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Our mission has always been to create better experiences for our customers and to lead the way in "creating better" in the cannabis industry.

In 2021, Vessel partnered with GAIACA Waste Revitalization, to launch the GRN (Get Recycling Now) Initiative to make recycling vape batteries easier in order to offset the millions of lithium-ion batteries that end up in our landfills. Currently, less than 5% of Li-ion batteries are recycled properly.

Join us creating a better, safer, cleaner industry.

Trade in the old. Enjoy something new.

The Vessel sponsored GRN (Get Recycling Now) Program allows customers to recycle ANY vape battery in-store or by mail in select states. In return, you will receive a discount on your next Vessel purchase.

Drop In-Store

Visit a participating dispensary to recycle an old battery through the in-store receptacle and receive a discount on a Vessel device. Vessel and Gaiaca take care of the rest.

Mail It Back

Request a kit and we'll send you everything you need plus a prepaid shipping label. You'll receive a discount on your next Vessel purchase just for participating.

It starts at the top.

Sound waste and recycling protocols start with comprehensive and informed legislation. Vessel is leading the way for better access to recycling and waste mitigation for consumers and brands alike by working directly with law makers in adult-use states.

Our goal is to see all legal states adopt laws that no longer outlaw battery and plant-touching hardware recycling, but instead encourage avenues for safe waste disposal.

Become a certified GRN dispensary partner.

Create a better experience for your customers and be a part of building a more sustainable and responsible future.