The Best Weed Shows To Educate Yourself About Cannabis

Choosing between cannabis strains is kind of similar to browsing for a weed show—there’s one for everyone. College buddies hotboxing inside the dorm room? Yeah, well, this curated list of shows about cannabis isn’t that.

Legal marijuana is becoming more accepted as states pass pro-cannabis legislation, affording the entertainment industry a favorable opportunity to educate the masses rather than pander to outdated stereotypes. Marijuana experts are recording podcasts, publishing Youtube videos, and writing television series to flip the script about cannabis consumption. 

There are dozens of weed shows to choose from, but only a handful are thinking outside of the box to portray recreational users and medical patients in a different light.

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or want to get lost in true stories, these shows all feature original perspectives and opportunities to learn about cannabis culture. 

Weed shows to learn about cannabis

“Merry Jane” on Youtube

What you’ll learn:Lifestyle advice and political news from the legend, the activist, the man himself, Snoop Dogg. 

The show: “Merry Jane” is a Youtube channel dedicated to all things cannabis. American rapper Snoop Dogg launched the video series in 2015 to recommend strains and dispensaries. The show has since evolved into a talk show, with Snoop Dog hosting 4/20-friendly activists and celebrities. Some of the more popular video segments include “GGN”, “Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party, ”and “Rolling with Rogen.” “Merry Jane” features hilarious, unscripted conversations about marijuana that you won’t find on big-name channels. Viewers can appreciate the show’s easy laughs and enlightening conversations from marijuana experts. 

“Bong Appétit” on Hulu

What you’ll learn:Get a glimpse of cannabis-infused cuisine and find inspiration for your next meal. 

The show: “Bong Appétit” is a playful spin on fine dining. Each episode features a popular chef and hungry diners who come together to enjoy a 3-course meal. On the menu: tuna smoked with cannabis, beef cheeks seared with ganja gremolata, ice cream drizzled with terpenes, and dozens of other savory and sweet dishes prepared with THC and CBD. The dinner guests are all involved in cannabis in some form or fashion and are particularly fond of gastronomy-style dining to explore edible marijuana. These meals may even inspire a cannabis dinner party of your own. 

“Broad City” on Hulu

What you’ll learn:Take a walk in the life of two friends blazing up and trying to make it in New York. 

The show: “Broad City” is a 5-season show about best friends Abbey and Ilana—with special emphasis on ganja. The series premiered on Comedy Central in 2014 and gained a large following thanks to its refreshing portrayal of twenty-something years olds, cannabis, and women’s issues. If you’re looking for something to watch while high, “Broad City” is a laugh-out-loud series that frequently features bong hits, joint passing, and bowl packing. As you watch, keep in mind that “Broad City” is a comedy written for television, so it isn’t the most factual depiction of marijuana. That said, the show offers lifestyle hacks from a female perspective. 

“Weeds” on Netflix

What you’ll learn:Watch the lengths one mother goes to provide for her family (some more illegal than others). 

The show: The weed show of all weed shows is called “Weeds,” fittingly. It premiered on Showtime in 2005 and followed the protagonist Nancy Botwin for eight seasons during the rise and fall of her marijuana empire. Nancy is a suburban widow who begins selling marijuana to bring in money for her two sons. The show has dark undertones, intermingled with uplifting comedy. If you’re looking for a binge-worthy series about weed, get comfortable and get your ganja ready, because “Weeds” will have you glued to the screen. 

“CannaInsider” on Spotify 

What you’ll learn:Gain a more technical understanding of the “behind the scenes” cannabis market. 

The show: “CannaInsider” is a business-focused podcast hosted by Matthew Kind. Those who work in the industry or are interested in switching careers will find dozens of interviews from investors, medical patients, cultivators, lab technicians, retailers, and more. The podcast touches on the past, present, and future of the cannabis industry, offering helpful insights and advice about how to launch a cannabis brand. 

“High Maintenance” on HBO

What you’ll learn:Get a new take on television with this unpredictable series about a guy who delivers marijuana. 

The show: “High Maintenance” isn’t your average television series. The first six seasons premiered on Vimeo as a web series and lasted anywhere from five to thirty minutes. HBO picked up the show in 2016, giving it an editorial makeover but all the while keeping the protagonist’s (aka “The Guy”) sympathetic, comedic edge. “The Guy” delivers marijuana to clients all over New York on his bike. Best described as a comedy-drama, “High Maintenance” tells a sobering yet humanistic story about all of the people “The Guy” meets. 

“Weediquette” on Hulu 

What you’ll learn:Documentary fans will enjoy the combination of cannabis science, business information, and legal news. 

The show: Hosted by Krishna Andavolu, “Weediquette” is one of the more fact-based and science-backed weed shows on this list. The first episode, titled “Stoned Kids,” follows Krishna as he meets children managing terminal illness with cannabis. The documentary team travels all over the United States to find out more about the legal and medical ramifications of marijuana. Later episodes find Krishna outside of the United States investigating the global marijuana trade. “Weediquette” is a great show to recommend to stubborn friends or family members who could use a lesson or two in cannabis education. 

To sum it up

Next time you’re smoking, try putting your high to good use by diving into an educational weed show. Podcasts and Youtube channels can travel with you wherever you go (just don’t forget your headphones), which makes it easy to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest marijuana news. Or, if you’re in the mood for something easy-to-watch, binge any of the series we mentioned above and get ready to chill, laugh, and maybe even learn something new along the way.

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