Vape Pen Batteries

Vape Pen Batteries

Vape pens have grown increasingly popular over the past decade. Thanks to their portability, the fact that they can be odor-free and that they come in a range of discrete sizes and uses, vaping is becoming more common.

Plus, they’re super easy to learn how to use. 

When shopping for a vape pen, it’s important to know your options. Use this page to familiarize yourself with all the ins and outs of this modern vaping device.

Vape pen battery price:The price of a vape pen battery depends on voltage, heat settings, and other customizable variables. Simply put, more affordable batteries which break often can cost anywhere from $18-$30, while more advanced batteries can cost up to $75-$100.

Where to find vape pen batteries for sale:If you’re seeking advice or looking for a conversation about your new vape pen batteries, any head shop or dispensary will be able to help you find one, from the simple to the complex. However, if you’re looking for a reliable battery with customizable settings and ease of use,Vessel has several options. From the classic and minimalCore series to the tacticalExpedition, each has LED-indicator lights and multiple heat settings to meet all your vaping preferences.

Vape pen battery buying tips

When purchasing a vape pen battery, consider the following factors: 

  • Shape:Vape pen batteries come in a variety of shapes. Vape pens get their name from their thin, lightweight shape.
  • Voltage: Buying a battery with variable voltage gives you more control of your vaping experience. Voltage translates to how much power your battery is putting out, which affects temperature control. Changing the voltage of your battery can help you manage flavor and vapor output.
  • Customizability:Want to control the heat of your dab? Or a light to come on when your battery is dying? Want your battery to look like it’s crafted out of wood? Before purchasing a battery, decide what you want it to look like and what features you want it to have.