Weed Pipes - A Look at Your Options

Weed Pipes - A Look at Your Options

Weed pipes are fantastic tools for smoking ground cannabis flower when/if you don’t feel like using rolling papers. Most cannabis consumers have a preferred piece: either a one-hitter, bowl, or bong, but the list goes on. 

Despite the differences in appearance, all weed pipes filter smoke through a chamber and mouthpiece. The basic mechanics work the same, but the styles change depending on your smoking accessories preference. 

If you only smoke every once in a while or are trying weed for the first time, buying a new piece can feel a bit overwhelming. Every pipe has a unique aesthetic and pulls smoke differently. This breakdown features five categories of types of pipes that every cannabis enthusiast should know about. 

Types of weed pipes


Known for its pencil-thin design, chillum pipes (aka one hitters) store small quantities of dry herb so you can microdose and ash out after one to two puffs. 

People enjoy this style of weed pipe when trying to get out of the door quickly (in a rush), or when they don’t want to feel too stoned. 

Chillums are made with different materials, such as clay, glass, or metal, and often use a dugout. You can find them in any color imaginable too. If you’re looking for originality, though, theHelix one hitter (here at Vessel) has a built-in spiral design that helps with cooling and airflow (two things you want to think about since most chillums heat up quickly). 

Biggest Pro:Reliable dosage control and portability

Biggest Con:Have to repeatedly pack and repack 

Spoon hand pipe 

The spoon-style weed pipe is what most people go for if they want to smoke a bowl. Used interchangeably, the terms spoon pipe and glass bowl refer to the same thing. You fill a rounded dip in the pipe with ground cannabis flower and light it while pressing down on the carb hole. These pipes can come in other materials like silicone too.

Glassblowers put a lot of thought into the functionality and aesthetic of spoon smoking pipes. There’s a color/pattern for all tastes, so give yourself some options before you settle on the first one you see. 

Biggest Pro:Ability to take many hits before needing to repack 

Biggest Con:Maintenance can be more of a hassle compared to chillums 

Water pipes (bongs)

Water pipes, commonly known as bongs, are taller pieces that filter smoke through a percolator and glass neck. Most people go for one of two styles: a straight tube or beaker base. 

The removable bowl holds more ground cannabis flower, offering large, intense hits. Some people prefer bongs because they can add water/ice for improved filtration. 

Biggest Pro:Packs a punch for consumers with a high tolerance 

Biggest Con: Not portable, takes up more space


In terms of size and the way they fit in your hand, bubblers are somewhat of a cross between glass bongs and spoon pipes. Some designs are small enough to carry in a backpack, and since bubblers only hold so much water, you can fill, light up, and pour out the water with ease. 

Biggest Pro:Mini version of a bong, approachable style for most cannabis consumers 

Biggest Con:Nooks and crannies can be hard to reach during cleaning

Dab rigs 

As one of the more advanced types of weed pipes, most consumers work their way up to a dab rig once they’re comfortable/familiar with their tolerance. 

Dag rigs are used for cannabis concentrates, such as wax or shatter, so you won’t need a grinder. This form of cannabis is stickier and messier than ground cannabis flower. Once you load the concentrate into the metal nail, the cannabis melts and filters into a heavy-hitting vapor. 

Biggest Pro:A little goes a long way

Biggest Con: Newbies can accidentally use too much and feel intensely stoned

To sum it up

Being able to pick and choose through different weed pipe shapes, sizes, and colors allows you to personalize your smoking device to your liking. The main thing to remember before you purchase is to pick a pipe that’s compatible with the form of cannabis you’re using. Stick with spoons, chillums, bongs, and bubblers if you’re smoking flower, and go for dab rigs if you prefer concentrates. 

As we say in the cannabis community, start low and go low until you’re comfortable and ready to graduate to a more complex style of weed pipe. 


What is the best pipe for weed?

It truly depends on your smoking preferences and needs. Someone who travels a lot may want something small like a spoon pipe or chillum. However, someone who smokes at home and wants to take bigger hits may prefer a bong or bubbler. 

How much does a weed bong cost?

The price ranges vary depending on the size and intricacy of the bong. A bong could cost anywhere from $20 to hundreds or even thousands.

What’s a good pipe for weed?

A spoon pipe, chillum, bubbler, or bong can all be great pipes for weed. It depends on your personal preference. 

What is a weed pipe made of?

It varies. Weed pipes can be made of glass, metal, wood, or silicone. 

Are weed pipes legal?

They are legal to have depending on your age and where you live. However, a weed pipe that has cannabis in it may or not be legal depending on where you are located, your age, and local laws. 

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