How Does Vessel Helix Pipe Work? | Vessel

How Does Vessel Helix Pipe Work? | Vessel

At Vessel, we strive to combine the classic cannabis experience with cutting-edge technology. Having already honed our dry herbdesign with the Helix, Air, and Cone designs, we realized that there was one more member of the family to add: The classic spoon pipe.

The Helix Pipe is the newest member of the beautifully engineered Vessel dry herb family. We took the classic spoon pipe design to the lab and came out with a pipe that will revolutionize elegantly practical design. The Helix Pipe uses the same patent-pending double-helix filtration design for a smoother, salad-free hit and a pipe body that is the easiest to clean that you have ever seen. 

We will explore how the Vessel Helix Pipe works, why it's so perfect, and how to get the most enjoyment from this beautiful aluminum and brass pipe. 

The Parts of a Helix Pipe

Helix pipes come in three parts:

  1. The Helix bowl-filter
  2. The basin
  3. The stem

If you've ever closely examined the structure of a glass spoon pipe by looking through the color-swirled glass, you will recognize the same basic structure. There is the inner spoon, which you load with flower, the outer spoon, which you grip with your hand, and the stem-mouthpiece.

The Helix Pipe's most important element is the inner bowl that also functions as a filter. Made of beautiful non-toxic brass, the bowl leads to a double-helix corkscrew that becomes an increasingly more effective filter as you build up resin inside the pipe. The bowl helix twists into the top of the pipe in a manner that will be familiar if you've tried our other Helix devices.

The basin is the anodized aluminum outer bowl that you will grip with your hand. The carb, or the hole in the side, shows a few threads of the helix bowl within, meaning air and smoke always pass by the helix flowing in or out. What's special about the outer bowl, however, is that with the helix removed, you can finally clean every inch of that internal space.

The last piece is the stem and mouthpiece, also of anodized aluminum. The stem screws right into (and off of) the outer bowl, giving you ultimate all-angle access for cleaning later on. Looking down the stem, you will also see the threads of the double-helix, providing a filtered and enjoyable smoking experience.

How the Vessel Helix Pipe Works

The design of the Helix Pipe is beautifully simple. When the pipe is fully assembled, you can load up to 1 gram of ground dry herb into the brass bowl.

Light the herb and cover the carb. The smoke will flow down into the lower chamber, but then around and through the double-helix to reach the mouthpiece. Release the carb as you take away the flame for a complete and smooth hit. Then cover the top of the bowl to extinquish the cherry, or pass it quickly to a friend for a smooth lighter-free hit for as long as the cherry lasts.

The Patent-Pending Double-Helix Filter

What makes the Helix Pipe unique is the double-helix style bowl, seen nowhere else. Our lab came up with the perfect way to provide a delicious dry-herb hit that is also completely free of "salad" and ash. The double-helix is in the swirling "threads" that define the outer lower half of the inner bowl.

These spinning helix grooves force the smoke to flow around the double-helix structure in order to reach the mouthpiece instead of leaving a clear channel between the hole at the bottom of the bowl and the stem aperture.

As resin builds up along the brass spiral, it becomes even more effective at catching all plant material or ash, allowing only hot smoke to flow past to the mouthpiece. 

Cleaning Your Helix Pipe

While a little resin improves the performance of the double-helix filter design, every pipe eventually needs cleaning. To clean a typically one-piece glass spoon pile is often an ordeal of grit, solvent, and a lot of shaking. You might try to bend a piece of wire to "lock-pick" and scrape the space between the inner and outer bowls, but this is not necessary with the Helix pipe.

  • Take Apart the Pieces
  • Soak on Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Wipe or scrape as desired

To clean your Helix Pipe, simply take the three pieces apart. Unscrew the inner helix-bowl from the outer bowl, and unscrew the mouthpiece stem from the outer bowl's side aperture.

From this point, it's easy to soak and scrape every interior surface of your pipe, enjoying the simplicity of access from being able to take the pieces apart. A little isopropyl alcohol and your cleaning tools of choice are all it takes to restore your Helix Pipe back to a perfectly pristine state.

You can even choose only to clean the anodized aluminum pieces, while allowing your helix to continue to gather filtering resin for another few bowls.

Mix and Match

The beauty of our perfectly modular pipe design also means that if you have more than one, you can assemble pipes from any combination of pieces. You can turn gunmetal and rose gold pipes into two-tone pipes, swap out the helixes between pipes, and clean or rebuild to your heart's desire. Helix Pipe design makes it easy to take apart any set and put them back together into the same number of whole pipes from any combination of the pieces. Each one will provide a smooth, deliciously filtered hit of natural smoke from your dry herb.

Discover Your Helix Pipe Experience with Vessel

Vessel works hard to design and craft each one of our beautifully engineered cannabis devices. From the elegant yet rugged vape pens to the Helix line that is breathtaking in its simplicity, you will learn to enjoy cannabis more with every delicious breath. Contact us today to explore the options between both 510 vapes and double-helix dry herb designs.

While our patent is pending, our lab team never stops. Stick around to see what we come up with next.


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