How to Smoke a Blunt

Ultimate Guide to Smoking a Blunt

Learning how to smoke a blunt is a pivotal coming-of-age moment for any smoker. You’ll instantly become the go-to rolling person among your friends, and you never have to rely on anyone else to get your smoke on. 

This guide delves into exactly how to roll and smoke your first blunt--and every blunt after that. Use the following tips to become a pro-roller in no time. 

How to smoke a blunt

Originally rolled using Phillies Blunts cigar wraps, blunts are traditionally hand-rolled cigars using marijuana and a tobacco leaf wrap.

From beginning to end, smoking a blunt is a bit of a process. In the end, it’s all worth it: effortlessly cool and notably discrete blunts also pack a little extra punch from the nicotine in your wrap.

Follow these steps to roll, smoke, and share your blunts. 

Pick out a wrap

Traditionally, blunts are rolled using wraps made from tobacco leaves. Many people swear by the nicotine buzz these tobacco wraps give you: anecdotally, this buzz is supposed to increase the feelings of your high. Nevertheless, hemp wraps have increased in popularity over the last twenty years: these tobacco-free wraps taste and roll similarly to tobacco wraps but without the addictive nicotine. 

There are also countless flavors of wraps on the market. Whether it’s grape, bubblegum, or original sweet, pick something that appeals to your smoking tastes. 

Empty out the tobacco 

Starting at the top and working vertically down, carefully split open your blunt wrap. Dispose of the tobacco that was previously rolled inside. If you’re using a wrap that isn’t already rolled, simply remove it from its packaging.

Pro tip: Lightly dampen your blunt wrap (using saliva) and set it aside while yougrind your weed. This step will make the wrap more pliable and tacky when it’s time to roll. 

Grind your weed

For workable weed and a more even burn, grind your weed before packing it into your blunt. Place your nugs into the teeth of your grinder, and work the lid back and forth to grind your weed into a finer consistency. This consistency will make it easier to pack into your wrap: you’re less likely to tear your wrap if your weed is soft and ground. 

Add weed to your blunt wrap 

Decide what’s easier for you: either hold the blunt wrap in your left hand or set it down on your tray. Using your right hand, add weed to your blunt from left to right. Pack it in using your finger to maximize the amount of flower you can add to your wrap. 

Add a filter 

This step is a little controversial: some smokers add a filter to their blunt; some cap it off with a tiny nug, and some take their ground weed all the way to the end. 

Like the flavor of your wrap, this is a great place to customize your blunt-smoking experience. Experiment with closing off your blunt in different ways to figure out which way rolls--and smokes--the easiest for you. 

If adding a tip or little nug of flower, insert your chosen filter on the left side of your wrap. 

Roll your blunt

Starting at the left end where your filter is (or isn’t), roll the bottom edge of the wrap over your filter. Wet the top edge of the wrap and roll it over, sticking it to the rolled wrap and smoothing it down. Repeat this, moving left to right, rolling your wrap tightly around your packed weed. 

Seal the blunt

Now that your blunt is effectively rolled, it may still be a little damp. Make that seal stick by lightly and quickly running the flame of your lighter over your blunt. This step will seal the saliva and dry your blunt. 

Spark it up

Bring the flame of your lighter to the tip of your blunt. Rotate the blunt between your fingers to ensure an even burn. Bring the other end of your blunt to your mouth and breathe in while holding the lighter close to the other edge. This will create a cherry, allowing your blunt to burn evenly. 

Puff, puff

In smoking circles, it’s customary to follow the adage: puff, puff, pass. Blunts are for all to share. Take your two reasonable hits and save some for your friends. Don’t worry: it’ll come back your way eventually. 


The second part of the age-old phrase is just as important as the puff, puff. Pass the blunt to your homie! Before you pass, politely flick off the spent ash into your ashtray. Thistray, from Vessel, has multiple compartments to store your one-hitter, grinder, or other accessories. Additionally, the tray comes with a magnetic lid, so your ash will never be spilled. 

For this step, just remember: left is law. When smoking anything passable, always hand the blunt to the person to your left. 


How to smoke a blunt and it not smell?

Made from marijuana and a tobacco leaf, blunts are admittedly one of the smelliest forms of consuming cannabis. Investing in a personal air filter—or making your own with a cardboard tube and a couple of dryer sheets—will help to minimize the stink. 

How do you smoke a small blunt?

Small blunts are perfect for solo smoking sessions. If you want to smoke a small blunt, simply follow the same steps but pack less weed into your wrap. You’ll have to roll it tighter to accommodate. 

How do you smoke a blunt better?

To smoke the optimum blunt, grab your favorite strain and a great-tasting blunt wrap. Pack as much ground weed into your wrap as you can, and roll it tightly. Share with your friends, or keep it all to yourself!

Why is it called a blunt?

The term blunt comes from this form’s east coast origins: Phillies Blunts cigars (or any other inexpensive cigar) were cut open and used to wrap weed in order to hide the smell. 

To sum it up

Learning how to roll and smoke a blunt is essential for smoking with friends or on your own. Solid rolling skills are forever useful: so learn now and craft your skills.

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