How to Find Bongs, Grinders, and Weed Accessories on Amazon

To enhance your smoking experience at the click of a button, you first must learn the tips and tricks behind how to findbongs, grinders, and weed accessories on Amazon. Whether it’s finding basic accessories or discovering theperfect grinder for your needs, the possibilities are endless. With all these possibilities, it’s easy to get bogged down or overwhelmed. Use this guide to walk you through exactly how to narrow down your search and find the best weed accessories on Amazon. 

How to find weed accessories on Amazon

Amazon has a plethora of weed accessories. Fromrolling trays , ashtrays andstash boxes tobongs andpipes, sifting through the options might be overwhelming. Consider the following tips:  

Check the product’s rating

Checking the product’s rating before purchasing weed accessories on Amazon is an essential step in ensuring you’re getting a quality product. When looking at a product's rating, don’t just look at the stars: look at how many people left a rating and the percentage of those people who gave the product 4- or 5-star reviews. This method can help you gauge a product’s popularity as well as how well it performs.

Read reviews

When purchasing weed accessories from Amazon, it’s important to look at what actual customers are saying about the product. Beyond just looking at the rating, it’s wise to read the comments and reasoning behind each rating. Reading these reviews can help manage expectations. Most reviews detail if they were pleased with their purchase and why or why not, as well as how well each product holds up compared to the description’s promises. Hear from real smokers: some reviews even include pictures of the product they received, which can be helpful in comparing their picture to the product description. 

Check the specs 

Read the description of the product to learn more about how and where it was made. If possible, find the material that the product is made out of and the country of origin. Because different countries have various standards in producing products, it’s important to know exactly where your weed accessories are coming from. Analyzing the material before purchasing is also a good method of gauging a product's durability and lasting potential. 

Use specific keywords 

To narrow down your search, add keywords describing exactly what you’re looking for. For example, instead of just searching “rolling tray,” you can add descriptive words that specify different qualities that you want in a tray, like “large metal rolling tray with lid for dry herb.” This method will help weed out undesirable sizes and materials and save you time in the long run.

Search by price 

When searching for weed accessories on Amazon, consider the price range you are willing to pay before you start sifting through options. Oftentimes, on the sidebar of your search, Amazon gives you a few price ranges to choose from. Alternatively, you have the option of inputting a unique minimum and maximum price. Clicking one of these options will show results only within that specific price range. This method will help you to sort out cheaply made products and narrow down your search to more durable options. 

In searching for the best weed accessories to enhance your smoking experience, it’s important to be strategic in order to narrow down your options. Use intention when choosing keywords and price range. In addition, be sure to compare the product’s description with customer reviews to ensure that you’re getting what you order. 

How to search Amazon for grinders and bongs for weed

Just like with searching for more basic accessories, finding quality grinders and bongs on Amazon requires patience and intention. When searching for bongs and grinders, be sure to read reviews and check ratings, monitor material and price, and use particular keywords in your search. 

Furthermore, because weed is not recreationally legal across the globe, finding quality grinders and bongs is a little trickier of a task. While you can search “bong” on Amazon and get some accurate results, it is more helpful to use the term “water pipe for smoking.” To get even better results, narrow down your search by adding the material you desire. Key phrases like “glass water pipe” or “stone water pipe” will result in more tailored products that best fit your smoking needs. Though Amazon is an endless trove of weed accessories, its bong selection is fairly minimal: feel free to get creative in your search by adding your desired color, shape, size, or design.

The number of grinders on Amazon is seemingly endless. From the one-compartment grinders to the fancy electric ones, Amazon has them all. However, like with bongs, you’ll want to be particular about word choice when searching for a grinder. Search terms like “spice grinder” or “grinder for dry herb” to produce the best results. From there, you can narrow it down by price range, color, size, number of compartments, and material.

After narrowing down your options for the perfect bong or grinder, thoroughly research your product before making a decision. Reading reviews and checking ratings can prevent you from getting a faulty or short-lasting product. 

To sum it up

Amazon has millions of weed accessories to choose from. As such, narrowing down your search requires intentional phrasing and a little bit of research. 

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