How To Shop For Cannabis Flower At A Dispensary

While thegrowth of the cannabis industry has been entirely welcomed by its consuming community, the sheer amount of dispensaries, products and options can seem a bit overwhelming at times. It’s difficult to know exactly what you want, especially if there is an abundance of choices all perfectly organized in their maybe not-so-understood categories. 

However, purchasing cannabis products doesn’t have to be stressful or intimidating at all — not with the proper dispensary shopping guide at least. Following just a handful of dispensary tips can transform those uncertain visits of the past into confident visits of the future, and even more importantly, a positive cannabis experience after-the-fact. 

What do you need to know before going to a dispensary?

If totally foreign to the idea of dispensaries, laying down the basics can be extremely helpful. 

Some of the most essential information a potential buyer can establish before going into their local dispensary is based on their own individual preferences. 

Try asking yourself  questions like: 

What form(s) of cannabis have I enjoyed in the past? 

Do I usually enjoyindica, sativa, or hybrid strains?

What specific strains have I enjoyed before? 

What terpenes do I typically like?

What kind of effects / experience do I want to have? 

What kind of effects do Inot enjoy /  want to avoid? 

The answers to these questions may provide some clear direction before even stepping foot in a store. Anything a potential buyer is uncertain of can also provide a basis for dispensary employees to work with, so, it’s not a high-stress scenario even if there’s still some uncertainty at this stage. Although, you should also do a bit of research to find the best dispensary in your area to ensure this kind of high-quality experience. Once preference, desired take-away and store quality have been established, you can begin to focus more on the logistics of your visit. 

Shopping at a dispensary checklist (what you need to bring)

Due tocannabis’s legal status in the United States, the nitty-gritty details of what a customer might need for their visit varies slightly. But, across all of the states that have legalized the plant, there are a few things that are guaranteed necessities. 

Dispensary visits will (almost) always require:

  • Knowledge of what’s wanted 
  • An acceptable photo ID
  • Money / physical cash
  • A patient & positive attitude 

Dispensary etiquette 

As mentioned briefly above, having a pleasant attitude is a key part of having an enjoyable dispensary visit. From relaxing in the waiting room until it’s time to enter, to speaking to budtenders about what kind of products you are looking for, maintaining basic etiquette is important for a smooth transaction. And luckily — with the right dispensary team and completed dispensary checklist — it’s pretty easy to have a fun experience picking out goodies. 

Most dispensaries will have customers wait in their lobby area as their ID’s are checked. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and those at the front desk will wave customers in as they’re ready. With this extra time, customers can ask for a menu to look at, get cash from an ATM if it’s readily available, or simply review what they want to purchase. 

Once inside with the products and budtenders, customers can take their time looking at what they’re interested in and ask for any recommendations. It’s become pretty standard to tip one’s budtender, especially if they’re nice enough to provide great recommendations or guide you in the right direction. Their guidance and overall assistance is well worth the pleasantry. 


What to buy at a dispensary?

More often than not, it’s the variety of products that typically overwhelms new dispensary visitors. However, understanding what different types of products are available and what’s actually desired can narrow things down with ease. Generally speaking, dispensaries will usually offer a range of different cannabis products. 

Different types of products include:

  • Flower
  • Edibles
  • Vapes
  • Waxes
  • Topicals
  • Tinctures 
  • Accessories 

Some dispensaries specialize more in one kind of product than others — something to keep in mind during preliminary dispensary searching. With the products grouped together by type, budtenders are there to help customers break down their preferences / choices further. For example, a cannabis novice whoknows they enjoy vaping, but not what kind of strain to purchase, can locate that product section and then employ the knowledge of their trusted budtender in deciding which type of cannabis to buy.

Questions to ask the budtenders

A budtender is essentially what a dispensary staff member is called. More specifically, budtenders are usually those positioned behind product counters ready to answer customer questions, offer their own suggestions and more. Budtenders themselves can serve as amazing dispensary shopping guides, lending their cannabis knowledge to anyone interested. For newbie cannabis users, budtenders present an invaluable resource — utilize them to get the most out of a dispensary visit. 

Ask questions like:

What products does this dispensary specialize in?

Which brand is the most popular among this selection?

Which products do you think would be best for __?

What kind of strain would you recommend for __?

What’s your favorite product in stock right now?

Do you have any products similar to __?

To sum it up

Dispensary visits should never feel overwhelming, or like a chore, and hopefully, with the above dispensary tips, they never will again. A little background research, a solid understanding of your preferences, and trust in your budtender can determine your ultimate dispensary shopping guide.


Do you tip at a dispensary?

Yes. Because of the budtenders incredible assistance and guidance, it’s become customary to tip them for their services. While not always expected nor required, budtenders are very appreciative of customers who recognize them going above and beyond for their customers and ensuring they’re getting the most out of their dispensary visit. 

How much should you tip at a dispensary?

Again, while a tip may not always be expected, they are very appreciated by budtenders. Even just a few dollars can make a nice tip and show one’s appreciation. Customers should consider just how much their budtenders helped them out when deciding their tip amount.

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