The Best Vape Pen Cartridges For Vaping - Tips For Choosing

Buying the right vape pen and vape pen cartridges isn’t the easiest of tasks, as the growing market isquickly becoming oversaturated with vape carts, some more reputable than others. For buyers, it’s no longer just a question of which vape cartridges appear to be the best, but which are truly the right fit.Before purchasing a vape cartridge and pen, consider the quality and construction, making sure they are made with integrity and produced by a reputable, trusted company. While more challenging, doing just a bit of research to ensure these factors are met makes all the difference when it comes to actually utilizing vape pen carts. 

Product safety — now more than ever — demands top priority when considering a purchase. The following information can provide more helpful insight on what to be conscious of when seeking the “right” vape pen carts. 

What To Look For In a Vape Cartridge

When searching for the best vape cartridge for your vape pen, consider the following factors:

  • Construction
  • Lab-tested 
  • Cutting agent
  • Retailer 

Without considering these factors, you risk purchasing a cartridge that will break easily, leaving you no way of consuming the oil or wax inside. By ensuring that your cartridges are lab-tested and assembled using safe cutting agents, you are lowering your exposure to risky chemicals that may harm lung and airway function. Purchasing from a trusted retailer is the best way of lowering that risk and ensuring you purchase a cartridge that works until your wax is gone. 

Proper Construction 

One of the most important considerations to make when on the hunt for quality vape carts is how they’re constructed and how successfully they can interact with a pen base. Many vape cartridges sport a similar 510-threaded screw-top model. all of Vessel's vape battery collection is compatible with 510 thread cartridge. 

If faulty, these vape pen cartscan leak and release all of their cannabis oil contents. Not only can these lead to the damage of the vape pen itself, but possibly other items in its vicinity (i.e., other purse or backpack contents if not properlystored in a high quality case). Defective or flawed vape carts can also cause contamination by simply being an improper fit entirely. 

Some cart styles have also been criticized for how easy it isfor children to access; carts that are screw-top, while straightforward to attach, are often just as effortless to detach.

To help prevent damage to your cart, consider the following steps:

  • Invest in a carrying case
  • Power off between uses
  • Disconnect the cartridge between uses

These steps will help your cartridge and battery last as long as possible to avoid frequent repurchasing. 


As cannabis grows in popularity for itspotential medicinal benefits, its products are beginning to be treated as such — they’re undergoing testing similar to medicinal products. 

Lab testing products can help determine:

  • THC/CBD percentage (indicating strength of the strain’s effects)
  • Terpene and cannabinoid composition
  • Proper dosage 
  • Risk factors of additives/cutting agents 

Lab testing of vape carts typically entails two large parts focused on human safety for consumption and the product’s potency. 

Luckily, information on these compounds can and should be found listed in a vape pen cartridge’s certificate of analysis. Whether listed directly or accessible via QR code, this information will always be available on the products’ packaging if the vape cart / its production batch has truly been analyzed. 

This certificate of analysis should also entail a cannabis product’s cannabinoid makeup and terpene profile. These chemical makeups play a large role inaltering and enhancing a user’s experience when vaping or ingesting cannabis in other ways, so understanding these details can be vital to doing so safely. 

In short, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to better understanding the quality of vape cartridges and cannabis products at large. 

Reputable Dispensaries

Online shopping has quickly gained immense popularity. However, with regards to vape pen cartridges, the habit of online shopping can be dangerous. 

Buyers should seek out more dependable and transparent dispensaries for their vape carts. Carts and other cannabis products sold in licensed and reputable dispensaries should always come in packaging that includes some type of lab results, serial number, or QR code. This type of quality assurance not only enables buyers to form trusted relationships and repertoire with their local cannabis retailers but to avoid any counterfeit or cheaply made vape cartridges.  

Safe Cutting Agents

Cutting agents range in makeup, but ultimately all aim to lessen the viscosity or dilute cannabis oils, making them thinner and easier to vaporize. Ultimately, thinners, acetate and other agents should be taken seriously and looked at carefully when buying your cart. Additionally, it is always suggested to look at the products' Certificate Of Analysis (COA).

To Sum It Up

While the choices may seem endless,purchasing safe and effectivevape pen cartridges is made much easier with a bit of research. When searching for the right vape pen cartridge, consider proper construction, lab testing, and cutting agents, as well as the retailer you’re purchasing from. When in doubt, trusted brands likeVessel, can help provide the proper base, and then it’s just a process of asking the right questions and avoiding vape carts that seems too good to be true.  


What is the best quality vape cartridge? 

When searching for a vape cartridge that fits your pen, look for a cartridge that has a breakdown of the cannabinoids and terpenes that the strain contains. Much like a nutrition facts label, this information lets you know exactly what you’re consuming, as well as assuring you that your cartridge has been tested in a lab. 

Are all vape cartridges the same? 

No, all vape cartridges are not the same. Look for vape cartridges that do not contain harmful cutting agents, such as vitamin E acetate. This additive may cause harmful effects to the lungs and airway and may expose you to other health risks long term. 

Where can I buy a vape cartridge? 

Though vape cartridges can be purchased online, it’s smart to purchase your cartridges from a local, reputable dispensary. This shopping method allows you to ask your budtender questions about the strain, where the cartridge was manufactured, and the type of rosin/live resin used to assemble your cartridge. 

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