Weed Starter Kits - Exactly What You Need

Weed Starter Kits - Exactly What You Need

A standard weed starter kit includes a lighter, a smoking device, and dry herb. Putting together a custom weed kit, on the other hand, is a fun way to experience the lifestyle benefits of cannabis all-in-one.  

There are endless ways to customize and tailor a weed kit to your liking. If you’re just starting out with cannabis, if you’re building out a starter kit for the first time, or looking to revamp your collectibles, this guide covers everything you need to build a unique and functional weed kit. 

What is a weed starter kit?

At the bare minimum, a weed starter kit has three necessary components: a heat source, something to smoke from, and of course, weed. People who use cannabis daily keep these items together in a special place, usually a box, bag, or designated area at home. 

These “kits” are handy when it comes to organizing different products, hiding weed from family/roommates, and getting the most out of cannabis. 

Everyone has their favorite way of consuming cannabis, whether it’s rolled up in paper, packed in a bowl, or pressed into oil, so weed kits come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as simple or complex as you want them to be, depending on your level of cannabis experience.

What do you need in a weed kit?

This list covers a few high quality tools and accessories to build or add to your first weed kit:


The first item you need is a lighter. You can purchase unreliable lighters at any gas station, but be mindful of finger burns while lighting pipes/bongs. Some people light hemp wicks to create a buffer zone, but aninverted lighter is another convenient option to try. 


A grinder churns dense nugs into a fluffy consistency, which makes herb smoke more smoothly.4-piece grinders have a separate compartment for catching kief, a sticky and frosty substance coating the outside of flower. You need a grinder to separate kief from the buds. Grinding your weed lets you experience the unique taste and aromatic profiles of different cannabis strains. 


Also called chillums, one-hitters are fantastic little pipes for people who want to enjoy cannabis in small quantities throughout the day. They hold about one to two pinches of weed and can be used discreetly in outdoor settings. With a grinder, lighter, and lightweight chillum, theEclipse air weed starter kit (here at Vessel) has three of the main tools necessary for smoking cannabis. 

Rolling papers

Once you’ve smoked bowls for so long, you might decide to branch out to joints. Rolling papers are sold in different sizes (slim to wide), styles (cones/sheets), and textures (hemp/rice). Practice makes perfect withjoint rolling, so expect to crumble a few papers before getting the hang of it. Don’t forget to get yourself a rolling tray too. Keep in mind, a weed starter kit can also include a vape or concentrates if that is what you prefer.

Tote case

Makeshift bags are fine as a short-term solution, but those who use cannabis every day may want to consider investing in a reliable travel bag or stash box. Vessel’sDrift case secures all of your goods in snug compartments so nothing jostles around during errands, vacation, or outdoor recreational fun. Bags with minimalist designs also draw less attention to what’s inside, keeping you and your buds safe. 

To sum it up

You don’t need a fancy DIY weed kit to enjoy cannabis, but having the essentials guarantees a more enjoyable experience. As a reminder, most of the introductory tools and accessories listed above are best enjoyed with flower. Vaporizers and dab rigs use some of the same items, but these combo weed kits include device-specific odds and ends. Remember that you can always ask your local dispensary budtender or headshop for additional advice for how to get a complete kit. 


What is the purpose of a weed starter kit?

To provide you everything you need to get started using cannabis. There are many smoking accessories on the market, and many different ways to use cannabis, which can make things confusing. A weed starter kit is a simple, no-frills way to get started with cannabis. 

What is the minimum age requirement to purchase a weed starter kit?

A weed starter kit usually involves smoking accessories, which are typically legal for anyone to buy. Buying smoking devices like a bong or bowl from a headshop may require you to be 18 in many places in the U.S. However, most smoking accessories can be bought online. When it comes to cannabis and cannabis products, you will need to be 18 (for medical states with a valid card) or 21 (in recreational states).

Is the weed starter kit for sale online?

You can definitely buy a weed starter kit online. If you prefer dry herb, Vessel offers astarter kiton their site. You can also purchase everything you need for a dry herb starter kit on their site as well. 

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