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How to Clean a Vape Pen - and Why it's Important

Safety has largely become cannabis customers’ number one focus when purchasing vape pens and accessories — rightfully so. Unfortunately, buying the perfect, high-quality pen isn’t the end of the safety conversation surrounding vaping. 

Many fail to maintain the quality of their vape devices after purchase and evidence of such can easily be found in the poor functionality and compromised safety of the vaporizer. This can be remedied though, following the proper cleaning routine and an overall refresh. But what if you don’t know how to clean a vape pen? Luckily, vape pen upkeep doesn’t have to be complicated, whether you’re a vaping newbie, veteran, or somewhere in between. 

Benefits of cleaning your vape pen

It’s no surprise there are innumerable reasons to commit to regular vape pen upkeep and cleaning practices. The last thing a buyer wants is to watch their sleek, luxury piece start to give out on them. Instead, simply maintaining the piece can keep it in running order and ready for quality vaping. The benefits are endless:

  • It halts the deterioration of your vaporizer / accessories. 
    • Learning the proper cleaning routine for one’s piece can stop it from breaking down after consistent use. Cleaning pieces regularly can solve issues like oil residue buildup on power connection points. 
  • It prevents consumers from wasting money on replacements. 
    • Neglecting to clean oil residue off of power connections and the 510 thread battery could cause your vape pen to break. Cleaning practices are considerably cheaper than repurchasing high-quality vaporizers and their accessories. 
  • It prevents residue build-up and protects users’ health.
    • While vaporizing was initially popularized because of its safer-than-smoke form, grimey build-up of any marijuana product can lead to health and safety concerns. Because vapors are being directly inhaled, it’s of the utmost importance users are cleaning vape pens and batteries often.
  • It takes very little time and effort for big benefits.
    • The average cleaning routine for a vape pen is very simple and doesn’t take much time. If the short practice is started, it can help prevent bigger frustrations and even health irritations. 


How to clean a vape pen step-by-step


  1. Break down your piece into its smaller parts.
    1. No matter the piece — this first step will always be the same. Make sure the pen is powered off. Then, carefully unscrew or separate all of the device’s parts, ensuring all of the residue and contents of the chamber are emptied. 
  2. Brush or dust the dirty particles off all of the device parts.
    1. With all of the vaporizer’s components separated, any pesky dirty spots should appear obvious. Dip a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and carefully clean any residue off the power connection points. Make sure to clean the plate and inner walls of the chamber. Be careful not to soak the Q-Tip because it can leak through to other parts of the vape pen and cause a power short. 
  3. Thoroughly clean the device’s mouthpiece.
    1. As the first point of contact between the vaporizer and its user, owners should pay special attention to their device’s mouthpiece. Wipe the mouthpiece with a little rubbing alcohol to keep it sanitary (especially if you’re sharing with friends.)
  4. Clean the magnetic adapters
  1. Clean the adapters by first removing the cartridge. Use a new Q-Tip dipped in alcohol, this time cleaning around the threads and bottom of the adapter until all oil debris is gone. Remember to let the adapters dry before putting back the cartridge. 
  1. Assemble the device back together.
    1. Let the vape pen dry. Then, take the time to carefully reassemble the vaporizer. Essentially, perform the first step backwards with refreshed parts.
  2. Test out the freshly cleaned vaporizer for quality assurance. 
    1. Once assembled, restart / turn the device back on for use. Enjoy a fresh, safe vaping experience. 


The do’s of vape pen cleaning

  • Do follow the device’s manual and be aware of its warranty and what that means for any device defects or malfunctions noticed during the use or cleaning process. 
  • Do use a cotton swab or Q-Tip, usually soaked in isopropyl alcohol, to gently clean delicate parts.
  • Do inspect the head of the vaporizer’s battery to remove any dust, grime or thin films of leaked concentrates that touch it.
  • Do keep vaporizers in a carrying case like Vessel’s Rover case as a preventative measure in cleanliness, especially if packed along during travel or set out for long periods of time. 

The don’ts of cleaning a vape pen

  • Don’t use an excess of liquid to clean vape parts, as it could seep into the circuitry of the pen and cause damage.
  • Don’t use nylon or plastic-based brushes to clean out parts as they may melt if the surface is still warm.
  • Don’t apply pressure or force any vape pen parts to “cooperate” with one another; if parts are not fitting correctly refer to the manual, forcing things will easily cause breakage.  


To sum it up

Like most things, completing some simple upkeep to one’s vaping device and accessories is not only incredibly simple and easy, but makes all the difference in experience. Following the steps above, cannabis consumers can — without issue — save themselves from vape pen breakage, and unhealthy / unsafe vaping. Creating healthy cleaning habits can save users far more than money. 

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