Cannabis and Microdosing – What is it and How to Incorporate it Into Your Every Day

 While many large brands and marijuana aficionados have become fascinated by creating products with the highest THC levels attainable, a recent interest in microdosing has shifted the cannabis conversation. With a growing community of advocates citing positive results using very small doses of cannabis, some are now wondering how to microdose marijuana and what its potential benefits may be. 


What is microdosing?

Microdosing, as a larger concept, is the act of consuming / using an amount of a certain drug that’s large enough to produce noticeable benefits without feelings of intoxication (sub-perceptual effects).The idea of microdosing acknowledges that some scientific research has found small doses of certain drugs can be better for individuals with specific issues and that large quantities can actually amp-up or influence the symptoms it’s being used to treat. Simply put, microdosing is the use of a particular drug — on a very small scale — for the purpose of treating an issue or ailment of sorts. 


What is microdosing cannabis?

Microdosing cannabis is the small and measured consumption / use of marijuana . A microdose of cannabis doesn’t typically result in significant high or intoxicating results at all. Instead, users are able to enjoy the potential benefits of marijuana without being overwhelmed by the drug or experiencing any enhanced negative feelings (anxiety, pain, fatigue, etc.). As research continues on microdosing weed,more evidence suggests the amount of THC a person must consume to feel cannabis’s potential medicinal effects is actually much lower than what they must consume for psychotropic effects / feelings of intoxication. 


How to microdose marijuana 


  • Vaping as a method of microdosing, and cannabis consumption in general, has recently gained popularity. Thanks to their sleek design and discrete nature, vape pens can serve as a great way to microdose. Withhigh quality vape pens such asVessel’s, vaping can also offer usersa more controlled experience. Where other methods might be difficult to measure or gauge the effects of over time, vaping produces almost immediate effects that can then be judged and adjusted with ease. Start with a single or a few short, measured puffs, wait 5-10 minutes, adjust. 


  • Edibles are one of the more popular microdosing methods, largely thanks to their ease of use and accessibility. Microdosing cannabis via edibles can sometimes be unpredictable since they’re absorbed metabolically, and therefore differ slightly from person to person based on their physical make-up. However, low dosage edibles are not typically difficult to find at one’s local dispensary. Even then, edibles can, more often than not, be split into smaller pieces and dosed even smaller -ideal for beginners. Start with 2.5-5mg, wait a few hours, adjust. 


  • For those accustomed to consuming cannabis, microdosing via smoking can be a good option. Unlike taking timed hits from a vape pen, or eating a premeasured edible, microdosing weed by smoking isn’t the most precise method out there. Newbies might be overwhelmed if they’re caught up in the act of smoking / aren’t focused on how much they’re smoking. Although, smoking can provide a nice routine for those seeking a more unwinding experience. Similar to vaping, start with a single or a few short, measured puffs, wait 5-10 minutes, adjust. 


Benefits of microdosing marijuana  


Microdosing disadvantages 


Dosing guide for microdosing cannabis 

Microdosing cannabis, though unique in its own right, is very much like taking other forms of marijuana  in that its effects and impacts are different for everyone. Just as with the consumption or application of other cannabis products, the benefits of microdosing aresignificantly impacted by a variety of factors: height, weight, male/female/etc. and tolerance levels. 


Tolerance levels, in particular, are important for consumers to recognize. If one is used to using cannabis on a regular basis, dosing should be adjusted accordingly — the same can be said for total beginners. For example, someone accustomed to using edibles may not feel any effects from taking a 2.5mg or 5mg dose, while newbies may feel this is a comfortable jumping-off point with enjoyable or beneficial effects. 


As with experimentation of any sort, users should simply start off with a very low dose, allow for some time to pass — even a few hours, if uncertain of their body’s tolerance — and build from there. Those hoping to incorporate microdosing into their everyday routine should also maintain similar intake levels over a series of days, helping them to understand what amount is best for them. If the concept of microdosing has taught cannabis users anything, it’s that more isnot always necessary or more beneficial. 


How to incorporate microdosing into your day-to-day 

It’s clear microdosing is ideal for those looking for relief without substantial impacts on their schedule or daily routine. In fact, many see microdosing asa way to ease daily stressors — both internally and externally. Whether it be to calm nerves, help with focus, or reduce stress and allow for deeper sleep, the incorporation of microdosing into one’s day-to-day routine can be beneficial. 


Luckily, the act of actually microdosing can be completed incredibly discreetly. As discussed previously, edibles can be an easy and measured way of microdosing weed. Because they don’t result in any smoke or vapor, they can make for a low-key option. Vape pens can also serve as an inconspicuous consumption method, stashed away in a coat pocket for easy access and quick use throughout the day. Time of use can help determine a secure location for one’s microdose of choice as well — the bedside table for sleep, the office deskfor stress relief, etc. Ultimately, it’s more up to personal preference than anything else; there exists a method for everyone and every lifestyle. 


To sum it up

 As more research is completed on microdosing cannabis, it's become easier to understand why it may be a beneficial — even life changing — option for many. As with any consumption of cannabis though, users should remain cautious while microdosing weed until comfortable and knowledgeable about what dosage and method are right for them. 





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