Steamroller Pipes: Everything You Need to Know

Steamroller Pipes: Everything You Need to Know

The beast of the dry herb world: steamroller pipes pack a mean punch. Easy-to-use and great for solo or group sessions, steamroller pipes are essential in any smoker’s toolkit. 

What are steamroller pipes?

Steamroller pipes are similar to a standard pipe. However, because of their shape, they have the ability to produce intense hits: these guys rip like a bong without the water. This power is due to the large carburetor hole at the end of the pipe, a feature that allows for quick shotguns of heavy smoke. 

This carb hole sets steamrollers apart from the rest of the pipe world. This feature makes them notoriously intense: they’re known for their harsh, not-always-pleasant hits. However, where these hits lack in smoothness, they make up for with power. Steamroller pipes deliver an almost immediate--and strong--high. 

Though these pipes are typically long and cylindrical, steamrollers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. 

  • Glass steamroller:This type of steamroller pipe is the most commonly seen. Made of thick, blown glass, these pipes are beautiful, hefty, and easy to clean. 

  • Wood steamroller: A do-it-yourself dream piece: wooden steamrollers can be made with any piece of wood that’s long and slender enough. They’re also totally customizable: there’s tons of handcrafted wooden steamrollers out there: the search is on for the coolest one to add to the collection!

  • Silicone steamroller: Practically indestructible, silicone steamrollers are perfect for on-the-go. They’re also super easy to clean: just pop it in the freezer and most of the resin and debris will peel right out. 

  • Spiral steamroller: Instead of a straight neck, this type of steamroller pipe spirals from the bowl to the mouthpiece. This feature is not only super sick to see: it also cools down the smoke. 

  • Helix steamroller: Same concept, different shape! The helix steamroller is a glass pipe with a unique, tornado-shaped mouthpiece. As the smoke swirls, it cools down significantly, allowing for hits that are just as powerful but way less harsh. 

  • Steamroller pipes are versatile pieces used mostly for dry herb, though there are models that come equipped with a glass nail for concentrate. These types of steamroller pipes make dabbing a more portable smoking experience. 

    What is the purpose of a steamroller pipe?

    As mentioned, steamrollers hit heavy. This feature makes them perfect for quick smoke sessions. Since their potency is comparable to that of a bong, you get the same effects in far less time and much fewer packs. 

    Steamroller pipes are also versatile: they’re great for both solo and group smoke sessions. Because they deliver such potent, powerful hits, they’re perfect for sharing a bowl and a conversation. Additionally, steamroller pipes can hold smoke in their chambers until you’re ready to inhale. This feature has two benefits. First, the smoke can last for multiple hits, great for passing easily and quickly. The steamroller’s longevity makes it great for smoking alone as well

    How to use a steamroller pipe?

    Though steamrollers might look intimidating, they’re super easy to use. Follow these steps to get the most from your steamroller pipe. 

  • Grind your herb. Grinding your flower finely before packing helps to ensure an even burn. 

  • Pack the bowl. Place your herb in the bowl of your pipe. Make sure you pack the bowl tight enough to ensure that you get a long-lasting session without pressing too hard. Packing a bowl too tight can restrict airflow

  • Cover the carb. Place your finger over the carburetor hole at the end of the pipe. This hole allows you to control the air flow through the pipe. That way, you can customize the size and potency of your hit. 

  • Light and Inhale. Light your herb while inhaling through the mouthpiece. Uncover the carb for quicker flowing smoke. 

  • Enjoy. Steamrollers pack a punch and are good for a powerful, instantaneous high. However, they’re also able to hold smoke in their chamber until you’re ready to inhale and exhale as you please.

  • What is the difference between a steamroller and a pipe?

    The main difference between a steamroller and a standard pipe centers around the steamroller’s intensity. Because of the placement and size of the carb hole, steamrollers are notorious for huge, harsh hits. That means a significantly more intense and practically instant high that other types of pipes simply cannot produce. 

    Also, because of the harshness of their hits, steamrollers are recommended for more advanced smokers rather than beginners. Pipes, on the other hand, are the perfect starter tool for those entering the smoking community. 

    How to choose the best steamroller pipe

    A steamroller pipe is a worthy addition to any smoker’s collection. Before making the investment for a steamroller of your own, consider the following factors. 

  • Size: This one is vital: make sure you’re comfortable with the size of both the bowl and the carb hole before purchasing your steamroller. A bigger carb hole means harsher, more intense hits. For beginners, connoisseurs recommend starting relatively small and working up to bigger carb holes.

  • Material/Shape: Can you handle the hot, harsh hits of a classic steamroller? Consider whether you’d like your pipe to be straight-necked or spiraled. Additionally, consider which material you’d rather clean. For example, wood absorbs the flavor and scent of whatever herb is burned within it and is less durable than glass or silicone. Consider aesthetic versus maintenance when purchasing your pipe. 

  • Price: All of these factors influence the price of your next pipe. Steamroller pipes can range anywhere from $20 to $300+. Before making such a purchase, consider how often you’ll be using your steamroller. Consider if you’ll be using it mostly for yourself, or if you’ll want a bigger bowl for group settings. Weigh your options and consider how much you’d like to invest in your piece. 

  • Conclusion

    Steamroller pipes are versatile, powerful pieces. Their unique shape--featuring a large carb hole--allows for intense hits and a customizable smoking experience. These pieces are worthy investments for any smoking enthusiast. 

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