7 Weed Container Storage Ideas (Some Are A Bit Unconventional)

7 Weed Container Storage Ideas (Some Are A Bit Unconventional)

One of the biggest blunders a newbie smoker can make is storing their cannabis improperly. It’s not as straightforward as tossing your stash into any old container. Cannabis can lose its flavor and potency when exposed to light, extreme temperatures, humidity, and other environmental factors.

And while proper storage is a must, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re looking to splurge a little or stick to a budget, there are numerous storage options available. In this article, we’ll explore our top seven weed container storage ideas to help you keep your cannabis in the best condition.

7 Weed container storage ideas

1. Glass jars or containers

Glass is the best material for storing cannabis because it doesn't interact chemically with the contents, which ensures your weed’s intended flavor and potency remain intact. Glass jars are also odor-free, so you won't have to worry about any smells seeping from your stash.

Another important feature of glass jars is that they’re airtight, which keeps oxygen out and prevents it from altering your cannabis. Plus, glass jars are a budget-friendly option since you can easily repurpose one from your kitchen.

2. Aluminum coffee jars

Aluminum coffee jars are a fantastic option since they’re usually airtight and help block out moisture and air that can degrade weed over time. Aluminum is also completely opaque, which helps protect against harmful light that can deteriorate the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis.

They’re also lightweight and discrete and probably won’t look out of place in your kitchen. Just make sure you clean and air out your jar properly so your stash won’t end up smelling like coffee beans.

3. Old lunch boxes

Old aluminum lunch boxes make for a surprisingly effective storage solution for your cannabis. Made from aluminum, these lunch boxes are durable and light-resistant, protecting the contents from harmful UV rays.

And provided that your lunch box is in good condition, they can be a great airtight container that can be locked, adding an extra layer of security. For humidity control, we recommended adding a humidity packet to prevent your buds from developing mold.

4. Vessel’s Basin

Vessel's Basin storage container

Not to toot our own horn, but our very own Basin is a solid choice for keeping your weed safe and fresh. It's made from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, which is not only tough but also doesn’t chemically alter your weed. It’s lightweight and compact enough to fit in your palm or pocket.

But despite its size, many customers have noted that it can hold a surprising amount of weed. Plus, it's both waterproof and smell-proof, which means your weed stays dry and your business stays private. Lastly, it’s available in four sleek colors: silver, ruby, gold, and black.

5. Wooden jewelry boxes

Wooden jewelry boxes aren't just for keeping trinkets — they're also great for storing weed. First off, wood is a great natural humidity regulator, which helps preserve your weed quality.

Plus, these boxes usually look aesthetically pleasing and come with different compartments that are handy for sorting different strains or keeping your smoking gear organized. The only downside is that they aren't airtight. If you're worried about air getting in or smells getting out, we recommend lining the inside with a scent-proof bag.

6. Mint tins

If you’re looking for something small and discreet enough to slip into your pocket, empty steel mint tins are a good choice. They're tough and can take a beating in your pocket, keeping your buds safe while you're on the move.

While they're not completely airtight, they do a good job of keeping enough air out and preserving your weed. Plus, if you don't have a grinder handy, you can use one of these tins as a makeshift grinder in a pinch. Just make sure to clean it out well before you stash your weed to avoid any leftover minty flavors (unless you like that).

7. Vacuum flasks

Vacuum flasks pretty much tick all the boxes for everything you want in a stash box. Their insulated walls are not only airtight but also block out light and protect your stash from temperature fluctuations that could degrade weed quality.

Additionally, they look just like regular drink containers and are excellent at containing odors, making them a discrete storage option for both at-home storage and on-the-go use.

Is it better to keep weed in a bag or container?

We recommend keeping your weed in a container rather than a bag. Compared to bags, containers provide a more durable and airtight storage place that can protect your weed from light, air, humidity, and other factors that can degrade your weed.

Is it better to store weed in plastic or glass?

Glass is one of the best materials for weed storage. On the other hand, avoid using plastic because it can potentially react chemically with weed, affecting its flavor and potency. Additionally, plastic is porous, introducing air and moisture that can dry out your weed.

Is it okay to store weed in Tupperware?

We don’t recommend storing your weed in Tupperware. Despite being airtight, plastic can potentially alter the taste, smell, and potency of your cannabis over time. Although they can still work as a storage container, we recommend getting glass or aluminum ones instead.

Is it okay to store weed in an aluminum container?

Yes, aluminum containers are great for storing weed. They’re opaque and good at blocking light which can chemically degrade cannabis. Just make sure that your aluminum container is airtight and away from hot sources since it heats up quickly, which can be bad for your stash.

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