5 Benefits of Smoking Dry Herb

The benefits of smoking dry herb are many. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic sleep issues or looking for a little heavier sleep, smoking dry herb has the potential to help you achieve those goals. 

What is dry herb smoking?

Dry herb smoking is a convenient way to consume dry herb or flower.

Typically, dry herb smoking refers to the consumption of cannabis or CBD flower. It often involvesgrinding your dry herb into a workable texture for a more even burn. Whether packed into a bowl or rolled up in some papers, dry herb smoking is an effective way to feel the potent effects and potential benefits of your herb of choice instantaneously. 

the benefits of smoking dry herb

Smoking dry herb can produce many positive effects. Hailed for creating chill hangs and establishing good vibes, smoking dry herb like cannabis or CBD flower also has a number of potential health benefits. 

Smoking cannabis, in particular, allows users to feel the effects of all thecannabinoids in the plant. Cannabinoids likeCBD and CBN have specific characteristics that can help withinsomnia, as well as reduce the effects of anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation. 

Potential to decrease chronic pain

Cannabis is not an FDA-approved medication. Nevertheless, medical professionals sometimes prescribe medical marijuana for chronic pain. 

The cannabinoids in the marijuana plant can alter pain perception in the brain. This altered perception can help to reduce recurring feelings of pain. Whether it's a migraine or symptoms of arthritis or fibromyalgia, smoking dry herb has the potential to give you some peace.

Potential to lower anxiety 

While the high potency of THC in cannabis can heighten some symptoms of anxiety, smoking a small amount of dry herb might help to relieve natural anxiety. 

In particular, cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBD might help reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety--like a racing heart rate--while creating the circumstances for a clear mind and peaceful thoughts. 

Therefore, CBD may be an effectivepotential treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Potential to reduce inflammation 

CBD is also known to potentially reduce inflammation in the body. Generally, CBD reduces the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Reducing swelling and inflammation in the body has a number ofgeneral health benefits, Most prominently, smoking dry herb could lessen the inflammation-related symptoms of certain health issues like arthritis, Lupus, Crohn’s disease, and even irritable bowel syndrome. However, more research is needed. 

Potential to help with sleep 

Another all-star cannabinoid is cannabinol or CBN. Smoking dry herb promotes consumption of CBN, which is mostly renowned for helping insomniacs get some shut-eye. Mostly. CBN supports feelings of lethargy and relaxation. 

Potential to help with neurological symptoms

Medical marijuana has also been prescribed to combat symptoms ofneurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and muscular dystrophy. Because smoking dry herb promotes relaxation in the body, it can potentially help with nerve pain and muscle tightness or spasms. 

Dry herb vaping vs. oil

Though smoking dry herb has its benefits, vaping reduces that smoky smell and might be better for your lungs in the long run. Although more research is needed to know for sure. Vaping your cannabis is also a great way to keep your smoking experience discrete and portable. 

Cannabis vaping can generally be done two ways: dry herb vaping or vaping cannabis oil. 

Dry herb vaping 

Vaping dry herb is closer to the experience of smoking your cannabis than vaping cannabis oil. It produces a similar high to smoking dry herb directly. 

Dry herb vaping heats up your cannabis without combustion. As a result, smoking dry herb highlights the plant’s terpenes (the compounds in the plant that impact aroma and flavor). While these terpenes might be compromised by smoke, dirty glass, or a flavored wrap while smoking, vaping provides a clear hit: you’re able to better taste the plant’s natural flavor. 

Vaping oil

Vaping cannabis oil is a slightly different experience. Cannabis oil is generally processed to include a higher concentration of THC. This process takes away some of the natural cannabinoids in the plant: as a result, the anxiety-relieving and calming effects of the plant are sometimes lost. 

Additionally, though cannabis oil has its own unique flavor profile, oil vaporizes at a higher temperature than dry herb. This higher temperature takes away some of the plant’s terpenes. Therefore, by vaping cannabis oil, you’re choosing alternative taste and smell profiles, instead of the authentic smell and taste of your dry herb. 

Dry herb vaporizer disadvantages

Nevertheless, though it is a discrete and tasty way to consume cannabis, vaping dry herb has its disadvantages. 

High price point 

When shopping for a dry herb vaporizer, it’s important to know that you’re making an investment. Though there are some affordable options on the market, high-end vaporizers can typically cost anywhere from $250-$500. These vaporizers typically boast total customizability: from density of vapor to heat settings. 

Dry herb vaporizers that are in a more affordable price range (costing anywhere from $35-$100) generally have smaller chambers that fit less herb. They typically have a smaller battery as well, with less customizable settings. 

Battery life 

We all hope for a vape experience so good it makes us forget to charge our vaporizers--but in reality, it’s kind of a bummer when your vape dies. One good thing about rolling papers and pipes: they never need to be charged. 

The bottom line

Smoking dry herb has the potential to support pain and anxiety relief, among other benefits. Vaping dry herb could potentially be a healthier alternative to smoking it and helps you keep your sessions discrete and efficient. 


Is it better to vape or smoke dry herb?

Dry herb vaping heats your flower without combustion. In other words: vaping your weed means no smoke and, therefore, less toxins in your lungs. It also produces a purer flavor with a more discrete scent. 

Are dry herb vapes more efficient? 

Considered more efficient than smoking, dry herb vapes can produce large amounts of vapor from not-very-large amounts of flower: you save bud and bucks. Anecdotally, many claim that vaping flower produces more cannabinoids, leading to a more “efficient,” well-rounded high.

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