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Best 510 Thread Batteries for Cartridges in 2021

Updated: February 8, 2021

Vessel has been listed as the "Best 510 Thread Battery" on numerous reputable media outlets. Having been featured on Rolling Stone, Forbes, Leafly, and others. Each battery below is designed to fit nearly all 510 thread cartridges. Every Vessel features specialized engineering for optimized airflow, smart battery technology, a magnetic charging port, combined with sleek, exceptional aesthetics making them the most sought after battery on the market. 

Here are the 4 best 510 thread batteries available in 2021:

  1. Wood Series Slate/Walnut ($79 MSRP)

"This is an extremely high quality Pen. The wood accents and overall look are very classy and sophisticated. And the airstream is smooth providing hits as big as you want." - Tucker C., Verified Buyer

With unmatched elegance and superior functionality, it's no wonder the wood series is our best selling 510 thread battery. Every member in this series features real wood. This means every single device has a unique grain, no two people will have the exact same wood series battery. 

Battery Highlights:

  • Real Walnut Wood
  • Cartridge Protection
  • Multiple Power Settings
  • Smart Battery, Auto-Shut Off
  • Optimized Airflow
  • Magnetic Charge Port
  1. Expedition Series Black/Red ($79 MSRP)

"Definitely the best battery I've used thus far. You don't feel like you're burning your oil and can actually taste it. I haven't dealt with a clogged cart much since buying this either. The first thing I noticed was the feel and weight of it, it's really balanced and still something you could throw in your pocket... They clearly put a lot of love into this, great product." - Ryan M., Verified Buyer

The Expedition series battery is built for daring adventures. From the moment you pick it up and feel the rugged, tactical grip - you'll know this battery is unlike any other. From New York City to Los Angeles, the Expedition has been a fan favorite since it launched in October 2018. 

Battery Highlights:

  • Tactical Grip
  • Grooved Cartridge Protection
  • Red Grooved End Cap
  • Multiple Power Settings
  • Smart Battery, Auto-Shut Off
  • Optimized Airflow
  • Magnetic Charge Port 
  1. Compass (Mojave)+ ($59 MSRP)

“The Compass is right-on! Great adapter on the Compass for the perfect cartridge insert, a lower heat setting which is great for tasting. Color is perfect, spot on with the highlighted button, airflow is smooth, and it's stealth look, easy to carry! Very highly recommended!!!” - Seth S., Verified Buyer

The Compass features an incredible high-capacity battery, our signature tuned airflow and an unparalleled ergonomic design that feels like it belongs in your hand. Discreet, yet powerful, the Compass is perfect for any user.

Battery Highlights

  • Features a protected, cartridge drop-in design
  • Fits most 510 thread cartridges (cartridge not included)
  • Features cartridge swivel for proper mouthpiece alignment
  • Powered by a high-quality 550mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery core
  • 3-LEDs indicate battery life and power settings
  • Four (4) power/voltage settings (2.4V, 2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V)
  • USB-C charging port + cable and compatible with the Ridge charging stand


  1. Vista Series + ($59 MSRP) 

“Love my vessel, the efficiency is excellent! The way the cart screws down inside of the vessel is genius, it protects the connection of the cart and vessel and won't bend! Hits very well, keep it on seeing 2, and that also helps with the efficiency. I've recommended the vessel to friends already. Also, the charger is very nice too, how the vessel sits inside of it makes it awesome. The case is very handy. Love love love” - Jason D., Verified Buyer

Sleek, elegant, and even more powerful than its predecessor. Vista debuts with a number of design elements that you’ve come to expect from Vessel. This collection is powered by a larger premium-grade battery and features a uniquely designed, sweeping collar that not only provides the necessary protection for your cartridge but essential visibility to what’s inside.

Battery Highlights:

  • Bold Unibody Colorways
  • Cartridge Protection with Sweeping Collar for Cart Visibility
  • Smart Battery, Auto-Shut Off
  • 4 Power Settings
  • Magnetic Charge Port
  • Optimized Airflow

Choosing the best 510 battery for you:

You'll have to choose what is best for you. Each battery available features state of the art airflow, magnetic charging, smart battery technology, and are built with the consumer in mind. The biggest difference is in style and materials. All Vessels are built to last, designed to catch the eye, and most importantly - perform exceptionally well. 

After your purchase, the Vessel team is still here to help. If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns - reach out to our hardworking customer support staff. We're here to help elevate the experience, at every level. 

510 Battery Information

Whether you’re new to vaping or have been for a while, it’s no surprise that the battery you choose for your vape is very important. When it comes to buying vape pen batteries online, the 510 thread battery is considered standard across the industry.

What does 510 thread mean?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term 510 thread battery, the name essentially refers to the specific thread design and what kind of cartridges the battery will be compatible with. 

As stated previously, 510 batteries for sale are the most common type and fit most cartridges. Many people agree that it is the best vape battery available.

The 510 thread battery name derives from the 10 different 0.5-millimeter threads that are featured on the comparable vape pen tanks. Thus, the five-ten battery was born. 

Even though it’s an industry standard to have the 0.5-millimeter threading, a tank doesn’t need to have 10 different threads to fit with a 510 battery. 

What is a 510 thread battery?

A 510 thread battery is one that has the 510 threading. Simply put, it means that the battery’s female connection of the battery is compatible with a wide variety of cartridges because most use the male 510 connection. It is made for 510 thread oil cartridges. 

Some larger pods and any 210 thread batteries or cartridges will not be compatible with a 510 thread. 

Outside of the fact that it is the most commonly used battery, there are other advantages of using it. Usually, the battery life in a 510 thread is longer than other batteries, and because of its small, compact design, they offer more discretion. Some of the more modern versions are even built with advanced LCD and LED technology. 

Another reason 510 thread vape batteries are so popular is because of their portability. Being lightweight and small, they’re easy to carry around. 

Battery voltages explained

When it comes to finding the best vape battery, it’s important to consider the kind of voltages each type of battery has. 

The word “voltage” refers to the electric potential differences (or difference in the battery’s “charge”) between the positive and negative battery terminals. If there is a greater difference between the terminals, there will be a greater voltage — and the bigger the vape cloud. 

When it comes to a 510 battery, the voltage typically ranges from 3.3 to 4.8, while a very basic vape pen battery will only have a voltage of 3.3. 

Some of the newer batteries will include a voltage that’s adjustable just like the temperature is on some vape pens. However, 510 thread batteries usually do not have this function. 

Choosing the amount of voltage you want in your battery boils down to matching it to whatever kind of cartridge you’re using. You want to choose the lowest effective voltage that will still make your cartridge heat up. Doing so will give your vape the best taste and quality. 

510 thread battery capacity (mAh)

Another factor to consider when browsing 510 thread batteries for sale is the battery capacity or its mAh rating. 

An abbreviation for milliampere-hour, the mAh rating refers to how long your battery life will last and keep its charge. As you could have probably guessed, the higher a battery’s mAh rating, the longer it will stay alive. 

When it comes to purchasing batteries specifically for vape pens, you want to stay in the mAh range of 280 to 900. It’s pretty standard for a 280mAh battery to last an entire day. Keep in mind that choosing a battery with a larger mAh will mean that the size of the battery will be bigger. But that’s necessary if you plan on choosing a battery with a higher voltage so you can vape at a higher temperature. 

It all comes down to personal preference, but as long as you stay around 300 mAh your battery should last you all day. 

Pros and cons of 510 thread batteries


  • Lightweight and slim
  • Decent voltage 
  • Can be charged via USB 
  • Relatively inexpensive 


  • Faulty electrical parts 
  • Limited temperature control
  • Requires regular recharging   

Things to know before purchasing a 510 thread vape battery


  • 510 thread batteries typically feature a voltage range from 3.3 to 4.8 V. Batteries with higher voltage power often have adjustable heat settings, while the less powerful ones tend to lack this ability. The most basic and standard of 510 batteries will not feature this function — something to keep in mind if temperature control is of importance. 

Capacity / mAh Rating

  • How long a battery can hold a charge tends to correlate with its mAh rating. In short, the higher the number, the better. The typical range for vape pens is as low as 275 to nearly 900 mAh, with the average 300 mAh easily lasting a whole day of use. That being said, in choosing which battery size is best, users should allow their own individual habits to guide the way.


  • Most reputable oil cartridge brands recommend using proprietary batteries. Without the worry of an incorrect voltage being used — and the product being impacted negatively — cartridges can be enjoyed successfully and stay in solid condition. A low voltage can make for a feeble draw, a high voltage can make an overpowering / burnt hit, and a proper voltage should even out the two extremes.


  • 510 thread batteries typically come with a USB battery for charging. Before connecting to a USB port, users must simply screw in the threaded side of the batter to the charger. While it may be tempting to use other basic USB chargers, users should stray away from doing this. Using a charger that doesn’t match the voltage of one’s battery can significantly compromise it and make for more constant replacements. 

Ease of Use

  • Cannabis consumers need not create a complex vaping set-up or routine, as 510 batteries can be used with ease and efficiency. With an extremely discreet overall size and design, these vape batteries and all of their charging accutemont are easy to take on the go.  

Vessel battery charging vs most batteries

Now that you know all the ins and outs of choosing a vape pen battery, it’s time to turn the focus to charging it. Choosing a charger for your battery is important to keep it functioning properly. 

Using a Vessel battery magnetic USB charging cable is one of the most effective ways to get the most usage out of your vape. Its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 240mAh will keep your battery fully working for about 1-2 weeks for moderate users. It also comes with three LED lights that indicate both the battery life and power settings. 

Plus, it’s simple to use. When you’re running low or are out of power, simply plug in the cable to the power block and let your battery charge. It will blink until it has reached a full charge. 

At this time, Vessel’s batteries are not approved to be charged in a vehicle. It’s also important to keep the cable away from metal objects (because of the magnetic connection point) and to unplug it when it’s not in use. 

Why is Vessel the best 510 thread battery for cartridges?

When it comes to finding the best 510 thread battery for cartridges, Vessel’s magnetic charging port can’t be beaten. 

While most vape pens require that you remove the cartridge to charge it, Vessel’s vape pens allow you to simply plug it in. Plus, every pen comes with a protective module that will both guard your 510-thread cartridge against damage and hide the oil from public view to maintain discretion when vaping. 

And because the battery is set at 240mAh — with options for 2.8, 3.2 and 3.6 voltage — Vessel vape pens give your chosen oil the best taste. Lower power settings help preserve those terpene profiles that deliver only the most optimal sensations. 

Add that to the fact that every Vessel vape pen comes with Smart Power Management Technology that automatically shuts down your vape after 15 minutes of inactivity (and cuts off charging once the battery life is full) and it’s no wonder it has the best 510 thread battery for cartridges.

510 batteries FAQs

What do you need to know before purchasing a 510 thread count battery?

When you’re purchasing a 510 thread count battery, it’s important to look for specifications like the voltage and battery capacity (or mAh). Also check to see if it comes with a charger, if it is compatible with most cartridges and if there are any extra features like a key fob or automatic shut-off. 

How long does a vape pen charge last?

How long a vape pen’s battery life will last really depends on how often you use it. If you’re a moderate or casual vaper, a quality battery will last up to two weeks. If you are a heavy vaper, however, it might only last one day.

How to keep your vape pen battery clean?

Regularly cleaning your vape pen battery is an easy way to ensure its lifespan and efficiency. A leaky tank can result in sticky vape residue clogging your battery connection and keeping it from performing properly. If dirt or grime gets trapped in the connection, the charger won’t be able to recharge. Luckily, cleaning a vape pen battery is very simple. Just wet a q-tip or cotton swab with a little water or rubbing alcohol and wipe the area around the connection clean. Also, make sure to check any air holes for build-up. 

What kind of vape pen battery charger is the best?

When it comes to vape pen battery chargers, Vessel is by far the best. With an automatic shut off feature that prevents overcharging and a built-in battery that you’ll never lose, it’s easy to see why Vessel continues to be regarded as a producer of top-quality vaping devices.

Where can I get a 510 thread battery?

Considering the wide variety of different vape pen batteries, 510 thread batteries are quite easy to find. As a sort of industry standard, 510 thread batteries can be found in most dispensaries or ordered from countless online sellers. Buyers should be cautious when purchasing products such as these online though. Purchasing 510 batteries from reputable brands / retailers can be helpful when attempting to create a more matching, seamless vape and accessory set-up as well. 

How long does a 510 thread battery last?

It’s difficult to say exactly how long 510 thread batteries last because of how many different factors affect their longevity. Of course heavier smokers will reduce the battery’s lifespan via more regular, demanding use. In short though, how long a 510 thread battery will last correlates more closely to the battery’s capacity / mAh rating. To expand the life of one’s battery, users should remember to: use their pen regularly, turn it off after use, take it off the charger when fully charged, and clean it regularly.