What to Use as Rolling Paper - Alternatives That Might Surprise You

In a pinch, knowing what to use as rolling paper when you’ve run out is extremely useful. 

You’ve probably been there yourself: you used your last rolling paper this morning. A trip to the corner store feels like so much effort, but you’re craving a quick spliff. You search your space desperately for anything that could possibly be used as a smoking device. 

Luckily, some ordinary household items can be used to roll up. Read on to discover some alternatives to rolling papers that may surprise you. 

Rolling paper alternatives

When searching for that perfect rolling paper substitute, stay creative but cautious. While many household items can be used in place of a rolling paper, some alternatives are safer than others. 

Tissue Paper

Plain tissue paper is the closest alternative to rolling papers. With a thin (but not too thin) consistency, tissue paper best mirrors the flexibility of cigarette papers. It catches easily but is sturdy enough for a decently long-lasting burn. 

Though tissue paper is easier to roll with, normal paper can be used in desperation--but only if it’s ink free. 

While stoner’s lore claims that Bible pages are the perfect rolling consistency, inhaling the ink on pages of any book can be hazardous. With that being said, if you must enhance your smoke session with the wisdom of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, make sure you’re using a page with little to no ink. The same goes for newspapers and receipts. 

Paper gum wrapper

If you’re out of rolling papers but have a pack of gum lying around, you’re in luck. Gum wrappers can also be used as an alternative to rolling papers.

If you’re smoking heavily, try using saliva to stick together multiple gum wrappers. This will make for a wider surface--and a fatter roll.  

Additionally, when using this method, be sure that the gum wrapper you choose has no aluminum coating. Though bowls made from aluminum foil are a longtime favorite among desperate smokers, smoking out of aluminumcan be extremely dangerous. 

Heating aluminum is likely to cause burns, and burnt aluminum also produces toxic fumes that should never be inhaled. Plus, rolling up with aluminum foil makes for an icky tasting blunt. As such, it is essential that you stick with paper gum wrappers when using this alternative. 

Corn husks

Using a corn husk as a rolling paper is not only a natural, tobacco-free alternative. It also makes for a pretty pleasurable smoking experience.

Corn husks burn slowly and have a reputation for producing smooth hits. For optimum rolling potential, dampen your corn husk and let it sit for a few minutes. The slightly wet husk will stick together easily for a simple roll-up. 

Flower petals 

Take a note from King Palm’s handbook, and wrap your dry herb in something from nature. While you may not have access to a palm leaf, rose petals are a natural and safe way to roll up your cannabis--and they’re far more easily accessible. Smoking with rose petals might promote stronger relaxation, though the rolling process is a little advanced.  

To roll yourself a roseblunt, start with dried rose petals. Line up a row of these rose petals on your rolling tray, and pack your rose blunt as you normally would. Just like you would roll an average blunt, tuck the bottom edges of the rose petal underneath the top edge, using saliva to seal as you roll. Unlike with a normal blunt wrap, however, you must also seal your dried roses to one another. The key to rolling a rose petal blunt is patience. 

Pro tip: To prime your petals for rolling, toast them in the oven on 250 degrees for a few minutes until dry. 

Empty cigarette

When in a rolling paper drought, bum a cigarette from one of your friends. Gently massage the cigarette to loosen the tobacco inside. Dump out the loose tobacco, leaving an empty, already rolled cone. 

You can then pack in your ground dry herb of choice and smoke as you would a normal cigarette. 

Coffee filter

As an absolute last resort, a coffee filter can be used as an alternative to a rolling paper. Though it may mimic the standard rolling paper in consistency, coffee filters are often thinner and, therefore, much more flammable. As such, they burn extremely fast when used to roll dry herb. They’re also more liable to catch fire in unwanted places: when you smoke using a coffee filter, you risk losing your joint to a quick-burning flame.


To sum it up

If you’ve run out of rolling papers, don’t panic. Many household items can be used as an alternative to rolling papers. Whether it's a rose petal, a corn husk, or just an empty cigarette, you can still roll a decent joint if you get creative, use your imagination, and, above all else, stay safe. When in doubt, do your research, and don’t smoke anything that might contain dangerous chemical additives. 


Can you use a coffee filter as a rolling paper substitute?

While coffee filters may appear similar to rolling papers, they’re a subpar alternative at best. They burn extremely quickly, and, as a result, you risk an engulfed joint with every hit. 

What paper can I use to roll marijuana cigarettes?

Standard tissue paper is the closest substitute to your average rolling paper. With a similar consistency to rolling papers, plain tissue paper mirrors many of the same qualities, making for a comparable smoking experience. Additionally, if you have corn husks available, these natural encasings are another smooth and slow-burning alternative to regular blunt wraps. 

Can you use aluminum foil as rolling paper?

While aluminum foil may seem like an easy option to roll up with, it produces fumes that are dangerous to inhale. Instead of aluminum foil, look around for a piece of tissue paper, a gum wrapper, or a corn husk to roll up with. 

Can you smoke parchment paper?

Parchment paper should not be smoked. While rolling up with this kitchen essential may seem tempting, this paper is treated with various chemicals that are unsafe to inhale. 

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