Everything to Know About Crumble Wax

Cannabis concentrates and extracts are the most THC-potent products on the market. From 2019 to 2020, legal adult-use states have seen a 40.5% increase in sales of marijuana concentrates, according toHeadset.

There are a variety of concentrates to choose from, including shatter, sugar wax, and crumble. Crumble wax is quickly becoming a go-to concentrate for cannabis consumers. 

Not sure what crumble is? Here is a crumble wax guide for everything you want to know about the marijuana product: 

What is crumble wax?

Crumble is acannabis concentrate with a powdery, malleable, and dry consistency with yellow or amber hues. It falls apart easily in hand, hence its name and nicknames, like crumble wax, honeycomb, and crumble dab. 

With a THC content typically around 90%, this cannabis product is considered very potent. Crumble is also affordable and can be consumed to your liking. 

Learning about and consuming crumble wax is another way to personalize and enhance your cannabis journey.

How it’s made

The most popular way to process crumble is through a butane solvent. Although other solvents can be utilized too, like supercool CO2 extraction methods or propane. The only difference between solvents is the textures of the concentrate. 

Here’s a step-by-step process of how crumble wax is made:

  1. The first step is to begin with a dried and cured marijuana flower. 
  2. Then combine the flower with the solvent. 
  3. The solvent will then extract cannabinoids,terpenes, and other chemicals. 
  4. Next, separate the terpenes andcannabinoids from the plant matter created. 
  5. Now add heat and pressure to vaporize the solvent away. For crumble-specific products, low heat and a longer vacuuming time are crucial. This will prepare the rough copy of the cannabis concentrate into a dry and powdery substance with subtle hues and aromas. 

As the consumer, it’s important to understand how cannabis products are made, especially in an unregulated industry like cannabis. Although, production of crumble wax should be left to the professionals for health and safety reasons. 

How do you smoke crumble?

A benefit of crumble is its versatile consumption methods. You shouldn't smoke crumble on its own, but it's a potent addition to dry flower in abong,bowl,joint, orblunt. Adding crumble to your smoke routine will get you higher quicker and enhance the flavor. 

  1. First, break down the crumble into smaller pieces. 
  2. Then fill your rolling paper, wrapper, bowl, or bong with flower. 
  3. Next, sprinkle some crumble evenly across the top of the flower as if you’re seasoning the weed.
  4. Finish rolling if that’s how you’re smoking. 
  5. Finally, spark up and blast off.

It’s important to note if you add crumble to your flower, then you will experience significantly more heightened effects since crumble is so much more potent in THC than just the flower itself. 

How do you dab crumble?

Dabbing crumble is one of the most popular consumption methods of concentrate. It is also an extremely potent way to consume the substance, and you should be prepared to get high off of a single dab. To dab crumble wax, you will need a rig, dabber, blow torch, and crumble wax, of course. Here’s how to do it:

  • Use your dabber to pick up a small portion of the wax. This process may be difficult with crumble wax and its texture that easily falls apart. 
  • Then heat the nail to the proper temperature. Heating the nail to a lower temperature will help preserve the flavor. Too high of a temperature will just burn the flavor off.
  • Once the nail is heated, inhale the crumble through the rig. Hit that dab!

  • If you dab crumble regularly, then invest in a dabber with a spoon tip to compensate for the crumble’s texture. 

    How to vape crumble

    In order to vape crumble, you will need to purchase a vape designed to add concentrates to the chamber. If you’re all set, here’s how to vape crumble:

    1. First, add your crumble wax to the vape chamber. 
    2. Then heat the substance.
    3. Finally, inhale and enjoy vaping crumble!

    Like dabbing, vaping is more efficient. You will experience the potency of the crumble and feel strong effects from just a few hits from your vape. If you’re new to vaping or crumble, practice caution.

    To sum it up

    Did you learn everything you wanted to know about crumble wax? Now it’s time to try it. 

    Elevate your cannabis experience with crumble wax.You can smoke, dab, or even vape the potent but affordable concentrate. 


    Is crumble better than wax?

    Crumble is not better than wax, and wax is not better than crumble. It all just depends on your preference. While crumble is more difficult to work with because of its texture, it also has a more robust flavor, higher THC content, and stronger potency. Plus, it is cheaper than other concentrates. 

    Are wax and crumble the same?

    Wax and crumble are not exactly the same. Technically, crumble is a type of wax with a unique texture from other wax. The difference in texture evolves from production with differing amounts of moisture in the oil, heat levels, and agitation. 

    Why did my wax turn into crumble?

    Wax does not turn into crumble. If your wax seems more like crumble after a while, it’s because your wax probably dried out and developed a similar texture to the crumble concentrate. For your wax to actually be considered crumble, it would need to be extracted at lower temperatures over an extended period of time and created into a dry and powdery substance. 

    Is crumble wax potent?

    Crumble wax is very potent in either THC or CBD. This concentrate can be anywhere from two to four times more potent than regular flower. Crumble wax can be anywhere from 50-90% THC or CBD, while flower usually hits around 25%. So when you’re consuming crumble wax, be aware that one or two hits of crumble will feel vastly different than one or two hits of a spliff or blunt.

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