Using a Glass Blunt: Everything You Need to Know

Using a Glass Blunt: Everything You Need to Know

Glass blunts seem like a dream for many smokers: imagine being able to smoke a blunt without having to roll up. Enter the slim glass blunt. Able to hold a large amount of flower without the hassle of rolling, these little pipes are portable, pack an impactful amount of weed, and are a healthier alternative to consuming cannabis than traditional blunts. Read ahead to learn what a glass blunt is, how to use it, and why you might start incorporating it into your smoke sessions. 

What is a glass blunt?

It’s in the name: a glass blunt is a slender glass tube that holds as much flower as a blunt does. 

Generally there are two types of glass blunts: traditional and twisty. 

A traditional glass blunt is made of a larger cylindrical glass tube that is open on both ends, a glass tube with a mouth piece that slides into the first tube, and a rubber connector piece. 

A twisty glass blunt is also made of three components: a cylindrical tube that is open on both sides, a metal corkscrew attached to a mouthpiece, and a rubber topper for the glass tube. 

Pros and Cons of a Glass Blunt

Like with any new technology, there are pros and cons to smoking with a glass blunt.  


  • Tobacco free -Without the tobacco-leaf wrap, this changes the blunt game. A glass blunt eliminates tobacco from the equation, making it a healthier alternative to the traditional blunt. 
  • Saves time (and effort) -With a quick packing method, glass blunts take away the time it takes to roll up. 
  • Can be packed heavy -Glass blunts are certainly efficient: most hold more than a gram of ground herb (some take almost an eighth of an ounce!). Rolling a fat blunt can be difficult: it’s much easier to simply pack the glass blunt heavy handed. This feature makes them long lasting and heavier-hitting.  
  • Pure cannabis taste -Though everyone has their favorite wrap flavor, eliminating the tobacco leaf wrap makes space for the taste of the strain to take center stage. 
  • Easy to transport -Glass blunts are slender and discrete. They’re portable and easy to stow away somewhere secretive. 
  • Cost effective -Though two for 99 cents is a steal, those things add up. Investing in a glass blunt will save on trips to the corner store for wraps. 
  • Long lasting cherry -Because the glass tube is a little more protected from the elements, your cherry will last a little bit longer that a typical blunt or joint.


  • Difficult to clean- And yet, so easy to dirty! Because this is still a glass piece, it requires cleaning. And because it’s slender, you might have to clean it more thoroughly and carefully than your average bowl. 
  • Prone to breaking- Though they might turn out to be more cost effective than wraps in the long run, these slender glass tubes are fragile. Use with caution or face regrets. 
  • No tobacco high -This one’s for the traditionalists: because a blunt is traditionally rolled using a tobacco-leaf (or tobacco-leaf-based paper), this creates a double-whammy combined high between the cannabis and the nicotine. Without it, there’s technically less of an impactful high. 

How to pack a glass blunt

Though there are two types of glass blunts, they can be packed and smoked similarly. 

  1. Remove the inner piece.Whether it’s the inner tube or the twisty screw, clear the glass tube. 
  2. Pack glass tube.Pack the glass tube with the ground herb of your choice. Leave space for smoke to travel through. If using a twisty glass blunt, here’s where the rubber tip comes into play: place it on one end of the tube to ensure a tight pack. 
  3. Twist corkscrew.If using a traditional glass blunt, your work here is done. If using a twisty, twist the cork screw counter clockwise into the tube until the flower is drawn through the chamber and the mouthpiece reaches the glass tube. (For maximum happiness, do this over your rolling tray. That way, no flower is lost to the carpet). 

How to smoke a glass blunt

  1. Light the open end.Remove the rubber tip. Light it while inhaling to create that cherry. 
  2. Push the herb forward with the smaller tube.In a traditional slider glass blunt, slowly use the skinner tube to push the herb forward, ashing the blunt. Twisty glass blunts generally also have an ashing mechanism that accompanies the corkscrew. 

How to clean a glass blunt

  1. Disassemble your glass blunt. 
  2. Submerge glass blunt in isopropyl alcohol.Place all components in a ziploc bag with coarse salt. 
  3. Soak all parts for at least 20 minutes. Gently shake the bag around to loosen any tough resin.
  4. Rinse with warm water.
  5. Remove excess resin.This is where things might get tricky. Though the slender tube/twisting device can be wiped clean, use a pipe cleaner or a q tip to get inside the main packing tube. This will help to remove loose resin that stuck around after the rinse. 
  6. Dry and re-pack. 

To sum it up

Though they might not be able to replace the soothing ritual of rolling a blunt, glass blunts are a smooth, easy-to-use healthier alternative to tobacco-leaf wraps. Pack it fat, light it up, and enjoy.




Is a glass blunt good? 


Glass blunts are a tobacco-free, easy-to-use alternative to blunts.


Are twisty glass blunts good?


 Twisty glass blunts combine corkscrew technology and a fat pack for a bigger and smoother hit. 


Are glass blunts smooth? 


Yes! Twisty glass blunts use a method that cools the smoke before it hits your throat (though it will be rougher than vaping, as smoke is still hitting your throat). 


What is an electric glass blunt? 


Electric glass blunts don’t exist! Glass blunts generally have three components: a packable slender glass tube, an inner mechanism such as a smaller tube or corkscrew, and a rubber tip to hold it together. 



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