Stone Pipes: Everything You Need to Know

Stone Pipes: Everything You Need to Know

The most traditional of the pipe family: the stone pipe has been around for thousands of years. This pipe is as beautiful as it is functional: learn all about the stone pipe below. 

What are stone pipes?

As mentioned, stone pipes have a long history. Having existed for thousands of years, archaeologists have found Native American pipes dating back to as early as4000 B.C.E. When you’re smoking a stone pipe, you’re participating in a thousands-year old tradition!

Stone pipes are commonly made out of natural stones such as onyx, soapstone, and pipestone. Because stone pipes can (technically) be made out of any soft stone, however, anyone can carve them into any shape. That’s why stone pipes are known for their beauty: not only is the material smooth and pleasing, but it can be carved into whatever the artist pleases. 


A stone pipe is a worthy piece for any smoker’s collections. These pipes have a number of benefits. 

  • Durable: Perhaps the biggest benefit: stone is super durable. This type of pipe is far less likely to break than glass. 
  • Portable: Because these pipes are durable, they can be thrown into a bag for on-the-go smoke sessions. Also, because stone pipes are often hand-carved, they are typically a portable size. 
  • Preserves Flavor: Stone is tough: it’s far less likely to absorb flavor from smoke. This feature 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Stone pipes are carved out of natural stone, oftentimes having a unique color and smooth texture. They can also be carved into a variety of shapes and sizes. That’s what makes stone pipes great collector’s items. 

  • How to use a stone pipe for smoking

    Stone pipes are great for any smoker’s collection: they’re beautiful, portable, and easy to use. Read the following steps to learn how to best use a stone pipe. 

  • Grind. Grind up the material you’ll be smoking. Herb that is finely ground makes for a more even burn. 
  • Pack the bowl. Fill the pipe’s bowl with the herb you’re using. The key here is to pack rather than press: there needs to be room for the air to flow. Otherwise, when the pipe is used, you’ll have difficulty getting smoke through. 
  • Light and Inhale. While inhaling through the mouthpiece, bring the flame to your herb. This will create a cherry, keeping the material lit for a handful of hits. 
  • Smoke to your content. Continue smoking for as long as the herb stays lit. Relight the herb until the bowl is ashed.
  • Empty and clean. Empty your bowl of ash and wipe it clean of any debris. This step will save you time between deep cleans. It will also help your pipe to last longer.

  • Not only durable and beautiful, stone pipes are also incredibly easy to use. They’re also incredibly easy to clean. 

    How do you clean a stone pipe bowl?

    Cleaning a stone pipe is simple and straightforward. Follow these easy steps to clean your stone pipe. 

  • Clear your bowl. Use a cotton swab to wipe your bowl clean of any debris. For extra cleanliness, use a pipe cleaner to clear the stem of the pipe. 
  • Place pipe in a plastic bag. Preferably, use a baggie that zips locked. 
  • Add coarse salt. Be generous: add plenty of salt to the bag. The texture of the salt aids in the cleaning process. 
  • Add isopropyl alcohol. Add enough alcohol to submerge your pipe. 
  • Add hot water. Add about 2 ounces of hot water to the mixture.
  • Shake. Mix it up! Vigorously shake your mixture. Make sure it goes through the pipe enough times to loosen debris. 
  • Let soak. Let your pipe soak for 1-3 hours or overnight. This step allows the salt and iso mixture to penetrate the built-up resin and debris. 
  • Rinse. Rinse your pipe with warm water. Wipe any remaining resin and debris with a clean cloth or cotton swab. 
  • Dry. Let your pipe dry completely before smoking. Run a pipe cleaner through the stem to make sure no moisture sticks around.

  • Another option for cleaning your stone pipe is simmering it in boiling water for 30-40 minutes. Because of this pipe’s durable material, it can be cleaned by boiling, unlike glass pipes, which are prone to shattering in boiling water. 

    Stone pipes vs. glass

    Admittedly, smoking from a stone pipe versus a glass pipe produces a fairly similar experience. Both maintain the flavor of the herb in the pipe, and both come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

    Nevertheless, stone does have some advantages over glass. Most prominently, stone is much more durable than glass: it’s far less likely to break if dropped or thrown into a bag. Additionally, stone makes for a smoother smoking experience. 

    Stone pipes also carry a different aesthetic than glass pipes. Made out of natural stone, they fulfill a different vibe in any smoker’s collection. 

    How to find the best stone pipe

    There’s a lot to consider when deciding to add a stone piece to your collection. 

  • Bowl Size: As with any pipe, bowl size is an important factor to consider when making a purchase. Some stone pipes have larger bowls and chambers, compensating for a lack of carb hole. Many stone pipes have a removable metal/titanium bowl.
  • Pipe Size: The size of your pipe beyond just its bowl is just as important. Because stone pipes are super durable, they are perfect for on-the-go smoke sessions. Consider when and why you’ll use your pipe, and whether you’ll be taking it with you. Size matters. 
  • Material: This one is mostly about aesthetics: pick a stone that you would like to see sitting on your desk or shelf. 
  • Price: Because these pipes are made of natural stone, they can range on the pricier end. However, these babies are durable: by adding one to your collection, you’re making an investment. 

  • Size and material certainly affect the price of these pipes. Consider these factors when purchasing a stone piece. 


    Stone pipes are durable, portable, and make for a smooth smoking experience. Given that we’ve had centuries to perfect the stone pipe, they can be carved into any shape or size. Head to a smoke shop and check one out today! 

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