What’s The Best Way To Smoke Weed? (A Breakdown)

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish, the concept of smoking weed has transformed in many ways. The variety of methods for how to consume cannabis have grown to include more versatility and smoking specialization. With all of these choices, it’s up to the cannabis consumer to figure out which creates the best way to smoke weed — from joint, to gravity bong. 

What’s the best way to smoke weed

Smoking weed truly boils down to user preference thanks to cannabis’s general versatility. Varying in form as well as consumption method, cannabis gives a lot of control over to the smoker. Is discreteness an important factor? Issmoking or vaping more ideal? What about ease of use? These questions often lead users to their perfect smoking experience. 

Ultimately, there exists no one-size-fits-all “best” way to smoke cannabis. Instead, it’s a much more personal choice based on what’s important to, and works best for, each smoker. These choices are typically impacted by basic preferences, experience level and desired results. 

Smoking Type

What is it?

Best for

One hitter

  • Saving money.
  • Retaining a low tolerance. 

Vape pen

  • Vape pens are battery operated devices, fitted with cannabis oil tanks or cartridges.
  • Produces vapor for inhalation.
  • Discreet cannabis use. 
  • No overwhelming aroma. 

Glass pipe

  • Glass pipesare petite pieces that contain the smoke of burning cannabis.
  • Can contain multiple hits. 
  • Beginner smokers.
  • Ease of use.


  • Blunts are cannabis-filled cigars.
  • Larger in size than a typical joint.
  • Smoking in celebration.
  • Social smoking sessions.


  • Joints are weed cigarettes filled with marijuana flower.
  • Wrapped in rolling papers and smaller than their blunt counterparts. 
  • Smoking flower on the go.
  • Easy stashing. 


  • Bubblers are a combination of a water bong and a pipe.
  • Feature a smaller bowl and water filtration. 
  • Experienced smokers.
  • A bong-like cannabis consumption method. 

Dab Rig

  • Dab rigs are pipes made for vaporizing cannabis wax / oil / concentrates.
  • Typically fitted with a water filter base. 
  • Creating an intense high.
  • Quick on-set of effects.

Gravity Bong

  • Gravity bongs use both air pressure and water to create contained smoke.
  • Usually home-made.
  • Smokers on a budget / lacking proper equipment.
  • Achieving an extreme high. 

Different ways to smoke weed

One hitter

One hitters are small, slender pipes with a narrow bowl made just large enough for a single hit or inhalation of smoke. Users light cannabis on one end of the pipe and inhale until the small bowl is completely burnt / toasted. This method typically creates a lighter high — given it’s just a single hit — and therefore may be the best way to smoke weed for newbies or those trying to maintain a lower tolerance. 

Vape pen

Vape pens are typically battery operated devices with tanks or cartridges that are heated to produce vapor. Activated either by button or a user's inhale, vape pens depend on lithium ion batteries for their heating power and ultimately the creation of vapor. Concentrated cannabis oils make this method fairly potent. Those looking for a powerful, but discreet smoking method with little-to-no aroma will appreciate vape pens. 

Glass pipe

Glass pipes are small hand-held pieces that trap the smoke made from burning cannabis. With an extremely simple and popular design, users are able to load a small bowl, light it, and inhale for small to medium hits. Basic glass pipes usually feature slightly larger bowls than one-hitters, allowing for multiple puffs and potentially more powerful highs. Hand-held glass pipes may be the best way to smoke cannabis for beginner smokers because of their accessibility, straightforward design and ease of use. 


Blunts are essentially cigars that have been filled with cannabis rather than tobacco. As a slightly heftier smoking method than found in joints, blunts usually produce a more intense, longer lasting high. Because of their size — and nearly identical appearance to cigars — some think of blunts in more of a celebratory context of smoking. With that being said, blunts are typically enjoyed socially / shared and result in moderate highs. 


Joints are basically cannabis cigarettes with ground marijuana flower. Contained in rolling paper and ready for smoking, joints are usually no more than a gram and present a small, easily portable smoking method. Thanks to their slim form, joints can be fairly discrete, at least until smoking commences. Although very similar to blunts, joints aren’t always shared because of their small size. However, both smoking methods produce very similar effects. 


Bubblers present a cross between a water bong and a pipe. Bubblers utilize water, but are much smaller and feature a built-in bowl rather than a removable one. Their filtration makes for a smoother hit, where a typical hand-pipe may be a bit dryer and harsher on the throat. This may prompt more hits and therefore a more considerable high — although this is based more in how much a user decides to smoke at one time. More experienced smokers that prefer smaller pieces may find bubblers to be the best way to smoke weed, with a slightly more elevated, yet portable design. 


Bongs are usually slightly larger than hand-held bubblers, designed with a water base to help create a smoother hit via filtration. Bongs also usually sport larger, removable bowls that are lit and inhaled through until enough smoke is created based on user preference. Novice smokers may want to warm up to bong smoking, as it does require a bit of finesse to take a hit of one’s desired size. It goes without saying, larger hits result in more intense highs, while smaller ones will have lesser effects. 

Dab Rig

Dab rigs are pipes designed specifically for vaporizing cannabis wax / oil / concentrates, filtering it through a water base. Dab rigs are similar to bongs in that they feature a small attachment. However, instead of a bowl piece, dab rigs have a glass or metal nail in which concentrates melt into and where the vapor is stored. Novice smokers should probably familiarize themselves with other forms of smoking prior to diving into the potency of dabs. Some experienced smokers tend to think dab rigs are the best way to smoke cannabis because of their ability to provide a quick on-set of intense effects. 

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs — also known as waterfall or bucket bongs — use a combination of air pressure and water to create contained hits. Instead of smoke being inhaled directly, like through a traditional bong, gravity bongs collect smoke until the user is ready to take one large hit or pass it along to others. Through this type of hit, gravity bongs are able to create incredibly concentrated smoke and consequently a very strong high. This method isn’t suggested for those new to cannabis either, seeing as it can easily overpower someone with a lower tolerance / less experience with weed.

Best way to smoke marijuana for a beginner

While there is no real “best way” to smoke weed, as a beginner there are a few key things to keep in mind to create the most ideal smoking experience. Novice cannabis smokers should pay special attention to their tolerance and do their best not to overwhelm themselves, overdo it, etc. This is why many find the best way to smoke cannabis as a newbie to be through a simple glass or ceramic pipe. 

As some of the most common smoking devices on the market, hand pipes are just as easily accessible as they are to use. All a user must do is grind their flower — or even simply hand pick it — and pack it into the pipe’s bowl before lighting, inhaling and enjoying. Because hand pipes are small in size, and therefore feature small bowls, their build also typically prevents users from taking too big of a hit. With that being said, this method of consumption may be harsher on the throat that others. If that’s a concern, bubblers and vape pens can provide a smoother, cooler hit, they’re just a bit more complex in use. 

Best way to smoke cannabis on a budget

There are many ways to smoke on a budget without sacrificing quality of experience. Keeping one’stolerance low is of the utmost importance on this front, so smaller hand pipes and one-hitters may present themselves as go-to’s. By smoking less / in smaller amounts it’s easier to conserve one’s stash and prevent oneself from burning through too much weed in one session. 

The same can be said for using slimmer vape pens as opposed to larger dab rigs.Newer, high quality vape pens can be incredibly efficient in making one’s cannabis last considerably longer than normal. Although typically more expensive at dispensaries, smoking concentrates / oils / waxes via pen can also pack a more potent hit that satisfies most users with a puff or two.

To sum it up

While there may not be an ultimate, single best way to smoke weed, it’s only because the world of cannabis presents too many attractive options. Whether a novice or experienced smoker, trying out all of the different ways to smoke can be incredibly beneficial to achieving one’s perfect smoking experience and high — a real win-win.

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