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What is The Best Material for a One Hitter?

What is The Best Material for a One Hitter?

Cannabis pipes come in a million shapes, sizes, and colors, but finding the best material for a one hitter requires a little buyer know-how. 

One hitters, also called chillums, are an older style of hand pipes, small enough to hold a pinch or two of plant substance. Cultures from all over the world have been using chillums to enjoy the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis for centuries. 

As the legal status of cannabis continues to evolve and become more accessible to people around the United States, newer, better chillums keep popping up on the market. 

To help you decide which material is the best material for your one hitter, let’s take a look at the evolution of the chillum. 

What is the best material for a one hitter?

One hitter-style pipes are made with materials such as wood, glass, stone, or metal. There are pros and cons to each type, which we’ve summarized in the sections below. 


Wood pipes are one of the oldest styles you’ll find. Throughout history, cannabis has traditionally been smoked out of handcrafted, wood chillums.  


  • Designs tend to be more intricate and artisan
  • Doesn’t get as hot as metal


  • Susceptible to charring
  • Not the most advanced material on the market 


In ancient times, pipes were crafted from stone (clay) or crystals (quartz). This material creates a dazzling, eye-pleasing aesthetic. 


  • Fun to look at, plus possible healing properties with the right type of crystal/birthstone
  • Some models hold more cannabis than other chillum materials 


  • Heavy and bulky hand feeling
  • Not the most accessible type of material. Knockoffs are everywhere, best to buy from independent artists


Glass chillums are similar to a regular bowl, minus the carb (small hole on side). Some people prefer this material because it produces smooth, clean hits. 


  • Reliable and easy to clean
  • Some versions come with a silicone covering in case you drop it


  • Hot to touch and breakable
  • Not the best for travel/on-the-go needs 


Brass and aluminum are two materials you’ll see in advanced one hitter models. Metal is a great material to consider if you want your chillum to last. 


  • Easy clean up and maintenance 
  • Less prone to breakage


  • Can be hot to touch
  • Not as traditional as wood/stone chillums 

The verdict on one hitter materials

Like most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to different one hitter materials. The one for you may not be ideal for another person, as it truly comes down to user preference. 

That said, we’re partial to glass. The best material for a one hitter (here at Vessel) is lightweight and straightforward. The Eclipse Kit is a no-frills, sophisticated package with everything you need to light up and ride high (plus a travel case to protect your chillum). 

To sum it up

Whether you decide to keep it old-school with a wood chillum or go for a more techy metal pipe, you can enjoy the benefits of microdosing small quantities of cannabis. Chillums are very affordable, so if one material doesn’t work you can pick up another without too much of a financial loss. When buying pipes online, prioritize brands that offer a warranty (like us!).