Packing The Perfect Bowl- Helix Edition

How to Achieve the Perfect Bowl

The Perfect Bowl is something every stoner strives to achieve. Can one person pack a bowl so perfect that it burns evenly and lasts seemingly forever? Yes, and it’s fairly easy: That’s what this article wants to teach you: what a perfect bowl looks like and how it can be achieved. 

Specifically, this article addresses how to pack the perfect Helix bowl. Developed by Vessel as an answer to one-hitter users’ cries, the Helix produces cool, filtered smoke while still packing the same punch. 

But how can the Helix best be used? And what is a perfect bowl anyway? Read on and discover. 

What does packing a bowl mean?

To put it ultra-simply, to “pack a bowl” means to place the herb you're smoking into your bowl before smoking. Truthfully, though, there’s a little more to it than that: the stoner community calls it “packing” because of the light pressure traditionally used to fit the maximum amount of flower into the bowl. Instead of placing the flower loosely in the bowl, it’s customary to pack it down. This method maximizes the amount of flower you can fit in your bowl, ensuring a longer lasting burn. 

Essentially, to “pack” means to “cram.” When you’re packing your bowl, cram more weed in there than you think is going to fit. Pack it down, but don’t press super hard: you still want air to get through the flower when smoking. 

Is there a wrong way to pack bowls?

An age-old question: is there a wrong way to pack a bowl? The answer is: sort of. Though “right” and “wrong” don’t necessarily exist in the world of smoking methods (do what works for you, homie!), there are definite dos and don’ts when it comes to packing an efficient bowl. 

Abide by the law: not too tight, not too loose. You don’t want your flower flying everywhere, but you want to be able to get air through the herb without straining a lung. Packing your bowl without pressing the flower down too hard ensures a long-lasting bowl. 

So the two rules to remember are:

  1. Pack, don’t press, and 
  2. Not too tight, not too loose

These two tips will ensure a perfect bowl, every time. 

How to pack a bowl (Helix edition)

Once you get used to it, packing a bowl is easy and straightforward. However, the method for packing your bowl will probably differ depending on what device you’re smoking out of. 

Take the Helix for example. The Helix was designed by Vessel to be the ultimate one-hitter. They strived to design a pipe that solved the solutions that users of one-hitters often complained about. Namely, Vessel’s designers wanted to combat bad taste and debris. In response, they made a one-hitter that provided a clean, cool and pure-tasting experience. 

Based on their research, they designed TheHelix

The Helix is a completely brass one-hitter. This pipe comes in four parts: a stem connected to a bowl and a mouthpiece connected to a body. The spiral stem serves two purposes. The technology of the spiral both cools down and also filters smoke. It also has a secret third purpose: it prevents debris from getting through to your mouthpiece. The stem connects to the bowl and is later inserted into the chamber--or body--of the pipe. This body is connected to the mouthpiece. 

To smoke it, first, you gotta pack the bowl. And though the Helix looks high-tech, it’s actually super easy to pack and smoke. 

1. Obtain your favorite smoking herb. 

The Helix is designed for dry herb, so grab your favorite strain of flower and prepare for a satisfying one-hitter experience. 

2. Grind your flower.  

Using a grinder or even just your fingers, break down your herb until it’s a fine, ground consistency. Finely ground herb ensures a more even burn. A more even burn makes for a longer lasting smoke session. 

3. Place the ground herb in the bowl.

This step is where all the wisdom from the first half of the article comes into play: pack (don’t press) your herb into your bowl. 

Pinch your herb and place it loosely into the bowl. Press it down with your finger to make space in the bowl for more flower. Don’t press too tightly, however: you want to ensure that you can still get airflow through when it’s time to smoke. Continue adding and pressing until the flower reaches the top of the bowl. 

The Helix is designed to prevent debris from getting through the stem and mouthpiece. Nevertheless, there are some steps you can take to prevent those pesky scooby snacks. By placing a small nug of flower at the bottom of your bowl, you can prevent ground herb from going through the hole to the mouthpiece. The tiny nug serves as a layer of extra protection and a natural filter from debris and ash.

4. Attach your bowl to its stem. 

Screw your bowl back onto the Helix stem. Insert the stem into the body of your pipe. 

5. Light and Inhale. 

Grab your lighter, place the flame close to the herb, and inhale until it starts to burn. This should create a cherry, keeping the flower lit and allowing you to take multiple hits from it. If the cherry goes out before the bowl is ashed, continue this step until the bowl is done. 

To sum it up

Though these tips are Helix-specific, they don’t have to be. Take this bowl-packing knowledge into the future no matter the shape of your piece. Whether it’s glass, silicone, or, yes, even brass, remember: not too tight, not too loose. Pack, don’t press. 

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