What Is A Weed Pipe?

Are you tired of rolling a weed joint every time you want to get baked? 

A weed pipe can be a better alternative if you want a quick smoke on the go and achieve your high. It is a one-time investment and reusable, making it more affordable than rolling papersin the long term. 

However, there are several options for weed pipes, which can be confusing if you're new to smoking or have never used a pipe before. 

This article helps you understand weed pipes, how they work, the types available in the market, and the best ones you can buy today. 

What Is a Weed Pipe?

Weed pipe from Vessel 

A weed pipe is a handheld smoking tool. It's simply made for burning controlled amounts of cannabis and directing the resulting smoke into your mouth. 

The pipe's functionality can be summarized in three steps: pack the weed in the pipe, fire up the leaves, and enjoy the smoke that helps you conquer the day. If you don't know how to roll a weed joint or find it time-consuming, a weed pipe is the best way to get high fast

While modern weed pipes seem like a recent invention, their design is borrowed from the smoking traditions of the past. Richard Gregory, a cannabis history writer, says that chillums are thought to have originated in India roughly over two centuries ago. 

These smoking devices are also believed to have a history in other parts of the world, such as Asia, South America, South Africa, and the Middle East. 

So weed pipes date way back in the past. And today, pipes are famous for weed smoking because they are widely available in various colors, designs, materials, and types. They are also affordable and easy to use. 

But how exactly do they work? 

Understanding How a Weed Pipe Works

Weed Pipes and One-Hitters from Vessel

While a variety of weed pipes exist in the market, the basics of how they work are similar. A typical weed pipe contains:

  • Bowl:Where you pack the dried, well-ground cannabis leaves
  • Mouthpiece:The pipe's end for drawing smoke into your lungs
  • Chamber (Neck or stem):The part between the mouthpiece and the bowl, where the smoke travels

You simply load the dried, mind-stimulating cannabis in the pipe's bowl, fire up the leaves, and enjoy your smoking sesh.That said, weed pipes are designed differently, and there's a wide variety in the market.

You need to understand the various types of weed pipes to choose what suits you best. 

Types of Weed Pipes

As mentioned, weed pipes come in various designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. Typical ones include: 


One-hitters are also called chillums and can only hold enough weed for one or two hits. They are perfect for micro-dosing when you're in a rush or don't want to get too high. 

Famous for their straight, pencil-thin design, one can easily mistake them for a cigarette. This makes them perfect for undercover public weed smoking. 

One-hitters are available in different materials, from metal to glass to clay. 

But if you're looking to stand out in the smoking world, there's no better way than with a Helix one-hitter. It comes with a spiral design that promotes airflow and cooling. This prevents the pipe from heating up quickly and provides a smoother hit. 

Their small nature makes them easy to carry around. However, you will have to load and unload the pipe whenever you want to get high. 

Water Pipes (Bongs)

Water pipes, also called bongs, are filtration devices used for smoking weed. While available in various shapes and colors, they filter and cool the smoke from the burning cannabis. 

A typical bong has a small bowl for dried marijuana. The bong's bottom holds water. When taking a puff, the smoke passes and rises through the water before reaching your mouth. This cools the smoke to ensure a less harsh hit. 

Spoon hand pipes

As the name suggests, they are spoon-styled weed pipes that are probably the most used in the Western world. They are also known as "spoons."

In addition to the essential parts of a weed pipe (bowl, mouthpiece, chamber), most spoons have a carb hole. This is usually a side hole used to regulate airflow in the pipe. 

When lighting up your weed, you cover the carb with one finger. After inhaling enough smoke, remove the finger for the remaining smoke to escape through the hole. This prevents the pipe from heating up quickly. 

Most spoon hand pipes are made of glass. But wooden, ceramic, and metallic options are available in the market. A variety of colors are also available. Examine your options carefully. 

Top 3 Weed Pipes to Buy in 2023

Here are the best weed pipes for 2023 you can buy right now without breaking the bank. 

Cone One-Hitter by Vessel

The Cone by Vessel features a unique double helix design that improves the weed pipe's cooling and filtering capabilities. This ensures a smooth puff when smoking. 

Additionally, the conical shape of one hitter is ergonomically designed to create more resistance. And as a result, enhance a tighter pull when taking your daily "dose." 

The Cone is your best option if you want a weed pipe that makes you stand out and improve your dry herb experience. It's available in four colors: black, gunmetal grey, deep blue, and rose gold. 

Helix One-Hitter by Vessel

Like the Cone weed pipe, Helix comes with double helix technology that enhances filtering and cooling when smoking. This unique technology by Vessel enables the weed pipe to perform and stand out in style. 

For this reason, any smoker looking for an experience like no other will love this one hitter from Vessel. 

Air One-Hitter by Vessel

Air is from Vessel. It comes as a triple pack of one-hitters with a smoked glass finish. The dry herb weed pipes feature a handcrafted tapered design to enhance performance. It's available in gray, jade, and emerald. 

Accessories like a drift case, grinder, and wo0irk-of-art Carbon lighter are available for all pipes on this list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pipe should I use for weed? 

You can use a one-hitter, water pipe (bong), or spoon hand pipe. Check the specs and reviews to buy a weed pipe that improves your smoking experience. 

How do I choose a smoke pipe? 

Consider ease of cleaning, aesthetics (looks & fee), and design. Be careful not to buy a weed pipe inferior in quality just to save a few dollars.

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