Tips and Tricks for Rolling Best Joint Filters

Tips and Tricks for Rolling Best Joint Filters

While there are several cool weed gadgets available on the market, joints remain one of the most iconic and affordable ways to consume and enjoy cannabis. Not only that, joints are semi-discreet, portable, customizable, and offer the complete cannabis experience. 

That said, while you can roll a joint without a filter, there are numerous benefits to using a filter, including providing better airflow and helping keep your joint together.

There are several different types of joint filters, some of which are pre-rolled and can be bought, while others you can roll from home. Suppose you're new to rolling joint filters or want to horn your skills on the same, read on to discover the tips and tricks for rolling the best joint filters. 

But First: Why Use Joint Filters? 

As mentioned earlier, there are several benefits to using a joint filter tip. They include: 

  • It can give your joint more stability: A joint filter tip helps keep your joint together so that even when you're trying to finish it off, it doesn't crumble. 
  • It's useful when having smoking sessions with friends: It prevents your joint from getting nasty at the bottom, more so, if your smoking buddies enjoy leaving slobber all over a joint. 
  • It helps keep a consistent airflow: With the help of a joint filter and the holes at both ends of your joint, you'll get excellent airflow every time. 
  • It allows you to smoke your joint without being wasteful: When you smoke a joint without a filter, you may end up wasting the last little bit to avoid burning your fingers or your lips. Given that you spent your hard-earned money to purchase the product, it's only right that you smoke everything such that nothing goes to waste. With a joint filter, your days of wondering what to do with the roach will be history. 

6 Useful DIY Tips and Tricks for Rolling the Best Joint Filters 

While you can be a master at rolling perfect joints, if your filter tip isn't good, it won't smoke well. Below are some creative hacks to roll beautiful joint filters: 

1. The Normal (''W'') Tip 

The ''W'' joint filter has quickly become a prominent technique used among both joint-savvy connoisseurs as well as beginners who prefer to keep things simple. This type of filter offers one of the most effective ways of preventing your filter from getting clogged. It also helps keep tiny pieces of cannabis from getting into your mouth. 

To roll the ''W'' filter, all you need to do is grab your preferred filter and fold it into an accordion at the end. Next, grab the end of the filter, fold it over, and begin rolling it between your fingers to form a cylinder. Once you finish, there should be a ''W'' in the cycle. 

2. The Star 

The star tip is another excellent type of filter you should know how to roll. For this type of joint filter, you'll need some scissors and a set of steady hands. The first step to rolling the star filter is to create an accordion, just like you would with a normal filter tip. When you reach the halfway point, fold the accordion end under. This will result in it forming a star. If necessary, fold it back into accordion form to create a tighter shape when you fold it back into a star. Switch back to the accordion while leaving one pat unfolded. Cut this part off. Upon doing that, fold it back into a star. Grab another filter and roll it over the star to finish the process. 

Needless to say, creating the star filter tip is more demanding. But, the result is totally badass. 

3. The Heart 

If you are looking to get extra creative with your filter, then the heart filter tip is an excellent option. Of course, rolling this it is a bit challenging, but it is totally worth it.

The first step in creating the heart filter tip is grabbing your preferred filter and folding back a small amount of the end. Next, roll the filter paper around slightly on either side of the fold. Doing so will result in it forming the top of the heart. Upon doing this, fold both ends to form the heart shape. Next, roll the filter around the heart. Finally, roll your joint. 

4. The Cannabis Leaf 

This is arguably the most challenging filter to roll. To roll a cannabis leaf filter, you will need a ca. 3 cm by ca. 10 cm-sized filter. First, you'll need to create an accordion roughly a third of the way. Only, this time, you need to fold the middle over more. Doing this will ensure that when you unroll the filter, it will resemble the top of a cannabis leaf. Upon attaining that shape, use a pair of scissors to cut a small part of the end of the first fold. This will make it smaller in width than the rest of the places. Next, take the opposite end and roll it under instead of over, leaving a small space between it and the accordion end. Once you've done this, unroll it again, only this time, slightly, and begin rolling it more tightly—ensure that the top of the cannabis leaf faces the opposite direction as you roll. Upon creating some space between the leaf and the roll, begin rolling around it until the filter is complete. 

5. The Spiral Tip 

The spiral tip is another relatively challenging filter tip to roll. If you can manage to roll the spiral tip properly, there's a high chance that almost nothing will get through the tip. 

To roll the spiral tip, you first need to lay a piece of your preferred filter down and bring the left side toward the right. Do this as if folding it in half, but without a folding edge. Next, clamp the tip between your thumb and index finger and bring your thumb back to your palm. Repeat this process until a tiny piece remains. Ensure that the spiral holds its shape well. Also, ensure you can easily inhale through the tip. 

6. The Girelle 

The Girelle joint filter tip is another excellent option to explore. The best part of the Girelle filter is that you can roll it in just three minutes. The first step to rolling a Girelle tip is to grab one end of a filter and roll it over just a little bit. Next, begin unrolling and rolling the end between your fingers. Apply more pressure closer to the end, so it begins forming a Girelle-like shape. Continue rolling while pressing down ever so gently to tighten up the circle. Upon getting a decent-looking Girelle, unfold the whole thing and begin rolling it again. Next, unfold it yet again, slightly roll the very end, flip it upside down, slightly roll it forward, and bring it up and fold it backward. At this stage, you should be rolling over instead of under until you reach the opposite end. Upon getting there, you'll have finished the process. 

To Sum It Up 

While some people opt to enjoy their joints without a filter, there are numerous benefits to using a filter, including consistent airflow and better joint stability. Now that you know how to roll different types of joint filters, you can get creative with your filter and enjoy the benefits they offer. Get in touch for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is a Joint Filter ?

A joint filter is a mouthpiece that structures your joint open for flow and prevents pieces of plant from pulling through. 

What are the different types of joint filters? 

There are quite a few things that can be used as a joint filter, including cardboard, fusilli, index card, and more.

Does a Filter affect the taste of your joint?

A filter makes your joint taste better, given that it ensures better airflow and enhances those tasty terpenes. 

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