Packing the Perfect Bowl - Air One Hitter Edition

How to Pack the Perfect Bowl

There’s just something satisfying about a perfectly packed bowl: a bowl so jam-packed and long-lasting that all of your homies can get in on it. There’s something so nice about smoking a bowl so green and clean that your strain’s terpenes come to life, that your lungs say thank you. 

However, it’s packing this perfect bowl that complicates things—at least at first. Packing a bowl might seem intimidating to beginner smokers. Nevertheless, it does not have to just be a fantasy: the ability to pack the perfect bowl isn’t just attainable, it’s pretty darn easy! Once you get the hang of it, though, packing a bowl is potentially the most simple and straightforward way to smoke. 

This article will dive into the basics on packing an efficient bowl. It’ll take you on the journey from choosing the strain to exhaling the smoke. Specifically, this article addresses how to pack your Air one hitter: a sleek, smooth one hitter from Vessel. Nevertheless, these skills translate to any one hitter, spoon pipe, or any pipe with a bowl. Read on and learn all about how to pack not just the Air, but any perfect bowl.

What does packing the bowl mean?

Though the origin of this phrase is a bit cloudy, its current meaning holds no ambiguity: packing the bowl is easy and straightforward.

In fact, “packing” the bowl is more than just stoner lingo: packing is the actual action smokers use to add herb to the bowl. It’s kind of exactly what it sounds like: packing your herb down to fit more in. 

When preparing to smoke, step one is to place your herb in the bowl of your pipe. Now, here’s where the name comes in: It’s called “packing” because, in order to fit the maximum amount of herb in your pipe, it’s customary to add slight pressure to make space for more herb. This method also makes sure your herb stays in your pipe rather than flying out or blowing away. 

So, pack your herb down, but don’t press too hard. Pressing your herb down restricts air flow. If air flow is unable to get through the herb, the pipe won’t function and smoke will never reach the mouthpiece. So, the first rule of thumb for packing the perfect bowl: not too tight, not too loose. 

How to pack the perfect bowl (Air One Hitter Edition)

As mentioned, packing the perfect bowl isn’t a hopeless feat: it’s actually pretty straightforward. Follow the instructions ahead to maximize your smoking experience. 

1. Obtain your strain. 

Whether sativa, indica, or a good old hybrid, pick your favorite smoking herb. Reflect on how you want your smoking experience to go. Get yourself in a good headspace. 

2. Grind your herb. 

You can do this with a grinder or your finger, but make sure your flower is broken down into a finely ground consistency. Finely grinding your herb ensures a more even burn and better packing. 

3. Grab your smoking device. 

For example, a one-hitter like the Air from Vessel is perfect. 

The Air is a lightweight one-hitter from Vessel. It comes in three soothing colors: emerald, jade, and gray. Its handcrafted tapered design makes for a smooth hit. Also, it won’t break your budget: Vessel sells these in a three pack for just $25. 

If you can’t get your hands on one of those sleek boys, any one hitter or pipe will work perfectly. These basic skills translate to any pipe or bowl. 

4. Place herb in your bowl.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: it’s time to pack the bowl. 

With one hitter pipes, there’s two popular ways to pack the bowl: the pinch and pack and the twister. 

The pinch and pack is, once again, exactly what it sounds like. Add herb to your pipe’s bowl by pinching it and placing it in. Pack it down using your finger or a poker/packing device. Add more herb until the bowl of your Air one hitter is filled. 

The second method, the twister, involves--you guessed it--twisting your pipe. Gather the herb you are smoking and place your one hitter, bowl down, in your pile of flower. Twist counterclockwise so the flower gets pulled up into the pipe. Pack down and add more flower as you see fit. 

5. Pack, don’t press. 

This friendly tip is so important it deserves its own step on the list: pack, don’t press.

When packing your bowl, the key is to apply light pressure to your flower. Do not pack it extremely tightly: packing too tightly will restrict air flow and won’t allow “hits” to pass through the pipe. 

While packing, remind yourself: not too tight, not too loose. You don’t want your flower flying everywhere either. 

6. Light the herb and inhale. 

Place your mouth on the mouthpiece of your Air One Hitter or other pipe. Hold your flame to the herb on the opposite end and breathe in. Your breath will draw your flame closer to the herb, igniting it, and producing smoke. 

This will create a cherry, keeping your herb lit and allowing you to take multiple hits from the same light. 

7. Exhale and Repeat

Breathe out and relish in the flavor of the herb you’re smoking. Keep taking hits until your bowl is ashed, and keep packing until you’re satisfied! 

It really is that simple: packing your bowl and smoking your Air, one hitter, or any other pipe is as easy as seven straightforward steps. 

To sum it up

This guide sought to teach you the basics on packing the perfect bowl. Though these steps specifically address the Air, Vessel’s smooth and sleek one hitter pipe, these strategies can be applied across numerous smoking devices. 

Packing the perfect bowl doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream: in fact, it’s a simple, straightforward, and quick way to prepare for smoking. Just remember: don’t press down too hard! 

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