Best Way to Get High Fast (With Weed)

Those with more cannabis experience like to argue that there’s an art to getting high fast. There are many reasons why you would need to, particularly if you live in a non-legal state or arounddisapproving people

When you’re in a rush or if you need to get high for medicinal relief, the best way to guarantee a speedy smoke sesh is to get familiar with all ofthe different ways to smoke weed and have your stash ready and accessible. 

In this article, we unveil the art of speed smoking, with tips for how to go about it safely and responsibly. 

Best way to get high fast with weed

If you’re reading this article, you probably have an above-average tolerance. Assuming you’re comfortable with cannabis and know your limits, take a look at the list below, which covers reliable, quick ways to get high:

Smoke a Joint or Blunt

American adultsprefer smoking cannabis as a joint (aka “doobie” for the old-timers), blunt, or spliff above all other marijuana forms. Not only are these three of the fastest ways to get high, but rolling papers hold a lot of dry herb. So, once you’re all rolled up, you can puff away without interruption until you’ve reached your desired high. 

If we’re strictly talking size, joints andblunts get the job done way better than bowls, which involve a continuous process of grinding, packing, and ashing. 

But that might not be a problem if you’re a one-and-done kind of person and only take a puff or two from aone-hitter style of pipe—say, for instance, if microdosing is your thing. The bottom line is this: rolling a joint or blunt may seem like a time investment on the front end, but they have a slower burn time than bowls and can hold multiple grams of herb. 

Take a Bong Hit

Known for producing clouds of vapor,bong hits are not for the faint of heart. Anyone who has hit a bong too hard knows how bad the resulting cough and crushing chest feeling can be. Still, if you’re looking to blaze up quickly, a well-executed bong hit is another best bet. 

Inhaling marijuana also gets you high quickly because of the bioavailability factor. The time it takes a substance to absorb into the bloodstream and go into effect is called bioavailability. 

Researchers know that the effects of inhaled THC, compared to oral ingestion (i.e. edibles), peakeight minutes after smoking. That estimate, of course, depends on how long someone inhales and holds in a hit. Generally speaking, one could feasibly get high off a single bong hit in less than ten minutes. The same holds true for bowls, joints, and blunts. 

Invest in a Vape 

Known for being the delivery method of choice for discreet smoking, vapes make it easy to get high when you’re pinched for time or don’t have access to a place where it’s okay to smoke. 

At the push of a button and a few seconds of heat-up time,manual vapes might very well be the speediest way to get high, simply because you don’t have to deal with the fuss of grinders, glass, and ground herb. On top of that, they produce little to zero odor, so there’s no cleanup involved. 

Sprinkle Kief on Bowls

Kief is a well-earned gift found at the bottom of a three-tiergrinder. Officially known as trichomes, kief is the powdery, sparkly dust on the outside of weed nugs. It is the highly- concentrated part of the cannabis plant that has the power to elevate the high experience. 

Once you have enough kief collected in your grinder, feel free to generously sprinkle as much or as little as you want on top of your bowl or joint. This is also a great herb-sparing technique when your stash is low but you still want a decent high. 

Choose Strains for Their Effects

Cannabis strains elicitdifferent effects due to their unique terpene/trichome makeup and grow conditions. Those who live in legal states with dispensaries have access to a full menu of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. You might find that certain strains get you higher than others, but this requires experimentation; plus, not everyone has access to legal dispensaries. 

You do have the option, however, to buy CBD strains online and shop for strain-specific vape carts. As with any cannabis product that you buy online, be sure to vet the brand and certificate of analysis for quality control. 

Try Out Dabbing

In terms of potency,dabbing, hands down, gets you the highest the quickest. Dabs have a sticky consistency and may not be the easiest to load and heat, but they’re extremely potent. One hit is usually enough to get the average person really high. 

Reset Your Tolerance 

If all else fails and you still can’t get high enough, it may be time to consider a tolerance break. Either swap your THC for CBD or stop smoking for a couple of weeks to allow the cannabis to leave your system. 

To sum it up

The most responsible way to get high fast is to have your favorite smoke system organized and ready to go before you start blazing. From there, all you have to worry about is minimizing odor if you’re not in a 4/20-friendly atmosphere.

Inhaled cannabis goes into effect quicker than edibles, so you’ll want to think about rolling papers, pipes, or vape pens instead of infused brownies and cookies.  



How can I naturally increase my high?

To enhance your high, get comfortable with kief, inhaling longer, or more complicated smoke devices, like dab rigs and bongs. The intensity of your high depends on biological factors too, such as your age, weight, and when you last ate. More often than not, however, how high you feel comes down to your tolerance. 

How can I make my smoke session better?

Get to know the cannabis community! Smoke with friends or learn all about the latest cannabis accessories on Vessel's blog. When you’re in the know, you can fine-tune your smoke system to achieve the best high.

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