What is The Best Way to Store Weed?

Learning the best way to store weed is essential for smokers of any kind. Storing your weed improperly can impact potency and flavor–and you risk your weed going bad. 

Read on to explore a variety of storage ideas, and learn the best way to store your weed. 

How long does weed stay good?

Tragic as it may be, weed doesn’t last forever. If dried and stored properly, marijuana can stay good (that is, remain tasty and potent) for six months to a year. After ayear, it starts to lose its potency and can lose up to 41% of its potency after four years. 

Learning the best way to store weed can help stretch your flower’s lifespan. Otherwise, take note of thesmell of your marijuana: weed that’s going bad will lose its dankness. Though consuming old weed won’t necessarily harm your body (more than usual), consuming moldy weed can. Mold on weed can be extremely hard to see: it’s usually small, white, and powdery or fuzzy. Therefore, though it may seem unfortunate, it is safest to dispose of any weed that looks or smells off. 

How to store weed  

Storing your weed properly is vital for potency and flavor. Cannabis is sensitive to light and heat: when exposed to excessive amounts, your weed can dry out. When dried out,THC turns into CBN, a cannabinoid known to improve sleep and relax consumers. 

Therefore, though location and container may vary, make sure you’re keeping your weed somewhere that is dark, cool, clean, and dry. 


For long-lasting, tasty weed, store your flower somewhere dark. 

Exposure to sunlight can dry out your weed. Light affects the temperature of your storage container, and too much heat can lead to dry, crumbly flower. UV Rays can also degrade your weed’s terpenes and cannabinoids, meaning the flavor and high will be impacted. 


Store your weed somewhere dark and cool. Temperature greatly affects the quality of your weed: too much heat can dry it out, causing it to lose some flavor and aroma. Try keeping your weed at a cool 70 degrees Fahrenheit –anything hotter or colder could dry out the flower. 


Inhaling dust and dirt alongside your flower is never fun—and it’s not great for your lungs either. Make sure your container is clean before keeping your weed in it. It’s also smart to clean your container out between strains to avoid smoking expired shake or kief. 


Humidity is a weed killer: storing your weed in a humid or damp environment can cause molding. Instead, keep your weed somewhere dry, cool, dark, and clean. To ensure no humidity, make sure your stash jar isn’t exposed to moisture. 

Ways to store weed

Storing weed in jars

A stash jar is the quintessential storage container for weed. They come in endless shapes, colors, and sizes, so make sure you’re purchasing one that will keep your weed potent and flavorful. 

TheBasin from Vessel ensures your weed will stay in a dark, cool, dry, and clean place. Compact and discrete, the Basin is waterproof and smell-proof. Made from anodized aircraft aluminum, this stash jar is strong enough to keep your weed safe and dry. 

Storing weed in glass vs. plastic

When it comes to the material of your stash jar, always go for glass over plastic. Glass helps to preserve theterpenes and cannabinoids in your weed by protecting it against the elements with a neutral material. Plastic can contain more harmful chemicals, which might sweat into your weed in certain conditions. 

Choose a glass jar over plastic every time. 

Storing weed in a humidor

First things first: don’t store your weed in a cigar humidor. Because these are typically made with cedar wood, oils from this wood can rub off on your cannabis, which may make it taste and smell different. Additionally, cigar humidors have appropriate humidity only for cigars: plant substances like weed can become damaged or moldy from this level of humidity. 

Weed storage box

A weed storage box is a powerful alternative to the stash jar. These types of storage boxes can fit larger amounts of weed than your average compact jar. They also might contain different compartments for your smoking accessories. 

As many are made of wood, this material is the weed storage box’s downfall. While wood may serve as a neutral material without affecting the flavor and aroma of your weed, it’s not often smell-proof, and it certainly is not waterproof. While they may be aesthetically pleasing, investing in a waterproof and smell-proof storage box for your weed will keep it flavorful and potent. 

Smell-proof weed storage box

Finding a weed storage box that is smell-proof is a game-changer. Oftentimes, smell-proof weed storage boxes are made of sturdy plastic that also serves as a waterproof protector for your flower. Smell-proof weed storage boxes also typically have compartments for all your smoking accessories, including yourgrinder,lighter, and papers. 

Cannabis storage box with lock

If you would like to prevent unwanted hands or eyes on your stash, a cannabis storage box with a lock is your best bet. Just like the storage boxes described above, these boxes lock to keep your stash safe while you’re away. 

Whether a box or a jar, glass or plastic, make sure your weed is safe by properly storing it in a dark, cool, dry place. 

The bottom line

Storing your weed properly can ensure it lasts as long as possible. Keep your weed in a cool, dark, dry, and clean place, and preserve its flavor, potency, and aroma. 


Should I keep weed in the freezer? 

Do not store your weed in the fridge or freezer. Storing your weed at extreme temperatures (even cold) can dry and damage your weed, causing it to lose flavor and potency. 

Does keeping weed in a fridge keep it fresh?

Keeping your weed in the fridge is never a good idea. Exposing your weed to a cold, damp environment risks degrading the terpenes and cannabinoids.

What is good to store weed in? 

Store your weed in a smell-proof and waterproof container to preserve it the best. Make sure you keep your weed in a cool, dark, and dry environment, as exposure to extreme levels of light and heat can degrade your cannabis. 

Is it okay to keep weed in a plastic bag?

While a plastic bag might be a common go-to, you can preserve your weed for longer by keeping it in a glass or aluminum jar or box. 

Can you store weed in a basement? 

Weed keeps the best in places that are cool, dry, dark, and clean. While your basement may be cool and dark, many basements are humid or damp environments. If you expose your weed to humid conditions, you risk your weed growing mold. Find out here all the materials you need to start building your smoke kit!. 

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