Top Cannabis Cooking Shows on Netflix or YouTube

Whether it bethrough their effect on the body, the way they bring people together, or just a classic case of the munchies, food and marijuana are inextricably linked. As cannabis has edged itself into mainstream media, not only has the industrygrown more successful in a traditional sense — more dispensaries, more recreational users, etc. — but it’s also found a larger range in connecting with consumers. 


And while traditional outlets have been slow to reflect these shifts of acceptance and interest, cannabis-loving foodies can rejoice in recent marijuana media additions. Now, it’s just a matter of sifting through Netflix cooking shows and finding the perfect weed cooking show. 


Top cannabis cooking shows on Netflix and YouTube


“Bong Appetit” (Original Web Series, Seasons 1 & 2)


7.9 / 10 according toIMDb reviewers

Best for:Those looking to learn more about the junction between high-end, gourmet cooking and cooking with marijuana. “Bong Appetit” appeals to watchers who’re interested in different food cultures, whether extremely traditional and rich with history or cutting-edge and brand new to the food — and cannabis — scene.

Description:The original “Bong Appetit” series, created by Vice Media on YouTube, invited notable chefs to create elaborate and extraordinary meals incorporating cannabis. Hosted byAbdullah Saeed from its creation in 2016 through 2017, or through seasons one and two, “Bong Appetit” truly embraced its niche-ness and leaned into the idea of producing alternative cooking content. With episodes entitled “Ganja Grandma” and “Smoking Sativa S’Mores” Saeed brought aneducated but comedic approach to the weed cooking show. Many of the show’s guests were / are extremely talented and highly touted chefs, resulting in mixed bags of accessible canna-dishes and nearly unattainable, dreamy creations viewers can indulge in only vicariously. As one of the first cannabis TV shows of sorts, viewers can also enjoy watching the series grow from season to season; the changes are noticeable, but “Bong Appetit’s” appeal remains much the same. 


Cooking On High” - Netflix


4.9 / 10 according toIMDb reviewers 

Best for:Unlike some of its Netflix cooking show counterparts, “Cooking on High” is perfect for viewers who’re looking to watch something light-hearted, short and maybe a little goofy. If learning everything there is to know about cannabis isn’t quite the aim, “Cooking On High” is a great choice to pop on while indulging in a quick munchie session. 

Description:Created in 2018, “Cooking on High” was one of, if notthe first mainstream weed show on Netflix. With a short air-time of only 15 minutes per episode, the single-season series presents itself as a fast-paced, cooking game show. Hosted byJosh Leyva, each episode of “Cooking on High” revolves around two chefs, both skilled in cooking with marijuana, competing to impress rotating celebrity judges. Featuringan intimate kitchen setting, Leyva, the chefs and judges are able to chat and interact throughout each short episode, making viewers feel as if they’re simply hanging out with friends on a night in. “Cooking on High” leans into its more kitschy, fun appeal instead of delving too deep into the scientific world of cannabis. 


Cooked With Cannabis” - Netflix

Rating: 6.7 / 10 according toIMDb reviewers

Best for:Foodies who’ve already seen the classics and want something a little newer and different. Those hoping to learn more about cooking with marijuana, but also cooking in general, can find a nice balance in this Netflix original. 

Description:“Cooked With Cannabis” made a home for itself on Netflix in 2020 after the previously mentioned “Cooking On High” tested out the streaming service’s waters for cannabis TV shows. Witha much larger production, “Cooked With Cannabis” takes on many of the modern cooking-show conventions viewers are familiar with, established by shows like “Chopped” and “Iron Chef America.” In short,the show presents three chefs who compete in a series of rounds with the hopes of impressing the judges and ultimately winning a prize of $10,000. Hosted byKelis andLeather Storrs, “Cooked With Cannabis” gives marijuana-loving foodies the ideal binge-worthy weed show on Netflix. Where “Bong Appetit” may feel too gourmet for some, and “Cooking On High” too small-time, the newer Netflix series finds level ground: a straightforward, but high-quality cannabis TV show. Rotating judges make the show feel fresh and fun, while the food leaves viewers drooling. 


“Bong Appetit: Cook Off” (Streaming Series, Seasons 3 - Current)

Rating: 7.9 / 10 according toIMDb reviewers

Best for:“Bong Appetit: Cook Off” is perfect for viewers who are deeply interested in both culinary creations and weed culture. Paying homage to its earlier seasons, the series still engages in dialogue about cannabis beyond the surface, but also indulges in more classic competitive foodie entertainment. 

Description:“Bong Appetit: Cook Off” could probably be lumped together with the aforementioned “Bong Appetit”  — they are technically thesame series — but there’s a twist. Following the absence of its original executive producer and host, Abdullah Saeed, “Bong Appetit” took a slightly different approach to its latest seasons with new primary host Vanessa Lavorato. The addition of “cook off” sums up the change fairly gracefully; the series now embraces a more competition-style layout that allows multiple chefs to put their skill sets cooking with marijuana to the test. “Bong Appetit: Cook Off” still brings that cutting-edge cooking flare like the original, but also brings in more trendiness with its competitive addition. Lavorato is met with good company to taste the byproducts of the show’s cannabis-specialized chefs. Celebrities ranging fromrapper Wiz Khalifa todrag queen Laganja Estranja have been featured as judges, allowing for more weed-loving personalities to engage with the audience through laughs and entertainment via streaming services Hulu and VICE TV. 


Honorable Mention: “Munchies” - Variety of Web Series’

Rating: N/A

Best for: Those who may not be interested in cooking with marijuana, but rather indulging in munchie-worthy content. 

Description:Although not necessarily in the realm of cannabis TV shows, Vice Media’s “Munchies” remains an honorable mention by association. With over 4 million YouTube subscribers, Vice’s “Munchies” account features a variety of popular cooking shows like“Street Food Icons” and“Fuck, That’s Delicious with Action Bronson.” Not all of these shows incorporate the use of marijuana, but many of them do result in the creation of incredibly delectable dishes that anyone with the munchies would love. 


To sum it up: 

Although it might not beeasy to find the perfect weed shows on Netflix, YouTube or other streaming services, they’re surely out there. From quick chef showdowns featuring Sour Diesel, to cultural deep-dives and elaborate multi-course infused meals, marijuana is continuing to make its presence known in the food entertainment world. 

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