The Ultimate Experience.

Vessel’s commitment has always been to a better customer experience at every touchpoint. That promise extends to end-users and retail partners alike. With an ever-changing retail landscape, the demand for better is here.

Next steps.

If you’re interested in becoming an authorized Vessel retailer, you must have a business alicense (issued by your local government), reseller permit, and a retail storefront.

Applications to sell Vessel product from home or on auction websites are not accepted.

Our Retail Support team will follow-up to your inquiry in the order they are received and will notify you when a decision is made. Incomplete applications will not be processed or considered. The review process may take up to thirty (30) days, and your patience is appreciated. Please direct application questions to

Ask about the Retail Affiliate Program.

Vessel’s Retail Affiliate Program is a digital-first retail experience, ready to deploy out-of-the-box, giving customers access to the breadth of the Vessel line, and sparing you the traditional challenges of inventory management, cash outlays, aging product, product education and training, and online competition. 

Providing your customers with access to premium products, education, and the ease of online/mobile checkout, the program expands your ancillary product offering and allows your team to focus on educating customers on the nuances of the plant. 

In short, your customers gain access to better product and a compelling experience, while you get a check from us every month.

Benefits of the Program

We can do better together.

Our mission has always been to create better experiences for our customers and to lead the way in "creating better" in the cannabis industry.

In 2021, Vessel partnered with GAIACA Waste Revitalization, to launch the GRN (Get Recycling Now) Initiative to make recycling vape batteries easier in order to offset the millions of lithium-ion batteries that end up in our landfills. Currently, less than 5% of Li-ion batteries are recycled properly.