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A wooden dugout is an easy and convenient way to store and smoke your cannabis. Here's how to make one yourself!
From packing to cleaning up, one hitters are convenient and easy to use. This smoking method is a favorite for a reason: with minimal clean up and a compact frame, one hitters provide a discrete on-the-go smoking method for smokers of all kinds. 
Chillums are convenient and pretty darn cool. They’re also easy to use after some practice. Beginners or regular smokers should all use a chillum with a buddy at least once for the experience. 
Glass pipes and glass chillums are often one of the first pieces novice cannabis consumers buy. They’re easier than joints or dab rigs, plus the smoke hits just right when you figure out your tolerance. Think about how often you smoke and if you want to take your glass piece outside of the house as you shop. For example, if you want just a taste or a small hit to take the edge off, a glass one hitter may be a better investment than a bubbler. These factors can help you narrow down your selection. 
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A one hitter dugout makes packing up and storing cannabis easier. They’re a popular accessory item and people can choose from different colors, materials, and sizes. Keep your lifestyle and cannabis needs in mind as you search around for your favorite.