Best Gifts For Vapers (And Stocking Stuffers Too)

It’s that time of year. With the holidays right around the corner, you may be struggling to narrow down the most thoughtful gifts for the vape-enthusiasts in your life.

Luckily, Vessel has a number of quality products and accessories for this explicit purpose. This guide details the five best gifts (and stocking stuffers) for vapers. 

Best Gifts For People Who Vape

Vaping can extend far beyond the battery and cartridge. From sleek protective cases to an all-inclusive kit you can design yourself, Vessel has a number of products designed to please all the vapers you know. 

Vape Pen Battery: $35-$79

Vessel offers a variety of vape pen batteries to best meet your favorite vaper’s needs. With varying designs, battery strengths, and exclusive features, each battery from Vessel facilitates a unique, streamlined vaping experience. 

As detailed by the table below, each Vessel vape has features that set it apart from the rest. However, all Vessel vapes come equipped with LED lights that indicate heat setting and battery life, as well as 4 heat settings to customize the vaping experience. 

Flagship Series

Vista Series

Compass Series 

Includes Expedition, Formula, Wood, Style and Canyon Series

Includes Gold, Avocado, Bahama, Poppy, Very Peri, and Slate

Includes Gunmetal, Gold, Tahoe, Mojave and Yosemite.

300 mAh capacity

320 mAh capacity

550 mAh capacity

Features anodized aluminum, crafted wood, and/or knurled designs

Features a uniquely designed sweeping collar providing protection and visibility

Ultra-compact, unparalleled ergonomic design

Removable transition module for larger diameter 510 cartridges

Drop-in magnetic cartridge design

Integrated swivel base design for proper mouthpiece alignment

Learn more and purchase the best vape pen battery for your needshere

Hideaway Sleeve: $10

The ideal stocking stuffer for every vaper, the Hideaway offers a layer of protection between your vape and the elements. Made from cracked fissure leather, these products are precision cut into a handcrafted design to help protect your vape. A sleeve like the Hideaway prevents your cartridge from getting cracked or clogged with fuzz or lint. It also offers a sleek storage container to set your vape apart from the rest of your belongings. 

Buy the Hideaway Sleevehere. 

Rover Case: $25

Compatible with every Vessel vape pen battery except the Compass, Vessel’s premium vape pen carrier, the Rover Case is designed to protect and carry two batteries and two cartridges. Never get caught on-the-go without your supplies when you invest in this carrying case which is designed with premium soft touch matte faux leather. These cases come in black, cognac, navy, and charcoal, and come equipped with an elastic band to keep your products from slipping. Investing in this carrying case is an excellent way to help the vaper in your life protect their products from damage and keep all their accessories in an all-inclusive stylish case. 

Buy the carrying casehere

Base Charger: $35

Help your vaper friends streamline their charging experiences with the magnetic Base charger from Vessel. This charger is equipped with a weighted, nonslip bottom and a curved top surface to cradle your advice and prevent damage from falls. This charger is designed exclusively for Vessel devices and makes charging quick and convenient. 

Buy the Base chargerhere

Build a Kit: Save $20 

If you simply cannot decide which accessory would best complement your favorite vaper’s lifestyle, there’s no need to settle. Vessel offers an option to build a kit containing your vape pen battery of choice and the most compatible carrying case and charger. These kits vary on price depending on the style you choose (while Vistas typically cost $45, the Expedition series costs $79). Bundling all accessories together, however, can save you up to $20 when compared to purchasing each product separately.

Build a Vessel Vape Kithere

To Sum it Up

Whether the vaper in your life is a novice or a seasoned vaper, Vessel has products to help enhance their vaping experience. From carrying sleeves to all-inclusive kits, by purchasing your holiday vape gifts through Vessel, you have access to all the accessories necessary to make charging, transporting, and using a vape as simple--and as sleek-looking--as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular vaping product?

A reliable vape pen battery is the most popular--and the most essential--product to purchase when enhancing your vape game. Vessel has a variety of vape pen batteries, each with unique features designed to streamline your experience. 

What are the most popular vapes right now?

Vessel’s newVista Edge vape pen battery is designed to streamline the vaping experience. Equipped with four adjustable heat settings and a magnetic drop-in cartridge port, this vape pen simplifies and enhances the experience, adding simplicity and convenience to a process that can sometimes be frustrating.

What are some vape gifts for him?

If you’re looking for a vape gift for your male-identifying friend or partner, look no further than Vessel. Vessel has a number of pens designed for a number of different aesthetics, from their ruggedCraftsman to the sleek-but-powerfulExpedition. Their accessories also range in a variety of colors to best complement the user, from classic Black to louder colors. 

What is a vape gift set?

A vape gift set includes everything your favorite vaper needs for a streamlined experience. Vessel’s option to build a kit includes a choice of one of their popular batteries, the compatible charger, and a sleek but sturdy carrying case. These cases are designed to carry two batteries and two cartridges, so you’re never caught without the necessary supplies to get your vape on. 

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