Spoon Pipes: Everything You Need to Know

Spoon Pipes: Everything You Need to Know

Fast, convenient, and portable: spoon pipes are iconic for a reason. Read on to learn all about this type of pipe and how to use it. 

What is a spoon pipe?

Spoon pipes are potentially the most recognizably shaped pipe in the cannabis-smoking world. 

Basically, a spoon pipe is the quintessential “bowl.”(That’s not to say those terms are interchangeable. More on that later, though). 

These are handheld pipes shaped—you guessed it—like a spoon. In other words, they have a neck with a round bowl, as well as a mouthpiece and a carburetor, or a carb hole. A carb hole is a small hole found on the side of the bowl. With this hole, users can control air flow in the pipe: when the hole is covered, smoke is drawn into the pipe and is collected in the bowl. Uncovering the hole while inhaling allows for rapid, fresh hits. 

Types of spoon pipes

Though they all have the same basic shape, spoon pipes come in a variety of materials. 

  • Glass Spoon Pipe: Glass is the most common material that spoon pipes are made out of. Glass is beneficial because it doesn’t distort the flavor of the herb you’re smoking. Additionally, it doesn’t absorb any of the flavor, preserving this flavor further. And, though it does show debris and smoke stains fairly easily, glass is easy to clean. However, it’s also easy to break: glass is the least durable of materials. 
  • Silicone Spoon Pipe: Spoon pipes are also available in a silicone material. Lightweight and fairly indestructible, these are the perfect portable pipe. However, sometimes these pipes aren’t the most resistant to heat: watch the flame or risk burning/melting your bowl. 
  • Metal Spoon Pipe: Metal pipes are perhaps the most durable and easiest to clean. However, this material sometimes delivers a metallic flavor when smoked out of. Additionally, when smoking out of any metal, you have to handle hot metal and might run the risk of burning yourself. 

Spoon pipe vs. bowl

Though the terms “spoon pipe” and “bowl” are sometimes used interchangeably, these two are different. 

Bowl refers to the part of the pipe where the herb is packed. However, many smokers use the term “bowl” to refer to their handheld pipe, no matter the shape. 

A spoon pipe is technically a specific type of bowl. Because of its signature shape, it has its own unique place in the bowl family. 

How to use a spoon pipe?

Though it may seem complex at first, spoon pipes are straightforward are easy to use. 

  • Grind your herb: Use a grinder to chop your herb into smaller pieces. This step allows a more even burn. 
  • Pack your bowl: Fill the bowl with the ground herb of your choice. 
  • Cover the carb hole: Place your finger on the carb hole. Make sure you can easily remove this finger later. Most bowls can be held in the palm of your hand, with your thumb covering the carb hole. Curl your fingers around the other side of the bowl for balance and support while lighting. 
  • Inhale through the mouthpiece while lighting the herb: These two things must be done together. Hold a flame to the herb to light your herb. Simultaneously inhale through the mouthpiece. 
  • Release the carb: As you inhale, smoke will collect in the bowl. By lifting your finger off the carb hole, you release this smoke through the mouthpiece. Use the carb hole to control air flow. 

  • Keep smoking until the bowl is only ash. Empty, repack, and smoke again. 

    Where to buy a spoon pipe?

    Spoon pipes are potentially the easiest pipe to find. From flea markets to Etsy, these little pieces are everywhere. 

    First and foremost, Spoon pipes can be bought at any smoke or head shop. These places have a wide variety of handheld pipes in all materials. They’re the best option for comparing size and feel of the pipe before purchasing. 

    However, many novelty shops and artists also make and sell unique spoon pipes. Pipes of any shape, size, color, and design can be found online, whether directly through an artist or an online smoke shop. 

    What to consider when buying a spoon pipe?

    Because of the wide range of spoon pipes out there, narrowing down to your perfect pipe can be difficult. Consider the following when buying a new pipe. 

    • Size:When it comes to size, you have options. Consider how you’ll be using your pipe. Whether it’s for quick, on-the-go solo sessions or passing in a group setting, this factor should impact your decision when buying a bowl. 
    • Material: As described earlier, spoon pipes come in a variety of materials. The material impacts both flavor and maintenance: depending on whether you pick metal, glass, or silicone, your smoking experience will be accordingly affected. 
    • Price: As you can imagine, size and material directly affects price. However, the average spoon pipe can cost anywhere from $10-$50. 

    What are spoon pipes for?

    A favorite for a reason: convenient and portable, spoon pipes are an essential in every smoker’s kit. 

    • Handfeel: If this isn’t a word, it should be, just to describe how well a spoon pipe fits in a smoker’s hand. These were designed to be cradled, and are perhaps the most comfortable handheld pipe
    • Portable: Though their sizes range, spoon pipes are petite and convenient for on-the-go. Their small size makes them perfect for passing and for quick packing. 
    • Customizable: As mentioned, these guys are everywhere. Think of your perfect spoon pipe, and you can probably find it somewhere on the world wide web.

    Do you need a screen for a spoon pipe?

    Need is a strong word, but it sure makes the smoking experience smoother. Screens are often placed at the bottom of a pipe’s bowl to prevent scoobs, ash, or other debris from ending up in your mouth when smoking. Though they’re not necessary for spoon pipes to operate, they make for a heightened, cleaner smoke experience. 


    Spoon pipes are the classic stoner’s pipe. Perfect for a back porch sesh with friends or a solo smoke, these portable and beautiful pipes will remain a staple in the smoker’s toolkit. 

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