A JustBrands X VESSEL Collaboration

Vessel has teamed up with hemp cannabinoid powerhouse, JustBrands, to create two new limited edition drops for two of Vessel’s best-selling vape batteries, the Compass and the Core. Based on the brands’ shared goal of elevated consumption experiences, the collaboration fuses the signature design and quality of Vessel, with the bright and eye-catching palette of JustBrands, for the ultimate experience.

The limited edition collection comprises reimagined designs for both the Compass and the Core batteries. Taking additional inspiration from the Vessel Art series (a collection of exclusive artistry prints), the team’s spin on these top sellers comes first in the form of geometric shapes with bright and bold color blocks, dipped into a film with the hydrographic design.

Vessel’s Compass battery is known for its incredibly high-capacity battery, signature tuned airflow, and an unparalleled ergonomic design that feels like it belongs in your hand. The Core battery arrives with remarkable simplicity and the same technical precision you’d expect from Vessel. Powered by a smaller, compact battery, the Core is a perfect starter battery for those entry level cannabis users.

The JustCompass and JustCore both pair seamlessly with JustBrands renowned hemp cannabinoid 510 carts, like JustDelta and JustCBD, to create an enhanced consuming experience.  JustBrand’s incredibly powerful Delta 8 blends deliver a smooth and cerebral high, while their broad spectrum CBD Signature Cartridges provides a curated blend of cannabinoids designed to maximize the all-natural, calming benefits of CBD. 

Meant to be enjoyed daily, JustCore and JustCompass are thoughtfully crafted with you in mind. We hope you enjoy this remarkable collaboration.

As a part of this collaboration, we’d like to offer a 25% discount code off any JustBrands 510 carts (JustCBD or JustDelta) to be paired with your Vessel. Please use coupon code V25.