Cannabis Smoking Tools - A Guide

Cannabis can be smoked in a variety of different ways. Getting high doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, there are several cannabis smoking tools to add to your arsenal to help simplify the process—and elevate your smoking experience, no matter how you prefer to consume it. 

This article lists some of the most important tools that every cannabis lover might need. 

Cannabis smoking tools

Typically, consuming cannabis meanssmoking dry herb orvaporizing THC concentrate. With all the right tools, these processes can be simplified and streamlined. Here are some essential marijuana smoking accessories you may want to keep handy.

Cannabis tools for dry herb

There are many options for consuming cannabis. If you prefer dry herb, you’ll most likely pack aspoon pipe,bong, or other water pipe to smoke. If you’re more inclined to roll up, picking up somerolling papers orblunt wraps is another good strategy for smoking. 

Outside of these major instruments, the following tools can help you achieve the best smoking experience for your tastes.

Spoon Pipe

Commonly known as a “bowl,” spoon pipes are often a new smoker’s first piece of glass. They often contain a mouthpiece, a stem, a bowl to pack your weed, and a carb hole to control the airflow through your pipe. Blown from glass, spoon pipes come in a variety of sizes and range from simple to intricate. 


Commonly referred to as a water pipe, abong is a smoking apparatus that uses water to filter tar and toxins from the smoke. When you take a hit from a bong, the smoke travels through a downstem into the water, where it is filtered and cooled down before reaching the mouthpiece. 

Chillum or one-hitter

One hitters and chillums are designed for portable smoking. These devices are typically straight or conical, with a bowl directly across from the mouthpiece. These smaller one-hit pipes are generally compact and discrete, easily thrown into a bag or slipped into a pocket. They’re great to have in your toolkit to pull out at a moment’s notice. 

Rolling papers 

If a joint better fits your tastes, it’s smart to keep a stash of rolling papers handy. These thin papers come in a variety of sizes and styles, from simple unbleached to king-size green apple. These papers can be used to roll up ground marijuana cigarette-style. 


You’ll need a qualitygrinder for your cannabis if you want to smoke dry herb. This way, you can break down the bud into a workable texture. A finely ground texture is easier to pack into a bowl or roll into a wrap. 

The variety of grinders available on the market is broad. Some of these tools are simple, while others are fancier, employing motors and a variety of cutting tools to guarantee a consistent grind. Typically, grinders have three compartments: one to load the flower, one to contain the ground bud, and a bottom compartment to catch the fine trichomes that fall from your plant (also known as kief). A simple three-compartmentweed grinder is an essential tool for optimal smoking. 

Rolling tray 

A rolling tray serves as your workstation when preparing to smoke. A flat tray with raised edges helps to keep your flower in a contained space. Using a rolling tray helps to get a consistent roll when preparing a joint or blunt while keeping your surroundings clean and neat. It helps to catch any weed that might fall while you’re rolling up and prevents debris, dust, and other unwanted particles from your stash. 


Your cannabis toolkit should always include a sturdy poker tool. These tools can be used to remove a screen, clean built-up weed from a grinder, or clear a clogged bowl. At the very least, it’s useful to have a small metal poker for clearing bowls and pushing out debris. 


Weed can’t be smoked without a source of combustion. When it comes to sparking up, you have multiple options. Technically, any source of flame will work, whether that means matches or a littlelighter you pick up from the gas station. However, some smoking connoisseurs swear by hemp wick. Using hemp wick can help prevent inhalation of butane and other dangerous flames.

Stash jar

Every dry herb lover needs a place to store their stash. Dry cannabis will maintain its moisture and stay freshest in an air-tight container. Air-tight containers--as simple as a mason jar--will help to keep your cannabis from drying out. This moisture will prevent the cannabis from losing its trichomes, the part of the plant that contains its terpenes. 


Every smoker needs anashtray. Ashtrays are essential for keeping your area clean by keeping debris and ash contained. Despite being one of the most often utilized items in a cannabis user's toolkit, ashtrays are often overlooked. However, with creators and sculptors all over the globe, ashtrays can be made in any size, shape, or material and customized to any smoker’s desire. 

Tools for Vaping Cannabis

If you prefer to consume cannabis concentrate over dry herb, there are a number of tools to help you vaporize your wax. 

What is a cannabis vape pen?

Vape pens are devices that pair a battery with a cartridge of oil. When the oil in the cartridge is heated, it produces an inhalable vapor. 

A cannabis vape pen uses this same methodology to vaporize THC concentrate. When a vape cartridge containing concentrated cannabis oil is paired with a vape pen battery, the concentrate is vaporized and flavorful, THC-rich vapor is produced. 

Vape pen battery

A vape pen battery is an essential part of the cannabis vape pen. This battery serves as the heat source to vaporize the cannabis concentrate. Although manufacturers create a variety of batteries,510-threaded batteries are the most common. Somebatteries feature multiple heat settings, allowing you to customize the flavor and vapor density of your dab. 

Cannabis vape cartridges

Vape pen batteries are used in conjunction with cannabis vape cartridges. These cartridges contain concentrated cannabis oil that vaporizes when it is heated. Because this oil has higher levels of THC than dry herb, the produced vapor can induce a stronger high. 

Vape pen carrying case

A vape pen case is a protective carrier you can use to safely travel with your vape device. It allows your vape to be securely packed without worrying about being damaged.These casesare designed to protect your device while keeping all of your vaping accessories in one convenient location.

To sum it up

These cannabis smoking accessories are just the beginning of what you can add to your marijuana toolkit. Moreover, you may even consider adding more tools, such as some high-end, premium accessories like humidors, doob tubes, and more, to level up your experience with smoking cannabis.

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