Best Temperature To Vape Weed For Relaxation

As one of the easiest and most accessible forms of cannabis consumption, vaping can make for an efficient, effective addition to your wind-down routine. Using cannabis for relaxation is a classic combination that has only been refined and enhanced over time. The advancements of vaping in particular are able to provide a much more personalized and specified experience through temperature control. It’s through this temperature control we’re able to draw on and express different terpenes, cannabinoids and general effects. Knowledge is power in this sense; it allows you to truly get what you want from your vaping experience.

Why vape temperature matters

Vaping weed for relaxation has its own obvious advantages over that of traditional smoking — discreteness, portability, ease of use, etc. However, an often untapped advantage is that of temperature control. Smoking traditionally can create temperatures that nearly overwhelm and smother many of the subtleties cannabis has to offer. With vaping, flavors, aromas and a huge range of other underlying aspects can be enjoyed through more controlled temperatures / tailored experiences.

So, what’s the best vape temperature then? The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all. Most obviously, it goes without saying that different temperature ranges can highlight different aspects of each strain vaped, resulting in a different experience. These experiences, and whether or not they’re ideal, are decided upon totally based on user preference. The same can also be applied to strain choice, as each and every one will possess a unique terpene and cannabinoid profile that can be highlighted in different ways / by different temperatures. Beyond this, someone’s ideal temperature range for vaping may even differ from device to device as they’re not all created equal.

This is why understanding vape temperatures matters so much, especially when trying to utilize cannabis for relaxation. There’s power in knowing what temperature(s) bring out your favorite subtleties thanks to cannabis’s differing organic compounds, and there’s power in knowing how to control and alter these factors to fit your needs and desires.

What to consider when vaping cannabis for relaxation

As briefly touched on above, there are a few different factors to consider when vaping marijuana for relaxation. From the initial vape pen purchase, you should look for one that has customizable temperature options. This will allow for different heat settings to be reached and therefore more options to find what works best for you. Strain choice will also play arguably the largest factor in what kind of experience / effects will be gleaned from your vaping, so it’s of the utmost importance to choose a strain you enjoy with all your favorite terpenes and cannabinoids present. For there, it’s all about finding that sweet spot that is unique to each user.

Keep in mind:

Vape pen model / type
Strain type
Terpene / cannabinoid profile
Vape temperature
Personal preference
Strain type

When trying to determine the best vape temperature, much of this depends on the strain that’s been selected. With special considerations to vaping cannabis for relaxation specifically, certain strains may be better than others at providing these desired serene, calm effects. For example, if you’re trying to find a strain that soothes the mind and body, something in the “Cookies” family — rich in calming terpenes and cannabinoids such as Caryophyllene — may be better than something more energizing like that of Durban Poison. With entirely different organic profiles, it’s no surprise vastly different strains would require, or at least benefit from, different temperatures more individually suited for their build.


Each strain’s unique combination of compounds, including that of terpenes, plays a major role in its aroma, taste, and effects. With more than 100 different identified terpenes in the cannabis plant, it’s this composition that’s important to pay close attention to, especially because these compounds are all expressed at different temperature levels. Keeping this in mind, there are some terpenes that are more ideal for relaxation. For example, the terpene Linalool is thought to be helpful in reducing anxiety and lower depression-like behaviors / stress responses. It may also enhance the effects of other sedatives. To ensure this Linalool is truly being expressed, the vaping temperature would have to be around 350-400°F or 177-204°C for best results. Comprehensive charts of different terpenes’ best vape temperatures can be found across the internet, along with user testimony to help guide your strain, terpene and temperature selections.
Well-known relaxing terpenes:

How to change the temperature of your vape pen:

Changing the temperature of your vape pen shouldn’t be a strenuous task. Using vape pens of quality, like that of Vessel, make it easy to adjust and find the best vape temperature for whatever strain you’ve chosen. For example, based on voltage rather than temperature, Vessel pens feature three different power settings. To switch between settings you simply click the main button three times in rapid succession. The small lights on the pen will blink and indicate the new power setting chosen by changing color. In most pens this is the basic procedure — quickly click the main button, confirm it’s changed via the color / light display, and continue to experiment with what temperature is ideal.

Can vaping cannabis help you relax?

Vaping marijuana for relaxation can be extremely helpful to those looking to reduce stress levels and anxious feelings. One of cannabis’s more popular and plentiful cannabinoids, CBD, has been shown to improve sleep patterns and anxiety. Even certain terpenes, like that of Limonene for example, are thought to possess their own relaxing benefits like anti-stress effects. Unwinding physically can also become more attainable through vaping cannabis, as a range of cannabinoids are considered to aid in the management of difficult aches and pains. Those plagued with chronic headaches or migraines may also seek this same soothing relief from cannabis, as it’s helpful in both a cerebral context as well as full body.

Best cannabis strains to vape for relaxation

Northern Lights
OG Shark
Pink Kush
Lemon (Sour) Diesel
Skywalker OG Kush
Hindu Kush
Forbidden Fruit
Blueberry (DJ Short Blueberry)

To sum it up

With power and temperature controls on their side, vape pens are able to create a very customizable way of consuming cannabis. Through harnessing this control and understanding your preferred strains / terpene and cannabinoid profiles, you’re able to get more exactly the effects you’re looking for. Using weed for relaxation in this way gives all the power to the user for all the more desired potential benefits.


What are the vape settings for CBD?

Most vape temperature settings revolve around the boiling point of THC and other cannabinoids. Fortunately, CBD’s boiling point of 180°C is fairly close to THC’s — 157°C — as well as many other potentially beneficial organic compounds found in cannabis. If you’re wanting to get the most out of your vaping experience, making special considerations to CBD, your vape settings should be as close to this boiling point temperature as possible. However, it’s important to remember different cannabinoids and terpenes are fully expressed at a variety of different temperatures. That’s to say, if the entourage effect is desired, playing around with what temperature is ideal for your overall strain rather than specifically CBD may be best.

Is there a terpene temperature chart?

Definitely. A variety of terpene temperature charts exist and can provide a lot of great information regarding their individual boiling points / ideal vaping temperatures. To figure out if you’re getting the most expressive results from the terpenes in your strain of choice, learn which are present and what their boiling points are. From there, when you vape weed, you can customize which terpenes will be on full display and which will be avoided via your pen's heat or power settings.

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