Celebrate International Women's Day with Vessel

It's March and International Women's Day is right around the corner. Every year on March 8th, the world comes together to educate and appreciate the incredible progress made by women. International women's day was invented and inaugurated in 1910 during a meeting in Copenhagen of the Socialist Second International. Leading German socialists Luise Zietz and Clara Zetkin proposed the day as a way to promote and spread the word about equal rights for women in the realms of voting rights (suffrage) and professional recognition.

In the early 1900s, women were already making incredible leaps in professional roles but went largely unrecognized due to social views and norms. Today, however, we have a different reason to celebrate international women's day: The incredible progress we have made over 100 years ago. Today, women hold prestigious roles in every career path and are still making progress breaking glass ceilings and proving that men and women can be equals in every way that we care to be.

VESSEL Honors International Women's Day

Here at VESSEL, we are proud to honor another year of great achievements by professional women every day. We wouldn't be here if not for the fact that men and women, together, accomplished cannabis legalization throughout many states and medical legalization in even more. As a pro cannabis brand, we know just how hard the women in our movement have worked side-by-side to get us where we are today.

So if you are a woman and/or have women in your life who appreciate cannabis, let's celebrate International Women's Day together with an incredible sesh.

Take Time to Relax Together

On this special day, which falls on a Wednesday this year, take time to put their feet up and relax. It's your special day ladies. You've worked hard every other day of the year to achieve progress and be the best person you can be. You can take one afternoon, evening, or perhaps a leisurely morning just to enjoy yourselves with your favorite strain, and your favorite vape or pipe.

Gentlemen, if there's a woman in your life who's been busting glass ceilings or just being her amazing self, it's time to appreciate by relaxing together. Help set aside everything that needs doing and kick back with her favorite movie, a good conversation, or a nice dinner, or surprise her with an executive breakfast in bed.  Pair it all with a perfectly rolled joint, dynamic paperless blunt, or pack her a bowl and gift her the first green. 

Gift Her Favorite Strain in a Beautiful Jar

If you know a woman who's been working hard - and may not realize it's International Women's Day - surprise her with her favorite cannabis strain sparkling with terps and trichomes in a beautiful jar. Some women will love the gift more if you wrap it in a bow of her favorite color. But the special woman in your life might be just as thrilled with a few dinosaur stickers. This day isn't about women being girly, it's about women rocking at being themselves. Go out of your way to personalize each Women's Day gift you give to support what makes each woman truly unique and awesome.

Get Stoned and Do Something Amazing Together

While most people enjoy a 'Netflix and Chill' evening together with some good dank, International Women's Day is also about women doing amazing things. If you're planning a special day for yourself or with an amazing woman in your life, consider doing something that "breaks the glass ceiling" on evening plans. Hit the go-cart track, hunt each other in laser tag, or go to an amazing show that you know she'll love.

The best part is that fun activities can pair perfectly with incredible cannabis. Pick an uplifting Sativa to fill the night with energy and magic. For heading out, you can toke or vape at home and then call an Uber to drive, or you can take your turn as the designated driver to give your hard-working woman a night on the town without worries. If you'll be out for a while, you can even pack a few gummies to experience the magic together and sober up before you head home.

Draw A Cannabis Bath For Your Introverted International Woman

Of course, not all women want a Wednesday night on the town. If she's rocking the mid-work week or is an introvert who'd rather stay in, you can do something special for your lady (or yourself) with a soothing cannabis bath. If you've never had a cannabis bath, the experience is to die for. Combine a good Indica high with warm water, scented oils, and nowhere to be for a few hours.

Indica and CBD are the best choices for a hot bath because they enhance the relaxation and allow your mind to drift away into an incredible body high.

Here's a pro tip:Heat extra water on the stove to get the bath hotter and keep it hot for more than your water heater can provide. If you (or your lady) are like most women, a molten-hot bath and a melty cannabis high are absolute heaven.

Give Her a Vape that Keeps On Vapin'

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a hard-working woman who enjoys cannabis, consider getting her a vape pen that doesn't quit. A sleek yet sturdy vape pen in her favorite metallic color, or a mod box with a perfect matching case, are excellent gift ideas that will last far longer than a single evening. One of the best ways to make the day special is to give your internationally awesome woman something special to remember it (and you) by. 

The right vape pen or mod box can become an excuse to take many magical cannabis-fueled adventures in the future with the perfect pocket-sized vape kit.

Celebrate International Women's Day with VESSEL

AT VESSEL, we are thrilled at how far women's achievements have come in the 113 years since the very first International Women's Day was hosted in Copenhagen. Celebrate with us by treating yourself or your favorite hard-working and amazing woman to the perfect vape or paperless joint and a magical night of cannabis, fun, and relaxation. Contact us today for more ideas or for advice on choosing the perfect canna-gift for that special lady.

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