Glass One-Hitter Vs. Metal One-Hitter

Glass One-Hitter Vs. Metal One-Hitter

Trends are seemingly always changing, and it can be hard enough to know which one to choose let alone how to keep them straight. Fortunately, Vessel is here to help. Here is a closer look at both glass and metal one-hitters, and everything users will want to know about them. 

What is a Glass One-Hitter?

In the cannabis community, what has been dubbed unofficially as the one-hitter was originally widely known as the chillum. As Richard Gregory highlighted, the "tapered conical pipe" can be traced back to the 18th century with roots stemming back to India. Historically speaking, these pipes were made out of clay, but, flash forward to 2023, and it is safe to say quite a lot has changed. 

Though the form and anatomy of the one-hitters haven't altered much, the materials that are made to use these convenient and traditional tools have. Glass one-hitters are one of the most popular products cannabis users invest in and use. Glass chillums are often known for their funky and unique styles that the glass-blowing process allows artists to get creative with. However, many glass one-hitters also come in classic, neutral, and timeless designs. 

How do Glass One-Hitters Work? 

Like most one-hitters, glass hitters will have a mouthpiece on one end and a bowl on the opposite one. Although cannabis doesn't have to be ground up, typically, it will hit better when doing so. After packing the bowl, the only thing left to do is smoke.

It is helpful to hold the one-hitter vertically that way users can avoid spilling or losing weed. Also, due to the chillums' small nature, be sure to not bring the flame too close to the face. 

What are the Benefits of Glass One-Hitters?

In general, many people enjoy using one-hitters because they are more discrete. In addition, depending on the circumstances, they can help users be more mindful of how much weed they are using.

However, when it comes to glass one-hitters, there are a few perks that smokers will benefit from for opting to use a glass tool. For instance, as CannaCon shared, glass is "non-porous". What this basically means is that all of the smoke will stay in the glass one-hitter and none of the flavor will be altered. 

Not to mention, glass smoking tools are less likely to build up residue that can often lead to bacteria. To top matters off, the cleaning processes for glass one-hitters are relatively simple. From boiling water to soaking in alcohol, the simplicity of maintaining glass one-hitters is another reason they are so popular and convenient. 

Some of Vessel's Glass One-Hitters

Many of Vessel's beautifully crafted glass one-hitters, Air, can be found in emerald, amber, pink, gray, and jade. Users have sounded off in the reviews about why these one-hitters are an absolute must, and honestly, they do make some great points. 

Some people may fear glass one-hitters due to their fragile nature, but because Vessel values their customers and community, Vessel's glass one-hitters come with a one-year warranty. 

The Vessel Air one-hitters are perfect for smokers looking for innovative and sleek glass one-hitters. 

What is a Metal One-Hitter?

There is no arguing that the one-hitter is beloved in the cannabis community, so it shouldn't be surprising to learn that there are quite a few options.  

In the past, metal one-hitters have been designed as faux cigarettes and metallic colors mimicking the shape that worked so well for the cause. However, thanks to innovative brands like Vessel, metal one-hitters have completely transformed over the past few years. 

How do Metal One-Hitters Work?

Like glass one-hitters, metal one-hitters also function with a mouthpiece and bowl, also known as a dugout. Lighting up the weed and enjoying the cannabis are the main steps. In the past, many metal one hitters have been considered to be traditional, but in today's day and age, the metal one hitter has drastically changed.

Vessel's Helix is an absolutely perfect example of that. Thanks to the double helix design, the pure non-toxic brass tool uniquely provides an amazing combination of cooling and filtering. The Helix is innovative, smart, and, most importantly, enjoyable. Plus, as Vessel pointed out on their website, "Surprisingly the odor is contained on its own". If anything, the hundreds of raving customer reviews speak volumes. Not to mention, Vessel's exceptional lifetime warranty. 

What are the Benefits of Using Metal One-Hitters? 

Right off the bat metal one-hitters may be more enticing due to their stability and durability, especially when compared with their glass counterpart. In addition, since many metal one-hitters are designed to look like cigarettes or other discrete items, some smokers prefer to use them for an added layer of privacy. 

A Quick Look at Some of Vessel's Metal One-Hitters

Whether it is a time crunch or a budget crunch, the one-hitter is an essential tool for smokers. Vessel's Helix is just one example of a phenomenal metal one-hitter. Using the same patent-pending design as the Helix, Vessel's Cone Series provides cannabis users with another amazing option when searching for a new one-hitter. From creating a tighter pull to paying tribute to the OG joint, Vessel's Cone does it all. Not to mention, Vessel offers the product in four stylish and bold must-have colors. 

Join Vessel Peak Rewards

Regardless if you are in the market for a glass or metal one-hitter, shoppers will want to be sure to check out Vessel Peak Rewards. The loyalty program is designed for customers to earn exclusive rewards while staying in connect with Vessel. Talk about a win-win-win. 


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