Luxury Cannabis Smoking Accessories to Elevate Your Sesh

Luxury Cannabis Smoking Accessories to Elevate Your Sesh

If you're going to enjoy cannabis, you might as well enjoy it in style. Some people like rugged styles of woven hemp and rubberized textures, but some people like the finer things. If you have a more luxe style, then you can bring that ambiance with you to every sesh alone or with friends.

Luxury cannabis smoking accessories are not just beautiful, they can also elevate your smoke to a higher experience with beautiful design, perfect performance, and the beauty of simple, functional design. At VESSEL, we know all about luxury cannabis because we put our hearts, souls, and best minds into every elevated design. In addition to our beautiful vapes and pipes, we have a stunning line of cannabis accessories that fit well in any luxury collection.

Today, we're diving into the accessories that make a cannabis sesh feel truly luxurious.

A Charming Cannabis Tray

Every stoner needs a cannabis tray. It can be a polished silver serving tray, an enameled superhero tray, or a sweet spinning Blazy Susan. Your tray speaks to your personality because it defines your entire at-home kit. Your cannabis tray can be gilded or utility, polished to a mirror-bright shine or a beautiful matte piece of natural wood. 

The tray is where you're safe to dump out your grind, roll your joints, load your bowls, and scoop your dabs in perfect coordination. You build your routines on your tray and it becomes the perfect place to keep all  your supplies in one tidy space.

A Gold Plated Ashtray

If you're really looking that glamorous feel, you can't skip the gold-plated ash tray. Actually, it's solid brass polished to a shine, but it looks like gold, and it will feel like gold when you're ashing your joint in this breathtaking little cup. The Ember Gold has grooves for two joints, so you can share these luxurious moments with a good friend, a close special someone, or just blaze two joints at a time in true decadence.

Decorative Sealable Jars

Jars are an essential part of any cannabis smoker's collection. Jars can hold your bud more beautifully than dispensary bags. Jars can hold pre-rolled joints in your favorite papers, or hold all the hand tools you like to use when loading and cleaning your cannabis devices.  Go all-out with a pack of jars that look truly elegant alongside your cannabis kit. Choose shiny lids, smooth sides, and consider a few final touches like your own personal decals, a wrap of ribbon, or even a little crochet. 

A Refillable, Adjustable Lighter

If there's one downside to everyday weed smoking, it's going through cheap lighters. But why go cheap or waist all that plastic when you don't have to? Splurge on a refillable, high-performance lighter like the Carbon so that you never have to run out of butane or throw away another disposable lighter again. In fact, while you're at it, get a lighter with an easily adjustable candle flame size so you can adjust the perfect flame for every joint or device you touch to the flame.

Your Favorite Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are an extremely personal choice. While some luxe cannabis lists suggest actual gold papers, you'll actually be much happier stocking up on your favorite kind of rolling papers. Do you prefer flavored papers or simple natural hemp? Standard, small, or extra-large papers for extra-luxe blunts? If you like to take the easy road, go all-out on pre-rolled cones waiting for you to pack them with your favorite strain of glittering ground flower.

A Cute Little Grinder

Speaking of grinding, you'll need something to safe your elegant fingertips from shredding cannabis by hand. Get yourself an cute yet dignified little grinder that fits perfectly in your pocket or slides just as easily into a purse or drawer compartment. The Mill grinder is an elegant masterpiece of engineered aluminum with a perfect spin between the teeth and just enough room in the lower compartment for a bowl or two. The look is perfected with a single disk of walnut or beechwood for a piece that can disguise itself as casual decor on the finest coffee table.

A Secret Sesh Compartmented Ash Tray

Speaking of disguised coffee table decor, you've never seen subtle luxury in cannabis accessories like the Ash. The Ash is made of carved walnut and a creamy concrete rectangle that appears to be a simple, understated piece of table decor. Lift the walnut top for a walnut coaster and a graceful concrete ash tray. lift the concrete to reveal a hidden compartment perfectly shaped for a small pipe, lighter, and basin of cannabis. Ready for a presidentially diplomatic sesh or to sit, unnoticed by guests who don't need to know.

An Elegant Joint Holder Ring

If you want to feel truly regal, however, you simply must try a joint ring. Joint rings are elegant twists of wire that give you an almost hands-free way to hold a smoldering twist of paper and cannabis while you talk and sip wine with friends. There are many beautiful joint holder ring designs, from clever rose clamps to celtic knots.

Marbled Silicone Coasters

Silicone coasters are a cool way to keep all your cannabis supplies and your table safe at the same time during a sesh. They can stop drink rings, hold hot devices, and prevent your glassware from setting down too hard on the table. The most luxurious style of silicone coasters are marbled in your favorite color, with beautiful swirls of pigment that look like the natural grains in beautiful quarried marble.

A Travel Basin for Ground Flower

Whether you like to pre-grind your cannabis for each friend sesh or you enjoy a few bowls on the go, a travel basin is a great addition to your luxury cannabis smoking accessories. With the Basin in graphite gray, ruby red, charcoal black, or glowing gold, you can carry your pre-ground cannabis in style, offering small amounts to friends like a 19th century gentleman pulling a gleaming compartment out of their waistcoat pocket.

A Cute Smell Proof Case

Lastly, equip yourself for travel or keep all your goods in one place with a smell-proof case. Smell-proof cases ensures that the signature aroma of your favorite herb doesn't permeate the air around you. You can head out to enjoy your cannabis in the park or take it to a friend's with a private stash elegantly unnoticed in your bag. The best cases are custom-tailored to fit your supples in a neat, perfectly secured style like the Drift.

Elevate Your Sesh with VESSEL Luxury Accessories

VESSEL is a brand that focuses on engineering the finest pieces of cannabis equipment on the market. We prefer solid brass and annodized aluminum, with pieces that are designed to perfection. Each device and accessory wouldn't look out of place on a camping trip or at the opera. Whether you're looking for perfect utility in every detail or the feel of luxury in every puff, you'll find it with VESSEL.

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