How To Use A Vape Pen For The First Time?

How to Use a Vape Pen For The First Time

When you purchase a Vessel vape pen set, you will have to purchase your cartridges separately. If you’re a newbie to vaping, here’s a step-by-step to explain how to get started. 

Step One: Remove the empty cartridge.The black plastic cartridge included with your Vessel vape pen is not functional, and you should remove it before your first use. Remove the black cartridge by turning it counterclockwise. Discard the black cartridge. 

Step Two: Charge your device. Connect your Vessel vape pen to the USB charger and charge it until the indicator light turns off. Remove your vape pen from the charger once the indicator light turns off, as overcharging can damage your battery. 

Step Three: Attach a new cartridge. Once your vape pen battery is charged, attach a new, pre-filled cartridge by screwing it clockwise onto your device. 

Step Four: Power on your device. Click the main button five times to turn it on. When the vape pen is on, the lights should turn on. 

Step Five: Choose your voltage setting. Your Vessel vape comes with four power/voltage settings that you can control using the main button. Click the button three times to toggle through the three voltage settings. The voltage settings refer to the strength of the vape you will inhale. Vessel recommends starting on the lowest setting.

2.4V (Green) | 2.8V (Cyan)  |  3.2V (Yellow)  |  3.6V (Magenta)

Step Six: Take a hit. To hit your device, hold down the trigger button and inhale through the mouthpiece of the cartridge. 

Step Seven: Power off your device. To turn the vape pen off, click the main button five times. If you forget to turn your vape pen off, it will automatically turn off.

How To Charge Your Vape Pen

When your vape pen is out of battery, charge it using the provided magnetic USB charger. 

To charge your vape pen, connect your vape pen to the magnetic port. The indicator light should glow red until it is fully charged. When the indicator light turns off, your battery is fully charged. 

It is essential to keep an eye on your vape pen battery throughout the charging process. Overcharging can damage your battery, so avoid charging it overnight and only keep it connected to the charger until it is fully charged. 

How To Clean Your Vape Pen

As time goes on, your vape pen might become clogged with debris and dust. The buildup of dust and debris can compromise charging and airflow. 

To clean your vape pen’s charging port, use a toothpick or cotton swab to gently remove any buildup. This step will clear your vape pen for a stronger magnetic connection for more efficient charging. 

There are a couple of options for cleaning the mouthpiece of your cartridge. First, disconnect the cartridge from the vape pen and blow hard through the mouthpiece. If this step doesn’t dislodge all the debris, try using a toothpick to clear out the mouthpiece. If your mouthpiece is still clogged, disconnect the mouthpiece from the cartridge and drop it into hot water. This method should soften and loosen the built-up cannabis oil or dust in the mouthpiece, which can then be removed with a toothpick. 

How To Store Your Vape Pen

Like with any electronic device, properly caring for your vape pen battery will help it last longer. Storing it properly is a huge factor in ensuring a long-lasting device. 

Use the following tips to keep your battery alive for as long as possible.

  • Store your vape pen at room temperature.Extreme temperatures can cause your cartridge to malfunction, as well as damage your battery.
  • Do not place your battery in direct sunlight. Just as extreme temperatures can damage your battery, direct sunlight can cause your battery to overheat. Overheating can degrade your battery, making it die quicker between chargers. In the long run, exposing your battery to direct sunlight may mean replacing it sooner rather than later. 
  • Store upright. When you can, store your vape pen vertically. This step will help keep your cannabis oil at the bottom of the cartridge, where it meets the atomizer. Keeping the atomizer constantly submerged will help avoid damage to the cartridge and prevent your battery from overworking. 
  • Invest in a carrying case.Investing in acarrying casewill ensure that your vape pen isn’t damaged by external elements. A carrying case will not only protect your battery from light and temperature damage, but it will also help keep your battery free from debris and dust build-up. 

Tips For New Vape Pen Users

No worries if you’re new to the vaping game. Here are a couple of tips to help you vape like a pro. 

  • Power off your vape after every use.This step will not only help your battery last longer between charges. It will also prevent damage to the battery overall, allowing you to avoid replacing it entirely for as long as possible. 
  • Store your vape in a safe location. Vape pen batteries can easily get clogged or damaged when exposed to the elements. Storing your vape pen in a carrying case when you’re not using it will preserve your battery and help it last longer. 
  • Start slow. When you first start vaping, take small, slow hits until you become accustomed to the airflow and intensity of your vape pen. This step will prevent you from accidentally getting too high and experiencing undesirable consequences. 
  • Play around with voltage settings until you find your ideal.Voltage can impact the flavor of your hit, as well as the density of your vapor. Experiment with all three voltage settings until you find the setting that you like the best. 
  • Only charge your vape until it is fully charged. As we’ve noted several times, overcharging can kill your battery. Avoid charging your vape overnight, and make sure to keep an eye on it frequently while it’s charging. Only keep your vape on the charger until the lights indicate that it is fully charged. 

To Sum It Up 

Vape pen batteries are convenient devices that allow you to consume cannabis with very little leg work. Simply charge the battery, connect the cartridge, and vape to your heart’s content. Vessel makes it extremely easy to find a long-lasting vape pen battery that’s customizable to your desired vaping experience. 

However, caring for your vape pen battery is an essential step to getting the most for your money. Keeping your battery clean and storing it properly will help make it last longer—between charges and overall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What vape should a beginner start with? 

When purchasing your first vape, research reliable brands to ensure you’re getting a high-quality battery that’s built to last. Start with something likeVessel’s Corebattery, which is both simple to use and equipped with multiple features that help you customize your experience to your liking. 

How does vaping make you feel for the first time?

If you’ve never vaped cannabis before, the experience can be delightfully intense. Compared with smoking dry herb, cannabis oil and wax have high THC concentrations. You may experience strong psychoactive effects, like euphoria, giggles, or inspired creativity. You may also experience therapeutic benefits, like deep body relaxation and relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. Though these effects are common with all cannabis consumption, they may be stronger after vaping, as cannabis oil and concentrate generally have high levels of THC and other cannabinoids. 

Is there a vape starter kit?

Trusted brands like Vessel make it easy to start vaping through their vape starter kit options. The Vessel“Build Your Kit” option lets you choose whatever vape fits your fancy. The kit also includes a compatible magnetic USB charger and a carrying case to prevent damage and help your vape last as long as possible.

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