Building A Dry Herb Smoking Kit - Everything You Need

If you’re smoking cannabis, chances are you have some sort of stash, snazzy storage box, or a dry herb smoking kit to hold all of your marijuana-related accessories. 

There’s so much room for personalization and originality that gathering new tools for your smoking kit feels like a rush in itself. 

People who have been smoking cannabis for a long time might be surprised to discover something new in this not-so-basic list of weed accessories, tools, and essentials. But for newbies, here’s everything you need to maximize your smoking experience. 

What is a dry herb smoking kit?

A dry herb smoking kit is a collection of items needed to smoke cannabis. Some people treat it like a ritual, taking special pride in the process of grinding buds, rolling joints, and packing bowls. 

Everyone consumes cannabis for different reasons, but many would agree that the way you smoke matters. Even with dry herb (aka flower), you have many options to choose from: glass pipes, bongs, papers, and vaporizers. Once you figure out which method works for you, replenishing your stash and maintaining your equipment are the next steps to getting the most out of marijuana. 

While many people seek out cannabis flower for the high, it’s also possible to enjoy dry herb without the head rush.CBD is a great alternative to THC because it doesn’t produce the intoxicating, high effect. In some dispensaries, you can find CBD-only strains to help keep things mellow. 

Other lesser-known smokable herbs include mullein, rose petals, mugwort, and passionflower. Sprinkling any of these dry herbs on top of cannabis favorably enhances the flavor and scent, or try smoking them on their own. 

How to DIY your own dry herb smoking kit

Next time you’re at the dispensary or shopping online, don’t forget to pick up these must-haves to DIY your weed smoking kit. Side note: Youcanfind pre-made smoking kits that bundle everything together, but what’s the fun in that? Mixing and matching accessories that you’ve picked out make your smoking kit special! 

A lighter

Having a trusty lighter on hand is a must for a DIY smoking kit. You may not always need it, especially if you prefer to vape, but it’s better to have it. You could throw any old lighter into your kit, but why not splurge for something that will last longer and be super convenient. Try an inverted lighter, which is designed to light upside down with a tilted flame so you never burn your fingers. Even better, get a lighter that is refillable. With one upfront investment, you’ll always have a lighter in your kit and won’t have to run out to buy new one. 


An ashtray can always come in handy when crafting your own smoking kit. If you prefer smoking joints, an ashtray will be crucial to keep things clean and tidy during your smoke sesh. Plus, it’s a great place to rest the joint if you need to free up your hands. Ashtrays come in all kinds of colors and designs, so it’s definitely an item that can help you create a smoking kit that fits your personality. 

Dry herb chillum 

A chillum is a super simple dry herb pipe that fits perfectly into a DIY smoking kit. The simple design makes it easy to pack and smoke the chillum no matter where you are. Just make sure to have an herb grinder on hand to prepare the flower. You’ll need a lighter to get the chillum going, so don’t forget to have one in your kit. 


To preserve the texture andtrichomes of your buds, having a grinder is (arguably) one of the more important pieces in your collection. Grinders come in all various shapes, sizes, and colors, usually made of aluminum or wood. The beauty of grinders is in the design. With multiple compartments, you can grind your herb into a fluffy powder then collect the kief on the bottom. 

For those who don’t know, kief is the resin, or trichomes, where concentrated THC/CBD is stored. After many uses, you’ll have enough kief to add to a regular joint/bowl to enhance the high. You can find grinders at any dispensary or online headshop from $10-$100. Some of the more expensive models grind your buds and roll them up into joints for you. 

Rolling tray

Let’s be honest: using hardcover books and table surfaces to roll joints is annoying, inconvenient, and messy. Think of the leftover weed bits that you have to clean up every time you smoke. And if you’re expecting guests or kids to pop in the room, you need a rolling tray to keep everything together. They’re sanitary and easy to store, plus they have raised edges so you don’t have to worry about flyaway weed. Rolling trays allow you to show off your personality with stylish, eye-catching designs. You can purchase these online for less than $10. 

Rolling papers

These are an absolute must for joints! Rolling papers come in short and long sizes, thin and thick textures, and colorless or colorful designs. The texture impacts how the joint smokes, although hemp and rice paper tend to be the standard for slow-burning joints. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a lighter while you’re at the dispensary/convenience store. 

For those looking for an easy way out, go for pre-assembled cones so all you have to do is pack in the herb. A single pack of rolling papers typically goes for $5-$10. 

Packer + joint ring 

A packer is a slender tool used to push herb down into the joint. These are helpful because you want to fill the rolling paper, but buds don’t always cooperate. Joint rings are a fancy addition to your smoking kit because they allow you to puff away without having to hold onto the joint itself. The end goes into the ring and you simply hold it to your mouth. Packers and joint rings cost less than $10 online. 

Dry herb vape

Dry herb vapes allow you to optimize temperature and heat-up time, giving you more control over how your flower smokes. For some people, this tool is preferable to joints since vape technology does all the work. All you do is insert your herb (a little goes a long way), push a button, wait, and there you have it. Portable and desktop versions of dry herb vapes run anywhere from $50-$400 online and in dispensaries. 

Vape storage case + air-tight jar 

Last but not least, consider investing in avape case for added protection. They give you peace of mind while you're traveling and come in elegant designs, usually under $30. 

While we’re talking about storage options, having an air-tight jar on hand helps keep your buds from drying out. Extra points if it’s waterproof so you can take your dry herb wherever you go. You can use a regular mason jar or find a weed-specific container online for around $15. Dry herb from dispensaries often comes in “poppers” which smell like plastic (obviously since they’re made with plastic). Transferring your flower to a glass container keeps your buds from smelling like they were made in a factory. 

To sum it up

Even on a budget, you can gather affordable items for a decent weed smoking kit. The sky’s (or should we say the high?) the limit when it comes to smoking dry herb. Mostly, it’s a matter of preference. Stick to the basics or upgrade your equipment as you please. Whatever your smoking kit looks like, remember to clean your tools regularly to get the most out of your smokables. 

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