9 Design-Forward Cannabis Products & Accessories

9 Design-Forward Cannabis Products & Accessories

Cannabis products have come a long way since apple bongs and cheap pipes. Nowadays, the discerning cannabis user is looking for designer brands that pride themselves on intricate design and versatility that wouldn’t look out of place as the centerpiece of your mantelpiece.

There’s no need to settle for low-quality products with poorly printed cannabis leaves plastered all over them. Instead, check out this selection of cannabis products that are both functional and beautiful.

Design-forward cannabis products we love

Standing Ashtray: Houseplant

Houseplant standing ashtray

Houseplant is the brainchild of Hollywood funnyman and weed advocate Seth Rogen. We could have picked any of the stylish company’s beautiful ashtrays, many of which were designed by Seth Rogen himself, or the awesome block table lighter, but we plumped for the epic Standing Ashtray instead.

The “ashtray that stands so you can sit” is made from walnut and solid brushed brass; it features a handle for easy maneuverability and has a removable ashtray made of borosilicate glass. It’s hard to argue with the item’s description, which says it “seems like something a cool uncle might have had.” Add this to your ashtray collection if you want to be that cool uncle. 

Gravity Infuser: Stündenglass

Watching the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser in action is like witnessing a science experiment. Also known as a gravity bong or hookah, this incredible piece of smoking equipment created by former Apple engineer and self-taught inventor Tracey Huston features a 360° rotating glass infuser that uses kinetic motion, water displacement, airflow, and gravity to push plumes of delicious smoke into the air for your consumption.

Deadheads will love the radical design of the Grateful Dead x Stündenglass Gravity Infuser, and travelers touring the country in search of the best strains can pack the Kompact Gravity Infuser instead. 

Balloon Pipe: Edie Parker

Edie Parker balloon pipe

Edie Parker is most well known for its recognizable acrylic clutch handbags. In 2019, however, the company expanded into the cannabis market with Edie Parker Flower. The Balloon Pipe epitomizes everything the product line tries to achieve: style, function, and fun.

This gorgeous red balloon will look sublime on any tabletop, blending in so well with non-smoke wear that you won’t even feel like hiding it when grandma visits. For more unique designs from Edie Parker, check out the full range of glass pipes and one-hitters

Cube Grinder: Laundry Day

Laundry Day cube weed grinder

Like something found behind protective glass at a modern art museum, the Laundry Day Cube Grinder is the designer grinder of your dreams. This beautiful sculpture's functional grinder comprises four sections: two grinding portions, a middle chamber for the cannabis to collect in, and a separate section to save that dusty goodness for a later date. Laundry Day offers thoughtfully-designed smoking accessories that range from ashtrays to pipes, lighters, and portable synthesizers to make sweet music while you smoke.  

Ardent FX: Ardent Cannabis

Ardent FX

If you enjoy infusing, cooking, and baking with cannabis, then you’ll love the Ardent FX. This eye-catching purple piece of tech will look great on any bookshelf or mantlepiece, but it does more than look pretty. This all-in-one portable canna-kitchen is a quick and easy way to heat marijuana and activate the compounds. You can even bake edibles inside it at the push of a button, and it can be used on the down-low because there’s little to no aroma produced during the process. 

Odor-proof STOW Caddy: Littlejohn New York

Littlejohn New York cannabis caddy

Seal in the dank smell of high-grade with the Odor-proof STOW Caddy. It’s the ideal companion for people who like to keep everything they need to smoke in one convenient location.

Featuring supple top-grain leather, the classy design is paired with five-layer odor-proof technology and the security of a combination lock for traveling purposes or to keep everything inside away from roommates at the end of the night. Littlejohn New York has been around since 2019 and offers a niche selection of standout carry cases, stash bags, and more. 

Druggist Weed Canister: Jonathan Adler

Johnathan Adler weed cannister

While we pointed out a dislike of cannabis leaves plastered all over weed products, we think the Druggist Weed Canister utilizes the famous symbol more tastefully than most in an elegant pot for people who are seriously proud of the pot inside.

The trippy design will transport you back to the hippy heyday of the swinging sixties and bring to life any mantlepiece or bookshelf with its third-eye mindscape in stunning blue with sparkly gold running through it. Jonathan Adler also offers an LSD, Peyote, and Shroom canister that you can combine to complete the set.

Carry Case: Holk

holk weed carry case

Holk’s Carry Case is a “pocket-sized statement piece,” one look at its sleek design is enough to see why. Roll your most elegant king-size cones and tuck them neatly into this excellent carry case with enough space for four pre-rolls.

Crafted in anodized and hand-polished aluminum, anybody who sees it while you’re out and about will think it’s the latest piece of tech. It also features a magnetic lid to seal in the sweet scents of sensimilla. There’s even a section at the bottom for half-smoked joints that are too tasty to throw away. 

The Launch Box: Magic Flight

The launch box magic flight

Rustic and rugged by design,The Launch Box is handcrafted from a single block of wood and makes a beautiful addition for vapers who want an elegant and functional vape that has stood the test of time.

Magic Flight is the company that brought us the first-ever handheld vaporizer, and it hasn’t changed much since its release in 2009. Open the lid, add your ground-dried cannabis into the screen trench, add your power source, and hit it. Crafted in the U.S., this fabulous accessory has no electronics inside, so there’s less to go wrong.

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