Why Chillums are Best for Summer Travel

Summer travel requires planning, and cannabis users need to know how to make their stash portable and accessible for on-the-go needs. Those who are hitting the road or jetting off to dreamy, summer destinations may be interested to learn aboutchillum pipes

These practical one-hitters are great travel companions and take up the same amount of space as a regular pen. 

What is a chillum pipe?

Chillums are similar to regular hand pipes, except for one feature. Without a carb (the hole on the side of a glass pipe), chillums filter smoke directly from the bowl to the mouthpiece. Historically, cultures from all over the world have used this style of pipe for centuries to smoke cannabis. 

Some people may be wondering if chillums are better than bowls. There’s no right answer to this debate, as it mostly comes down to preference. What’s so appealing about cannabis is the endless availability of choices. How you smoke is up to you, but if you’re preparing for a summer vacation, here are five reasons to bring a chillum pipe along for the journey: 

Why chillums are best for summer travel

Chillums are wonderfully discreet 

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about smoking in public, chances are, your worries had to do with outsider stares or the smell of cannabis. While chillums won’t make your bud smell less strong, they’re great for discreet smoking. 

Compared to other pipes, chillums aren’t as bulky or “hands-on.” You still need two hands to hold and light a chillum, but you don’t have to cup a one-hitter in the palm of your hand (like you do with a bowl). This motion may draw less attention in open spaces, as it mimics the way people usevapes

If you’re pressed for time but still want a puff or two, chillums are the way to go. You don’t have to overcommit yourself to an entire bowl of flower since chillums only have enough space for a pinch of herb.

Chillums don’t take up much space

As mentioned before, chillums are roughly the size of a pen. This is particularly helpful for lightweight travelers working with baggage constraints or limited travel space. You can realistically fit most chillum pipes into a glasses case, inside a makeup bag, or tucked away in the inside zipper of a fanny pack or handbag. 

The rounded shape of a regular bowl has its inconveniences: either they create a lump in your bag or put a strain on the zipper. With chillums, the slender, pencil-like shape makes it easy to stow in a bag or car compartment. 

Regular cannabis users typically use a makeshiftdry herb smoking kit on vacation. This could be a Ziplock baggie filled with cannabis goodies (such as a grinder and extra bud) or a fashionable box that’s easy to pack.Thiscase keeps all of your items organized and strapped down in case of turbulence or bumpy road conditions. 

Chillums are ideal for microdosing

When you’re constantly on the move and living out of a bag, being overly stoned can complicate things (an example: travel companions who can’t keep track of their belongings).Microdosing is the best strategy during summer travel, and chillums accommodate this style of smoking better than most delivery methods. 

Chillums are called one-hitters for a reason. The bowl space is limited to one or two pinches of herb, which means you have to keep repacking it until you’re satisfied. For people who enjoy microdosing, there’s really no better way to enjoy dry herb. 

To refill a chillum, simply tap out the ash, grind your buds, and gently push the ground cannabis into the bowl. Make sure you don’t overpack the chillum so you don’t wind up covered in cannabis bits. Once your chillum is packed, you're ready to light up. 

Chillums may minimize social pressure 

Cannabis has a social aspect that some people may appreciate. Lighting a joint or passing a bowl around friends creates a shared cannabis experience. That said, not everyone is into sharing their herb. And that’s ok! 

Chillums are a guilt-free way to let people know you're not into sharing. As we ease back into social situations, feeling unsure, even edgy, about mouth-to-mouth contact with friends, family, and new acquaintances is understandable. With chillums, though, there’s less social pressure to “puff pass.” 

Using a chillum is an individual experience since the bowl only has enough space for one of two hits. Feel free to repack your chillum for a friend or politely keep it to yourself. 

Chillums come with other cannabis accessories 

You can pick up a decent chillum at just about any head shop or dispensary, but the best versions come in an all-in-one package. Vessel’schillum smoking kit, called Eclipse, has all your smoking needs covered. Planning a trip requires careful attention to detail, and between lodging, food, and transportation plans, forgetting the essentials is too easy. 

This “just-add-flower” kit comes with a stash jar, inverted lighter (no more finger burns), chillum, and swanky travel bag. Before leaving for your trip, save yourself the hassle and go ahead and grind up your buds at home. Store your cannabis in the waterproof (and smell proof), aluminum Basin jar.

Keeping your cannabis equipment in one place comes in handy when you’re in-and-out of the car or traveling by plane. Cannabis isn’t accepted everywhere, but if you travel smart you can safely and discreetly enjoy your buds on vacation. 

To sum it up

Whether you’re planning an overnight trip or a week-long getaway, chillums should be on your packing checklist. These lightweight, slender pipes are about as discreet as it gets when it comes to smoking cannabis. People who aren’t into vapes can use a chillum for quick, personalized tokes. 

Chillums aren’t as obvious as regular hand pipes, so you can easily smoke cannabis in outdoor spaces and avoid drawing too much attention to yourself. Remember to practice caution if you’re traveling through illegal states. Use your best judgment, be safe, and toke responsibly. 

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