Cannabis for Sex - How and Why It Works

Rumor has it that cannabis and sex are an item. The rumor that’s spreading, though, is causing uncertainty. While some people treat cannabis like herbal foreplay, others say it shrinks desire.    

The alluring relationship between marijuana and sex isn’t fully understood by modern science, even though rumors abouttantric cannabis sessions go back centuries in India. 

But what researchers do know about cannabis for sex is worth the tease—here’s how and why it works. 

Why is cannabis good for sex?

Everyone’s sex life is different. There’s no single right way to go about it. 

But with pro-cannabis legislation popping up in more and more states around the country, the door to steamy conversations about sex is wide open. Cannabis could be good for sex thanks to its ability to liberate our mind and body from pain, stress, and tension—thereby intensifying our desire for sex altogether.  

Self-pleasure or partner play, whatever your style, cannabis might bring an intoxicating rush to your next bedroom adventure. 

How can cannabis make sex better?

Answering this question requires a mini-lesson in biology. Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids, the same compounds found in cannabis. Every day, your endocannabinoid system (ECS) pumps chemical signals throughout your body to regulate processes like digestion, mood, memory, sleep, immune, and pain response—not to forget sex. 

As it turns out, cannabis amplifies ECS functioning. Sex with cannabis may heighten the ECS for increased pleasure,  earth-shattering orgasms, and all-around stronger intimacy.

Arousal and endocannabinoids are interdependent upon one another, this, we know for sure based on the excretion of sex hormones in the brain’s hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Scientists are still unable to accurately assess the chemical role that cannabis plays in sex, due to research limitations. 

It does, however, make for a fantasticménage à trois, featuring sex, the ECS, and of course, cannabis. 

6 benefits of using cannabis before sex

Based on preliminary research and anecdotal evidence, here are the theoretical benefits of using cannabis before sex:  

Could lower stress levels and anxiety

Sex and anxiety. At first glance, these two don’t seem to mesh. Being naked is freeing, which feels like the opposite of being anxious. But, aversion to sex is recognized by the American Psychological Association as an  anxiety disorder

Well,I don’t go out of my way to not have sex, you might be saying to yourself. Anxiety doesn’t have a schedule, it butts in at the worst times. It could be the way your partner touches you, overthinking, or low-self esteem. 

Like we mentioned before, everyone’s sex life is unique. We’re not here to offer any diagnosis, but we will suggest cannabis for anxiety related to sex. Cannabis has a way of turning off negative thinking through its  blissful effect on the ECS. 

Sex is an emotional act just as much as it is physical. If you’re feeling distracted in the bedroom because of outside stress and anxiety, you might benefit from pre-sex cannabis therapy. Heck, it could at least take your mind off things and help you focus on pleasure. 

Can relax muscles

Here’s a twist: cannabis also takes some of the pressure off of muscles. The benefits of this plant on the mind and body are not to be underestimated. 

Tense muscles affect your mojo in the bedroom. From what we know about  marijuana and muscle disorders, your leg, arm, and back muscles might be less prone to spasms during intimacy—all of which are needed for heart-racing, (physically) safe sex. 

Increased blood flow to sex organs

Those mind-blowing orgasms people talk about? They’re all about increased blood flow. Facts: Arousal is higher when there’s more blood in the clitoris or penis. 

Due to the  vasodilator activity of cannabis, dosing before sex could open up the blood vessels to facilitate more flow where it matters most. 

Do your homework on the  best cannabis strains for sex beforehand to find out which one gets you in the mood. 

May reduce pain

Due to the  anti-inflammatory property of CBD, cannabis might reduce pain during sex. To reiterate, this is a theoretical benefit based on  published research featuring medical marijuana and conditions like arthritis and MS, both of which cause serious muscle and joint pain. 

What we know about pain, sex, and cannabis isn’t as clear-cut. Based on  survey results from women with endometriosis, cannabis helps manage pain more effectively than other self-management strategies like heat and meditation. 

CBD may also be ideal for menopausal women experiencing pain from vaginal dryness (try hemp lube) or body soreness (go for topicals). Again, before we draw any conclusions, we’ll need to see more research supporting the effect of cannabis on painful intercourse. 

Could enhance emotional bonding

That is, being comfortable to make the first move and get things going with your partner! Cannabis may enhance the bond needed to seal the deal by  favoring arousal

That spark you feel between you and your partner has to do with sexual chemistry, specifically with a hormone called oxytocin, aka “the cuddle hormone.” It’s the one that makes you want to get closer and closer and closer. Marijuana appears to produce a similar  feel-good effect, although why is still a mystery. 

Enhanced touch receptors 

Increased physical intensity is another  reported benefit of cannabis for sex. If you’ve used cannabis before, then you know how certain sensations like touch can change. 

 Your sensory perception could be more vivid than usual, especially with potent cannabis, so remember to start low and go slow. 


  • Why am I turned on while high?

  • You might be hornier when you’re high because of more blood flow to your vagina/penis. The release of  bliss molecules could also be a factor.  

  • Indica or sativa for arousal?

  • Remember, with cannabis, one size does not fit all. Generally speaking, sativas tend to uplift and energize, while indicas steer towards relaxation and euphoria. Hybrid strains offer the best of both, plus sparks of sensuality, minus the “in your head” paranoia. 

  • Best strains for female arousal?

  • It all comes down to preference, then terpenes. A good place to start is strains rich in  myrcene and limonene for relaxation: Wedding Cake, Mimosa, and Atomic Northern Lights. 

  • Best strains for male arousal?

  • See the advice above!  Finding the strain to get you going is a matter of trial-and-error. Check out this list of sexy strains for inspiration  here.  

  • Do you last longer when high?

  • Marijuana affects your  perception of time. You won’t last longer, but you mightfeel like it. 

    To sum it up

    From a research standpoint, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to understanding the effect of cannabis on the reproductive system. Still, people seem to agree: using cannabis for sex is worth a try (and the orgasm). 

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