8 Ways to Vape & Enjoy Cannabis Outside Your House

8 Ways to Vape & Enjoy Cannabis Outside Your House

There's nothing quite like getting stoned on vacation. The carefree feeling that cannabis brings pairs perfectly with the no-responsibilities joy of time spent away from home with nothing to do but enjoy yourself. Whether your goal is to stay in or go on adventures, however, it's important to know where it's OK to toke and where it's not.

In most states, public consumption of cannabis is illegal. This means you need to go someplace that's officially private to enjoy your leaf or vape (edibles are OK everywhere). That's fine for locals who can toke at home or party at a friend's house, safely ensconced inside private property, but what about intrepid weed travelers in need of a private space to vape? Fortunately, where there is demand, supply will soon follow.

There are actually tons of officially private spaces in weed-legal states where you can enjoy a few puffs away from home.

1) Cannabis-Friendly Lodgings

The first and best solution is to book a cannabis-friendly place to stay. In legal states, these lodgings are popping up all over the place, from Airbnbs to full-scale hotels. Your own private room is, essentially, a private space where you can toke in peace. It functions as your home away from home and (usually) fulfills all of the legal requirements of keeping your cannabis out of the public thoroughfare.

This means you can vape your head off before heading out and stay buzzed for a few hours of adventures before stopping back in for lunch and a few puffs. Or you can stay in, kicking back and toking up a small weather system worth of clouds if you don't have any adventures planned.

How do you know if a place allows cannabis? There are three clues.

1) "420 Friendly" - the universal code for 'Ganja is OK here"

2) "Smoking Permitted - No Cigarettes" - What could they mean by that? Joints OK, but cigs no-k.

3) Cannabis Decor - If the stuff is super Boho/Rasta and there are cannabis-leaf LEDs or throw pillows, you're probably in the clear. But ask first, just in case they're just really big Bob Marley fans.

Legal Note: Not all states permit full-scale hotels to allow cannabis, but it's always allowed inside someone's 420-friendly house where you are a guest. Know your state and your public consumption laws.


2) 420 Restaurants and Events

In the states where it's permitted, there are tons of venues and private activities designed to enjoy alongside your cannabis vape. There are cannabis-friendly restaurants for the perfectly augmented meal, 420 tours, fun cooking or art lessons you can toke along with, and so much more. A quick Google search will lead you directly to whatever opportunities are available in your vacation area.


3) Reserve a Private Event Space

In some states, like Colorado, any private party is officially a private space. This means if the party/event isn't open to the public, cannabis can be enjoyed by the guests. The good news for most travelers is that you can absolutely be an "event" of just one person, a couple, or a small group of friends. All you need to toke safely when out on the town is to book a private room where cannabis is permitted on-premises and close the doors.

If your party isn't open to the public - and by party we could just mean lunch - then your private venue can include vape and smoke.

Legal Note: Not all states have the same public-venue consumption laws. For example, this trick works in Colorado, but not in Nevada.


4) Official Cannabis Lounges

While relatively new, several states have started issuing cannabis lounge licenses. A cannabis lounge is an official venue where cannabis consumption is permitted for all lounging guests. Some states allow the lounges to sell single-serving cannabis products including leaf, vape, concentrates, edible snacks, gummies or even flavored hookah bowls. Other states are strictly BYOB, but the lounge provides a place for people to safely toke away from home.


5) 420 Private Property Venues

Of course, truly private property in a legal state can always be 420 friendly. This can include private lodges, resorts, spas-hotels, ranches, and multi-lodging Airbnbs. if the land is owned by a private citizen who chooses to host a few guests, they are also allowed to permit cannabis on premises. Here's where having a great network really comes in handy.

If you know someone with some land where you can camp, a cabin you can stay in, or a low-key Airbnb/Resort operation, then they might be the perfect destination for your cannabis-fueled vacation.

Legal Note: In some states, if the property officially functions as a business, different rules may apply.


6) Head Out to the Wilderness

Another solution is to stretch the definition of a public space. Most of the time, these laws are in place to keep people from vaping or smoking in the street, in restaurants near non-420 patrons, or near families with children. But no one will care if you take your cannabis out into the woods or wilderness where there is no one to see or be bothered by your clouds and delicious home-made snacks

Some popular parks and campgrounds will regulate cannabis use, but if you're in an unmonitored space, the trees won't mind.


7) In Your Car Between Towns

For anyone who's not the driver, another option is to enjoy your vape in the car before you get into town. You can also usually drive out past the city limits to the empty scenic-overlook spaces and catch a few puffs without bothering anyone. Some states have specific laws about vaping or cannabis in the car, but many do not.

Just be careful not to 'hot box' the driver, who must remain sober until you have alternate modes of transportation.


8) On the Sly

Of course, the solution favored by most vapers is simply to be slyly respectful about the whole thing. Most people don't mind if you vape a little bit when no one is nearby or watching. If you catch a few puffs behind some big leafy plants, alone in the bathroom, or around a corner away from everybody, then you can generally enjoy yourself without fleeing to the edge of town.

If your AIrbnb isn't specifically 420 friendly but there are ashtrays on the back porch table, vaping outside is usually a safe choice. As long as you know that your safety relies on your respect and discretion, this option is one that many choose to explore.


Alternatively: Take an Edibles Vacation

Lastly, there is always the possibility that your destination will have a vibe that just doesn't allow vaping. Some places are super cool in all ways except their 420-unfriendliness. Some places watch you like a hawk to make sure you're not secretly puffing behind the potted plants, and some traveling companions may not make your toking plans a possibility.

Should this happen, don't despair. Your vacation doesn't have to be completely cannabis-free. You can always pack or pick up a few edibles, instead. A pack of unsuspicious gummies or delicious little brownie bites can be enough to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy until you can regain the peace and privacy needed to enjoy your favorite vape once again. 

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