What is a Hemp Wick and How to Toke With It

Since the dawn of the contemporary cannabis culture, we have lit our bowls and joints with butane lighters. Before that, the older tobacco-smoking crowd lit their pipes with chemical matches. There's a good chance that you've tried one or both of these methods in your own cannabis journey, trying different pipes, bongs, bowls, and rolls to discover the best strains and methods. But what if there's a better way?

Hemp wicks are an ancient yet new product that is transforming how cannabis users can safely - and even enjoyably - light our leaf without scorched thumbs, blackened bowls, or setting our eyebrows on fire. If you've every been frustrated with lighters or matches, or if you suspect your lighter has too hot and large a flame for your bowl, hemp wicks are a must-try item.

What Is a Hemp Wick?

A hemp wick is a roll of hemp twine (it's a textile, after all) coated in a natural wax like beeswax. It is used to gently, ever so gently, set your cannabis flower to light. The twine-carried flame activates the cannabinoids and terpenes by low-key roasting your bud in the bowl without scorching the whole thing, or your thumb, in the process.

Hemp wicks are sold in rolls of varying lengths and thicknesses, but the one thing they all have in common is that they last forever and can light your cannabis at a lower heat, with a smaller flame, and without inhaling butane or match chemicals in the process.

How Hemp Wicks Are Made

Hemp wicks are made first by creating a twine from the long sturdy fibers of a hemp plant. This is done the same way hemp has been made into rope for over a thousand years. The hemp twine is then dipped and soaked in beeswax, much in the same way you would do if you were making a candle wick. This is why it's called a hemp wick.

The wax-covered string is then wound into balls or onto cardboard holders and sold at specific lengths that, admittedly, last a very long time before every centimeter of the slow-burning twine is finally spent.

How to Toke with a Hemp Wick

How do you use hemp wick to light your cannabis? Good question. The process is really cool if you're into natural fibers and fire.

Lighting Your Hemp Wick

First, unwind several inches of hemp wick from the ball or holder so that you have a loose end with a safe amount of length to hold and manipulate, The wax should make it stiff yet malleable so you can hold the wick at convenient angles. Set the very tip of your hemp wick alight with a lighter or match, like you would a stick of incense, but let the flame glow up to a yellow flicker.

Toking a Bowl with a Hemp Wick

If you want to smoke a bowl from a pipe or bong, turn your hemp strand so the point is facing downward and gently lower the flame into the bowl. Inhale as you start to see your cannabis turning brown, as if you were toasting it instead of scorching it with a lighter. Enjoy the rich natural flavors of unscorched yet activated cannabis.

It is even possible to "half green" a bowl using a hemp wick because you have complete control over a tiny flame.

Lighting a Joint or Blunt with a Hemp Wick

If you have a joint or blunt to light, twist your hemp wick so that the flame points upward. Prop the joint between your lips and gently light the end as you inhale. When the twist burns away and you have a glowing ember to toke, pull the wick back.

How to Put Out a Hemp Wick

You can put out a hemp wick with moisture. Dip the wick in a small bowl of water or damp your fingers and pinch if you want to practice the party-trick version. The wax and hemp burn at a low temperature, but be careful if using the pinching trick anyway.

Carrying a Piece of Hemp Wick With You

Many people who enjoy a hemp wick will keep a smaller cut piece in their kit for quick use without needing to handle the entire wax-covered ball or carrier. All you need is about five or six inches to handle carefully. And if the wick gets short, you can use a pair of tweezers or a joint clip to manipulate it.

The Benefits of Hemp Wicks - Why Use Them?

It's true that hemp wicks are fun to use and provide more control than your usual, but there are really surprising number of benefits to hemp wicks over lighters and matches.

Natural and Chemical-Free

First, no taste of butane or smell of match chemicals. If you want an all-natural way to light your cannabis and get the full flavor of the flower, you can't beat a hemp wick.

Low Burn Preserves Your Terps

Hemp wicks burn at a much lower temperature, which is perfect for activating the cannabinoids and terpenes in your dry leaf without wasting them with an overly hot, scorching lighter flame. Not only do you get a more efficient (and enjoyable) hit from every toke, but your buds will also last longer because you're not burning them to a crisp.

Better Control Over Your Burn

A hemp wick also offers a smaller flame, which gives you much more control over your burn. You can light just a small amount of cannabis with each hit, making each bowl last longer, and even half-green to give the other half to a friend or save it for yourself later.

The Pleasant Flavor of Hemp and Beeswax

Many people find that the aroma and flavor of hemp dipped in beeswax is far superior to the flavor of butane scorched cannabis. You will get both the full flavor of your flower and the light, organic flavor of your hemp wick with each hit.

Mild Entourage Effect

Because the wick is made of hemp - a cannabis product - some say that there is a mild entourage effect as the natural cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp twine interact with those in your dry leaf.

Try Out Hemp Wicks For Yourself

Here at VESSEL, we're always looking for the best way to enjoy cannabis. It's why we put so much thought into each of our adventure-ready vapes and double-helix dry herb design. When it comes to lighting dry herb, the hemp wick is an ancient technology and yet the single best way to get an even burn that is not too hot, not too big, and naturally complimentary to the flavor of your cannabis all at the same time. In other words: we're a fan.

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