Dugout One Hitter - What is It?

Dugout One Hitter - What is It?

Despite sounding like a baseball term, adugout one hitter is a multifaceted cannabis smoking device that’s super handy when you’re short on time and space.What’s a dugout one hitter used for? Well, it’s essentially a grinder, storage chamber, and a pipe for smoking cannabis all in one.

Compared to a traditional bowl, dugouts are an upgraded way to enjoy dry herb. Here’s what to know about the ins and outs of these smoking accessories.

What's a one hitter dugout?

So, how exactly does a one hitter dugout work? The exact mechanism varies depending on the brand, but the components generally work the same. 

With a one hitter pipe, you load, grind, and smoke cannabis thanks to a spring load inside one of two compartments. Chillums in dugout sets also have a serrated, teeth-like end, which acts as the grinder.

The whole system fits in the palm of your hand. Convenience sets them apart from other pipes/bongs. A dugout pipe can be acrylic, wood, or silicone. You can also buy them as a glass pipe or metal pipe.

How a one hitter dugout works

This step-by-step walk-through explains how a basic one hitter dugout works:

  1. Twist or push the dugout lid to the side to open. 
  2. Pop the chillum (with serrated edges) out of its chamber.
  3. Place a small pinch of herb inside the other chamber.
  4. Take the chillum and twist the angular end into the herb, grinding and loading the herbs.
  5. Pull out the chillum, grab a lighter, and puff.

Now to the next question: why use a one hitter dugout? Many cannabis consumers find that they assist with organization. The dual ability of the chillum as a pipe and grinder (thanks to the serrated end), practically eliminates the need for two separate items. 

People who enjoy putting together fancydry herb smoking kits may not mind, but storing multiple cannabis-related items brings a whole set of challenges. If you live with kids or roommates, you have to remember to put everything up. Then there’s the problem of having to pack the grinder, herb, and pipe in a smell-proof, discreet way every time you want to leave the house. 

The pieces in a dugout set fit and stay together wherever you go. The only extra thing you have to remember is a lighter, but with the dugout, both items are small enough to carry in your pocket. 

Do you need a dugout for a one hitter pipe?

With a one hitter, you don’t necessarily need the dugout to consume cannabis. You can easily grind herbs and pack a chillum yourself. The dugout system is an accessory item that adds to the consumer’s experience. 

If you’re the type of person who likes to try new gadgetry, getting a dugout for yourone hitter pipe may be a fun add-on to enhance your high.

Can one hitters get you high?

These little pipes are practical for microdosing cannabis, which describes the act of consuming small amounts of cannabis over an extended time. Microdosing helps you figure out your tolerance and keeps you level-headed during the day if you’ve got places to be and people to see. 

One or two hits of THC-dominant cannabis will produce a psychoactive effect. Try CBD-forward strains if the “high” part of cannabis isn’t your thing. 

To maximize your microdosing experience, choosing the best one hitter dugout is essential. The best one hitter dugout should offer convenience and discretion, providing better control over the dosage, whether you’re dosing THC or CBD.

Are one hitter dugouts smell proof?

Most one hitter dugouts have a sealable lid, but containing smells and being totally odor proof isn’t always a guarantee. An effective way to deter cannabis odor is to tap out the chillum and burnt buds completely before placing the pipe back in its place. 

Another way to smell-proof your stash is to carry it in a separate container (such asVessel’s aluminum Basin). This keeps the odor from getting on fabrics and other items. 

Where to buy one hitter dugouts and smoking pipes

Most dispensaries and head shops have them in stock. Or you could take the easy route and order online. When purchasing cannabis accessories through online retailers, go for products designed in America and those with a warranty. 

TheEclipse Kit (here at Vessel) is a dugout-inspired set of ergonomic cannabis tools. It’s sold in a sophisticated travel case so you’re less likely to draw attention as you pack and light up. And with this organization system, it’s impossible to forget the lighter since the kit comes with a chillum, case, Basin jar, and inverted lighter. 

Frequently asked questions

Is a one hitter dugout legal?

It is legal to purchase a one hitter dugout from an online store or brick and mortar store if you are the appropriate age. Most states will require you to be 18, but that may vary depending on where you live. 

Is it legal to carry a one hitter dugout?

If it is legal for you to buy a one hitter dugout, then it should be legal for you to carry it. However, it is probably illegal to carry if it has cannabis in it, depending on your age and where you live. 

Why is a one hitter dugout a good idea?

It can be a great idea if you want to smoke out of something discrete and portable. It is also a great way to make sure you don’t smoke too much by mistake.

To sum it up

A one hitter dugout makes packing up and storing cannabis easier. These popular accessory items come in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes, catering to different preferences. When looking forthe best one hitter dugout, find one that fits your daily routine to enhance your overall cannabis experience.

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