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A Guide To Glass Pipes & Glass One Hitters

Glass Pipes & Glass One Hitters - A Guide 

Many people enjoy smoking cannabis out of glass pipes or one hitters because they’re delightfully simple to use and clean. Compared to a vape pen or a joint, a glass pipe sits on a higher throne. 

Glass pipes are a go-to staple for newbies and seasoned dry herb smokers alike. Feel free to reference this glass guide before grabbing the first one you see online or in a headshop. You may be surprised to find a new and improved style that checks off all of the boxes in terms of your canna-needs. 

Glass pipe, one hitter pipe -What are they?

One of the more basic types of clear glass pipes is a one hitter (aka chillums). Looks-wise, glass one hitters are about the length and width of a lead pencil. The design works like a regular bowl, except there’s no carb to control the smoke intensity. 

Here’s how you pack and unload a glass pipe one hitter:

  1. Grind your herbs into a fine, airy consistency (grinders work best for this)
  2. Load a pinch or two into the bowl of the chillum
  3. Hold the pipe at an angle so the herb doesn’t fall out
  4. Light and inhale
  5. Tap out the ash and reload

As you can see, the process is quite simple and practical for microdosing. This term describes the act of smoking small quantities of cannabis repeatedly throughout the day. One hitters are a convenient way to enjoy the recreational and medicinal benefits of cannabis without losing momentum when you have errands or work to do. 

Other types of discreet glass pipes

Chillums aren’t the only style of smoking accessories you have to choose from. This list features popular categories you’ll find in headshops, especially if you want to skip silicone and don’t want a metal one hitter. 

Spoon pipes

This is as basic as it gets with glass smoking pipes. Some people call them spoon pipes, others know them as bowls—whichever term you use, we’re all talking about the same thing. 

Spoon pipes have a bulbous-looking end with a mouthpiece at the bottom. Once you pack the ground cannabis flower into the bowl, all you do is light the herb, keeping your thumb on the carb hole until you’re satisfied with the amount of vapor and air flow. 


Generally speaking, steamroller pipes have a bowl on top of a long tube-like piece of glass, while the carb opening sits at the end. Because of their narrow design, steamrollers, like chillum a pipe, can be harsh on the lungs and throat if you’re not used to gulping big clouds of smoke. 

Many glassblowers add in extra glass feet so the steamroller doesn’t rotate off of tables. 


These glass pipes celebrate fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. The impressive length of Sherlock/Gandalf-style pipes gives those who smoke them an aura of wisdom. 

With both styles, smoke passes from a modest-sized bowl up through a long, thin neck. Go for these pipes if you want to make an impression. 

Themed pipes

Glassmaking is a true craft and designers have no shortage of creativity when it comes to reimaging basic spoon pipe designs. If you’re looking for something outside of the box, themed pipes are the way to go. 

There are animal-shaped pipes, food-inspired pipes, and all kinds of funky shapes and colors on the market. Remember to pay attention to the materials since some of these pipes are made with glazed ceramic instead of glass. 


Bubblers are very similar to spoon pipes/bongs, except the bowl is stationary (as opposed to a detachable piece on a bong) and you fill them with water (unlike a bowl). 

Many bubblers fit in the palm of your hand, although the sizes vary depending on the designer. A percolator inside the bubbler filters the smoke, pushing clean, smooth hits through the mouthpiece. Those with little to moderate cannabis experience can easily set up and smoke from a bubbler. 

Glass pipe kits 

Finally, you have glass pipe kits that come with a storage case, weed jar, lighter, and one hitter. This bundled package gives cannabis users the advantage of receiving everything at once instead of having to pick and choose different accessories from multiple brands. 

Glass one hitters in the Eclipse Kit, for example, come with enhanced tools to streamline your smoke sesh. No need to hunt around the house for your lighter and weed—all of it stays in one place thanks to the designated compartments. 

To sum it up

Glass pipes and glass chillums are often one of the first pieces novice cannabis consumers buy. They’re easier than joints or dab rigs, plus the smoke hits just right when you figure out your tolerance. Think about how often you smoke and if you want to take your glass piece outside of the house as you shop. For example, if you want just a taste or a small hit to take the edge off, a glass one hitter may be a better investment than a bubbler. These factors can help you narrow down your selection. 


Are glass pipes one hitters?

Not necessarily. Some glass pipes can be bubblers, bongs, or bowls. 

What is a one hitter glass?

It’s a one hitter that is made from glass instead of other materials like metal, silicone, or wood. 

Do one hitters get you really high?

Yes. However, depending on a person’s tolerance for cannabis, they may need to smoke the one hitter more frequently to achieve the high that they’re looking for. 

Are glass pipes better?

Not necessarily. It truly depends on personal preference. 

What is the difference between a one hitter and a glass pipe?

A one hitter tends to be smaller and require some kind of dugout. The hit off of a one hitter will typically be smaller. A glass pipe, like a bowl, will need to be packed and smoked a little differently. It often requires more dry herb and the hits can be larger.

Do glass pipes have water in them?

Sometimes! If you use a glass bubbler, you’ll definitely need to add water, for example.

Do glass pipes come in different colors?

Yes! Whether you’re looking for clear glass or a pop of color, you’ll most likely be able to find it online or in a store.

What is the best type of glass pipe?

This is a tough question to answer because it depends on your smoking needs and personal preferences. Some people may prefer glass bubblers because they like the high it gives them. Others may prefer a glass one hitter that is discreet and easy to use while on-the-go.

How much does a glass pipe cost?

It really depends. A high-quality glass pipe will cost you a bit more. A typical range is anywhere from $10 to $30.