plants. 


Tongs are beneficial to not only help you remove weed from your jars, but they will also add to the overall fluidity of your cannabis bar.

Flat Surface

A flat surface is a necessity for a cannabis bar because you need a place to roll and keep your rolling tray. 


Although not always possible, the addition of a mini-fridge will only elevate your cannabis bar into a well-stocked haven for both water and CBD cocktails. This is also a great item for long-term storage in an effort for freshness and security. 


If you choose to serve CBD cocktails then glassware and a cocktail shaker should be displayed on or near your cannabis bar. They will add an air of luxury and elegance to this space. 

Comfortable Seating

Add the comfort that most bars lack: seating. Your guests will be thankful, and you won’t feel so overwhelmed by people standing and waiting for their homemade cannabis treats. 

To sum it up

Setting up a cannabis bar in your home is not only a fun project to focus on right now, but it is also an opportunity to share your cannabis experience with your friends and family. 

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